Vernee Mars Pro Hands-On – Affordable 6GB RAM Phone with 4K Video!

Vernee Mars Pro specs include 6GB RAM, 64GB, Helio P25 and 13MP Sony Exmor camera all for under 200$! Join me for my Vernee Mars Pro Hands-On unboxing and first impressions. Other key Vernee Mars Pro features are the side-fingerprint scanner, E-Ink Mode and VoLTE support. Can this phone truly compete compared to phones like Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X and Moto G5?

vernee mras pro hands-on unboxing impressions

Vernee Mars Pro Specs, Unboxing and First Impressions

Straight from the package you can tell  Mars Pro is quality. A stylish white box greeted my with a small painted blue ribbon just saying Mars Pro. Being a minimalistic design fan Mars Pro’s package impressed me compared to similar brands.

vernee mars pro hands-on unboxing soecs features vernee mars pro unboxing

Taking a look inside we find phone itself, a 18W fast-charger and USB-C cable.

vernee mars pro hands-on unboxing soecs features vernee mars pro hands-on unboxing soecs features

Vernee Mars Pro Specs Analysis – Cheapest 6GB RAM PHONE!

So nice to see sub 200$ phones offering 6GB RAM, 64GB and USB-C, really impressive. Helio P25 is the latest mid-range chip competing against Snapdragon 626 and Kirin 658.

vernee mars pro specs vernee mars pro hands-on unboxing soecs features

Most noteworthy, Mars Pro is running Android 7 Nougat from the start and supports 4G/LTE Band 1, 3, 7, 8 , 20 and 40!

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Vernee Mars Pro Hands-On with First Impressions

First of all, I have never seen a better crafted phone for just 200$! Furthermore, Vernee Mars 2 is a thing of beauty with style and comfort to spare.

vernee mars pro hands-on unboxing soecs features vernee mars pro hands-on

The graphene coat on the back metal plate makes it extra-premium even compared to iPhone 7 and OnePlus 5. Especially relevant are the unique side-fingerprint and textured power button.

vernee mars pro hands-on unboxing soecs features

vernee mars pro hands-on specs unboxing
Vernee Mars Pro Side-Fingerprint Scanner makes it quite unique

Most of all Mars Pro puts phones like Redmi Note 4X and Moto G5 to shame in the design department.

vernee mars pro hands-on specs and features

Vernee Mars Pro User Interface and Experience

Stock Android lovers will cherrish VerneeOS for its speed and simplicity. Furthermore, great google integration with Google Assistant and all the apps pre-installed and 100% working.

Using In-cell display technology means your touch is registered without delay, because the digitized and LCD are almost one, making for the most satisfying typing experience ever on a budget phone.

Vernee Mars Pro Camera Preview

Taking a few quick shots with the camera I can tell Mars Pro is definitely in the same league with Redmi Note 4, which is a good thing. I decided to share a few samples, because pictures speak louder than words.

In addition, Mars Pro can shoot 4K video.

Vernee Mars Pro Impressions Conclusion

So far Vernee Mars Pro is all thumbs up! Bigger battery, faster performance, incredible design with a simple and fast user interface.

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Check out my Vernee Mars Pro Unboxing Video to get an even better perspective of how awesome it is.

Stay tuned for my full review next week and you can pre-order from the link below to take advantage of the lower price now.

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