Xiaomi VIOMI Kitchen Waste Processor(Garbage Disposal) Offered For $571.51

Viomi is one of the brands under Xiaomi’s Mijia platform. Most of their products are kitchen-related and include refrigerators, gas cookers, water heater, ovens, electric kettle, and even thermos flasks. The brand late last year released the VIOMI Kitchen Waste Processor which has been making lots of round in the market.

Waste disposer Home

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This waste disposer is fixed to the drain pipe in the sinker, and we can easily activate it by pressing a button. Now we can say ‘goodbye’ to the wastes that remain in the sink after a good scrubbing.

The Waste Disposer will be your best ally in the kitchen

From the egg shells to the resistant shrimp shells or even chicken bones, we don’t have to worry about the annoying work of putting our fingers in the sink and throwing the leftovers into the wastebasket. The Waste Processor will do an excellent job work, helping to get rid of wastes in a fast, clean and painless way.

Waste disposer

One of the biggest advantages of using this powerful machine is to stop worrying about having organic waste in bags, a place where it produces unpleasant smells and sometimes the annoying drip which can stain the floor, making it a whole torture at the moment of moving it, with the inclusion of the device you just need to open the tap of the sink and turn it on so that it crushes all the remains will be processed.

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The Waste Processor has 4 sharp high-quality blades that process everything efficiently and quickly, as well as including a 1,290 ml deposit where the remains can be stored to be destroyed.

Where to buy the VIOMI Kitchen Waste Processor

The VIOMI Kitchen Waste Processor is currently available on Gearbest for



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