VIOMI V2 Laser Floor Mopping Robot now available for just $389.99

In the robot cleaner industry, the leading Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is again ready to hit the market with V2 laser Floor Mopping Robot Cleaner under the brand tag of Viomi. It can be the best ally for all of your sanitation needs.

The round-shaped and Black-coloured robot device is able to work on ceramic tiles, wood floor, carpet, marble floor, and shag carpet etc. Further, the machine is made of ABS material along with self-charging and 3 suction modes features.

The Viomi V2 holds a powerful NIDEC brushless motor (2150pa suction power) imported from Japan. Similarly, it has 560ml water and 600ml dust storage capacity along with a 3200 mAh battery.

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Viomi V2

Moreover, the Viomi V2 laser Robot Cleaner can climb the 25-degree gradient and can perform the tasks like Suction, Wet and dry cleaning.

VIOMI V2 Features and Specifications

Colour and Design

Going through the design, then it is a round-shaped ABS material robot machine to clean all types of surfaces in our home. It comes only in a single colour option – Black.

Further, on the top of the device, there is a power button, a brand logo, and a sensor light. It can identify the furniture and other objects via this light to create a cleaning process for intelligent work.

The physical dimensions of the robot cleaner are 35.00 x 35.00 x 9.45 cm and weigh 3.3kg.


As far as the motor is related, it is an imported part from Japan. The Viomi V2 laser Floor Mopping Robot Cleaner contains a NIDEC brushless motor with a suction power of 2150pa. It is capable of ensuring the overall sanitation by sucking minor particles very effectively.

360-degree Laser Scanning

The Viomi V2 Robot Cleaner features a 360-degree laser scanning technology to draw a picture of the home. An LDS radar works to create virtual walls for consistent and improved cleanliness.


For power, the Viomi V2 Cleaner holds a 3200 mAh DC20V battery with a 0.6A current. It will take 180-240 minutes to charge for a working period of 80-120 minutes.

Water and Dust Storage Capacity

Furthermore, the Viomi V2 takes a water storage tank and a dust storage bin with a capacity of 560ml and 600ml respectively.

Additional Features

Also, the Viomi V2 Floor Mopping Cleaner includes 3 suction modes, Self-charging, 25-degree gradient climbing, virtual wall, app control, I-shaped planning, 360-degree laser scanning, and various more features.


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