Utorch UT30 Smart Ceiling Light With Voice Control at $26.99 [Coupon]

No one is using traditional ceiling lights anymore. Now it’s trendy to get smart ceiling lights. But there is a big problem – the lights made by top brands cost a fortune. So it’s reasonable why many buyers are looking for cheaper alternatives. If you are among them, you should face another problem. The market is full of low-quality products. So you should have some knowledge in order to make the right purchasing decision. Today, we are going to talk about one of the most popular and most cost-effective ceiling lights, namely the Utorch UT30. It comes our way from a well-known China-based manufacturer, which has been specializing in making various lighting products. As for our protagonist, it is discounted to $26.99 after applying the coupon (code: GDUT30JK).

Utorch UT30

In fact, the Utorch UT30 is one of the best ceiling lights. But it’s one thing to praise this product, and quite another to learn about its key features. First, you should know it’s a smart ceiling light. This simply means the Utorch UT30 can be controlled via various methods, such as voice commands, mobile app, etc. And this doesn’t mean you will be able only to turn it on or off. There are myriads of functions such as to adjust the brightness, the color temperature, and switch to moonlight night light mode.

Utorch UT30

Moreover, the Utorch UT30 has an interesting function of timer. So you can set plans and it will turn on/off according to the scheduled timing.

Utorch UT30

This ceiling light is ideal for spaces of 10-12 square meters. Look, this light comes with 3000 – 6500K color temperature and 2000lm brightness. It is dustproof. Link it with your Amazon Alexa or Google Home products and use it hands-free.


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