Viomi rotary heater – New product launched in Youpin

If you live in a country where the seasons are part of your life, we are sure that, like most, you always will be greatly affected by the winter season. While several regions of the world are almost in summer, there are others, as is the case of the Asian continent, where they are welcoming winter. This is why Xiaomi has taken advantage of this season to launch under Viomi, its famous sub-brand of home smart products, a heater with excellent features. The Viomi rotary heater is currently on sale on Youpin.

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Viomi rotating heater

Viomi rotating heater – How does it work?

Youpin is a store of Xiaomi that is characterized by not only selling products of the Asian giant. It also has a wide catalog of devices and interesting articles from other companies with which they have worked. Of course, what predominates are Xiaomi products and every so often a new one is launched almost exclusively for this platform. Today’s turn is for the already mentioned Viomi rotary heater that has a price of $19.3 or €17 (without taxes and fees).

Viomi rotating heaterViomi rotating heater

What is the main thing we should know about this new product? According to the company’s advertising, this is characterized by being small and portable, with dimensions of 116 x 116 x 212mm. As its name says, it is rotating, so its body is able to oscillate at 45°.

Viomi rotating heater

It has a minimalist design, hallmark of Xiaomi and is built with ABS plastic and PTC. When it comes to its design, we can highlight its orange stripe and the Viomi logo on the front. Inside it, there is a 600W motor, powerful enough to heat a room up to a temperature of 40°C. It Also has security measures to prevent overheating and accidents related to this.

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