Vivibright has always surprised us with its high technology in the market of projectors in a peculiar way. The company offers a wide range of mid-segment printers. Vivibright has set a benchmark in the production of printers. It has now emerged with a new product tagged under the name of VIVIBRIGHT C80 LCD Home Theatre Projector. The project is launched under the price tag of around $82.99, but the price may vary from site to site.

It is a low price product by Vivibright and its aim is to hit the markets of mid-segment. Other printers may have the price cheaper than this, but it is not the intelligence to compromise the quality over a few bucks in the pocket. It is essential to pick up the right product in the market of thousands on that too for a decent price tag.


The company promises a crisp quality to their customers. It is a powerful mini projector with a sturdy design. Vivibright brings up the IMAX theatre to your room. Despite the small size it projects aims to project high-quality images and videos in the required position. It nearly fits for the idiom “Big things come in small packages.”


Vivibright  C80 projects a high quality of 720p HD which most of the projectors cannot do in this price range. Vivibright is packed with great features inside so let’s get started into the impressive features and influential specifications.


Specifications and features:


VIVIBRIGHT C80 LCD Home Theatre Projector:



The product comes up with a very sleek and elegant design. Having a first look on is simple. The placement of the projection lens is strategic and poses no obstruction. The slots behind the product are very systematically arranged as no wire can tangle within itself due to crowding of slots.

There are some openings on the main body which helps the projector to cool down. The inflow of air makes it very long lasting so that it may not get overheated causing damage to parts.


A small stand just below the body between the projection lens is also provided. It is beneficial for the projection point of view as it is needed to project the images and videos higher on the wall. The stand can also be removed if not in need. It is based entirely on the user that whether he/she needs a higher ground or lower one.

Picture Output:

Vivibright C80 is a multimedia projector with 1280 x 800 pixels. It can support a maximum of 1080p HD picture quality resolution. The projector combines with the contrast ratio of 2000:1.


It offers a high picture quality as per the specifications. It can be used in daylight, and pitch dark room is not necessary. For the best results, a dark place would be either recommended. The pictures seem almost real. Hence, the picture quality is neither too bright nor too dim in projection.

Large Screen:

The throw ration is stocked with1:38:1. With this throw ration, the project distance varies from 1.2 – 5.5m and 28-180 inch. Hence providing an all-rounder home theater experience. It can display thousands of colors on the screen.

The maximum is proportionate to four 40-inches TV Screen which is pretty large comparatively. It can project anything, in its enlarged size, anywhere. The projection size is variable, depending upon where you are using the projector and what is your requirement. The projected image size is ranged from 23- 180 inches which are the pretty big size a company can offer in this range.


Lamp Life:

Vivibright C80 is supplied with a LED Lamp. The projector lamps have a current operating time, called lamp life. The value is expressed in numbers of hours. Longer the lamp life is directly equal to longer the duration the product can work efficiently. The Lamp life of this product booms to 30,000 Hours making it a very long duration product. The lamp operates on the variable rate of around 30W for the perfect operation.


The machine itself takes many measures to increase lamp life and keep the parts cooler by natural ventilation by holes. The fans rigged in the motherboard makes the lamp cooler and long-lasting.

Home theatre Projector


The product comes with visible 1500 Lumens for clear and crisp display in the daylight as well as in dim light. Too bright images can even damage many parts of eyes and weaken your eye site. Taking care of the human eye, it works with optimum brightness level.

25% Range Zoom

Vivibright C80 comes with many features, and one of the distinct features is Ranging zoom. It gives the advantage of adjusting screen size even after mounting on the ceiling. You can easily set the screen size set by zoom feature on the projector hence making it very handy to use.

HOme theatre Projector

Gaming Compatible:

Well, this is good news for the gamers and the emerging players of computer games. You can connect the Vivibright C80 to the Xbox 360, Xbox One Consoles. It also supports Sony Ps4 console.

Targeting to mid-range projector markets, you can bring it by the YouTubers, professional gamers and streamers for a better overview of the games. It provides a high end to end vision and helps one to experience the game in reality.



Vivibright C80 comes with an extra feature which does not stock up in the other projectors falling in this range and category. This product comes with a built-in High- Fidelity Speaker. High Fidelity speakers provide the propagation of sound with less distortion providing the results which are similar to the original one. It produces a good quality from a 5-ohm speaker.

It is unbelievable to have speakers in this kind of mini projector. The inbuilt speakers make it unique from the other contenders. These speakers not only the purpose of reasonable quality sound, but the company provides you with the guarantee of High Definition audio output. There is no need to buy an extra speaker with the projector as the issue is already resolved.

Home theater Projector

Diffused Reflection:

The bright light emitting from the projector’s big screen and LED screens can damage the eyes of the viewer. The LED display lightens up the eyes directly which affects the weaker parts of eyes and hence making them weak.


The product scatters the light while the projection on the screen which makes the light distributed equally over the screen. The light emitted by the projected image does not directly illuminates the eyes.


With providing excellent quality in a mini projector like this, this company has not compromised even a bit on the care of viewer’s eyes. The diffused reflection protects the eyes of the operator and makes it very versatile.



The product works on AC supply of 90-240V, 50/60Hz and DC [email protected] Adapter. The projector consumes 60W power making it an energy efficient product of Vivibright. You can protect the Movies and projects for longer durations without keeping the electricity bill in mind.

The voltage may vary from place to place. For example, the product will work on around 110~120V in places like the United States, Canada, Brazil, etc. The voltage rises to 220~240V in the areas like Singapore, Chile, Switzerland, Greece, etc.

Wide Application:

You can use Vivibright C80 in many places. The projection size can be set according to the user’s needs. It can be your mate for watching movies and videos as a home theater in the homes. You can even use it for official work for presentation projections and to make projects clear in an interactive manner in offices.


The flexible use makes it versatile for multiple purpose projects. Not all projectors can project a whole movie in high quality without harming the eyes. As we know, we can not use all projectors in a lit office environment. The gaming support makes the product an all-rounder projector.


Multiple Interfaces:

The projector you get is furnished with not just one or two connecting interfaces. Vivibright has armed its product with a wide range of various connection interfaces.


You can connect the projector with 7 Different kinds of connecting modes. Namely 3.5mm Audio for earphones and Speakers, AV port form connection of DVD Player, Infrared Support, 2 USB connectors for movies and pictures from U-Disk, HDMI support for laptops and computers, VGA Support and DC in


The wide range of interface will not stop the entertainment at any cost. The viewer can easily watch or play music on the go. You can use all the connectors easily in the day to day life. The company assures you hassle-free enjoyment.


Bluetooth and Wifi Connectivity:

The Bluetooth interface can easily connect Vivibright C80. It supports Bluetooth 5.0 which you can easily attach to any devices. The connectivity makes it a very wide connected product, unlike other products. It’s like thinking of an interface and having the support on this fantastic product.


The machine also supports WIFI interface. It connects with WIFI 802.11 b/g/n/ac making it easy to use.


Dimensions and Weight:

The product weighs for around 0.9170 kg which is very lightweight making it highly portable. The weight of the package is about 1.5750 kg.

The size of product inhabit the dimensions of (L x W x H): 20.00 x 16.30 x 7.80 cm / 7.87 x 6.42 x 3.07 inches. The package sizes ranges to (L x W x H): 30.00 x 20.50 x 11.50 cm / 11.81 x 8.07 x 4.53 inches


Support and misc:

The Picture Formats supported by the user interface is mainly JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, GIF

Video Formats that support the video projection is primarily   MPG, AV, TS, MOV, MKV, DAT, MP4, VOB, 1080P

The Audio Formats by Vivibright C80 are mostly MP3, MP1, DTS, MP2, WMA.


Languages Supported:

The OSD Menu supports a wide range of 23 Country languages. The examples of chiefly supported languages are English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, etc. This makes it a vernacular device and easy to use in different parts of the globe. The company has added the ease to use the product in all aspects.



The lightweight nature of this projector makes it portable in every aspect of it. The projectors in the range are much more massive in comparison to Vivibright C80. It is an easy carry to go printer and assures entertainment at every place with immense portability.


Multiple Installation Methods:

The lightweight machine supports various installation methods. You can keep the projector on the table, and it will still effortlessly project the fantastic big screen. Also, you can place casually the new Vivibright C80 on tables as it contains grips below the body for the grip on the lower grounds and flat areas of the installation.


You can fix the projector easily on the sides of the wall with the help wall mounted stands. The product is much lightweight that even a small mini position can support the weight of it.


The most basic installation is the ceiling installation with a stand. Other projectors are fixing on the ceiling but are stable on the risk of falling due to heavyweight. The lightweight nature of the projector offers the roof mount installation with no fear of falling.


Our Verdict:

The final verdict concludes with a must have the tag. It is a fantastic product by Vivibright. Just as their old products, this product also exceeds the expectation of the user and makes it a must buy product. The features it offers the user is beyond the price of the product itself. The large and bright display is the best feature of this Vivibright C80 Home Theatre Projector and how can a wide range of super compatibility forgotten. Not all products in intermediate segment offer this much of compatibility and interfaces to connect to.


The product includes many functions and features that are not even available in more pricey projection devices. The sound and video quality it offers is self- evident. , and it gains the upper hand in all the ranges.


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