Utorch PZE – 911 Ceiling Light with Smart Voice Control for Just $36.99 with Coupon

The concept of a smart home is certainly interesting, and the idea of simple control of home appliances using Wi-Fi and voice commands of many technology enthusiasts will appeal. The smallest and most affordable features include smart light bulbs and lights, and today we have one for you at the discount of the Gearbest e-shop. And Utorch PZE – 911 Ceiling Light has something to offer.

Buy Utorch PZE – 911 Smart Ceiling Light From Gearbest

Utorch PZE-911 is a smart ceiling Light with a diameter of 30 cm, a power of 18W, which can handle a relatively wide range of color temperatures from 3000 to 6500K. Of course there is a slow dampening of the intensity of the illumination and offers special protection of the eyes by means of polarized lenses on LED bulbs. You can control the light with either the supplied remote control, Smart Life, or Amazon Alexa or Google Home compatible voice commands.

The ultra thin design of this gadget will make it complement the look and feel of your room. Additionally, the light was specially created to consume less energy, so it is environmentally friendly. Finally, it features 3 types of light, and you can adjust it as you want. The light will suit any room, it can be installed in your house or in the office. Regardless, of where it is, the ceiling light will always work flawlessly.

Utorch PZE – 911 Smart Ceiling Light is a great gadget that can enlighten any path in front of you. It features a very bright lamp but also easy and convenient control. Talking of that, there are multiple ways how you can switch it on/off. You can do it via remote control that comes with the lamp, voice control using Amazon Alexa or Google Home as well as a special app on your smartphone. On top of that, the ceiling lamp features a PVC lampshade that diffuses the light and makes it softer and better for your eyes.

You can find this amazing Utorch PZE – 911 Smart Ceiling Light in the at a price of $36.99 with an incredible discount. If you want to appropriate this Utorch Ceiling Light you just have to enter from the following link:

Buy Utorch PZE – 911 Smart Ceiling Light From Gearbest

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