The New Unic UC50 mini Projector has launched!

The New UNIC UC50 Mini Projector has arrived………

This year, Unic Technology Corp are launching amazing products. After the releasing of Unic UC 40 AND 70 projectors, Unic is gaining fame in providing affordable and compact projectors

Now they have just released the new UC 50 mini LED Projector and guess what? It’s about the size of your palm. That’s right! A ultra-compact projector weighted only 130 g for a very affordable price.

uc50 (3)

We have classified the specs of this amazing projector in the following category:


Design and Ports:

The new Unic UC50 mini projector is made of coated plastic body which gives it a sturdy and classical look. It’s a perfect rectangular shaped projector of dimensions 71mm*78mm*24.5mm and as previously said a weight equal to your cellphone, 130 g. This means that like the previous old projectors, it’s neither bulky nor large. You will have the projector always with you in your pocket or purse.

Size, Dimension and Weight
Size, Dimension and Weight

However, a drawback is that it might look a little bit cheap in that plastic body but that’s okay for a very cheap price. At the left side of the projector, two power ports and a focus button are available. One is a common mobile power supply port (5V and 2A) and other is the mobile phone charger power supply port (5V and 2A). On the right side, a USB port, a TF card expansion slot are located. On the back 1x AV port, 1x HDMI port, 1x CVBS 3in1 input modulator and 1x 3.5 mm earphone port is situated. The most interesting aspect is on the front.

aa4 (2)

It’s a lens cover basically a slide connected with an automatic wake and standby system (power system). When you close the slide and it covers the lens, the projector automatically goes to sleep and you uncover the lens, the projector turns on. The slide can be effortlessly moved to right and left sides without any loosening or jamming over million times of sliding.

aa2 (6)


The Unic UC50 projector can be connected in four different ways. First, is through HDMI cable for Pc and TV. Second, is through a USB cable mainly for memory sticks, game-pads etc. Third, through a TF card. Fourth and the last is through an AV cable. It must be noted that it’s play and plug.

Sources of Connection
Sources of Connection



Yes, you heard it right. This projector has a 3.7V, 1500mAh Li-ion battery. Unlike other projectors which are only dependent on AC supply, but this projector has a built-in battery which can last up to 1.5 hours of continuous use. Meanwhile on AC supply, it takes a power consumption of 10W. You can charge it through an ordinary mobile charger (mini usb charger).

Built-in Li-ion Battery
Built-in Li-ion Battery


Moving forward on the display, the U50 has some extraordinary features to provide. First of all, the image generating unit is a DLP unit and the lamp used is the LED one called RGB LED.

aa2 (2)

The combination of these two sources can produce a resolution of WVGA 854*480 with a brightness of 800 LM and a good contrast ratio of 800:1.

Contrast ratio comparison.
Contrast ratio comparison.

The size of the image produce can vary from 14-150 inches without being distorted or becoming blur.The picture ratio is 16:9 making it suitable for wider and broader pictures. The best thing is that the short focus lens enables the shortest projection distance to be only 35.5 mm.

Shortest focus distance
Shortest focus distance

All these features are present in many projectors but the question is that can all these features exist in a projector of that size (of the palm)?

Actual size of UC50 Projector
Actual size of UC50 Projector


Another good thing about Unix UC50 projector is that Unic Multimedia System is pre-installed in it which supports 720p and 1080p video decoding. It can play more than 8 video formats (MP4, MPEG, AVI, RMVB, FLV, MOV, VOB, 3GP etc), 3 sound formats (WMA, MP3, M4A), 3 picture formats (bmp, jpeg, png) and also it can read 1 text format (.txt). In, short the system it offers is highly stable, easy to use and simple. Apart from this, the system supports about 20 different languages.

Supported Formats in Multimedia
Supported Formats in Multimedia

Summary: The UC50 is an excellent budget projector till date. It offers 4 different types of connectivity, a short focus length, many suitable formats and most important ultra-portability.




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  1. I have this projector and it’s amazing but one big mistake is the lack of keystone. There are plenty of online sites selling this and saying it does have keystone. I’ve found this projector get in the way because you can’t have it on a coffee table at an angle and digitally adjust keystone. very bad decision.

    1. Hello do you know if you can get rid of the battery icon and the UNIC symbol on the upper right when the projector is in use?

      1. The battery icon will only dissappear when either plugged in to a wall socket or high powered battery pack. Having external power will also give you 100% sound volume as using the internal battery only gives you 50% which is okay for headphones but not external speakers.

        1. I have just bought one of these and a lot of my movies files play but without sound and the ones that do have sound are too quiet even when plugged into the mains and through a speaker can you help?

          1. Hi karen, sound wise it won’t play movies with Dolby encoded soundtracks so you’ll need to convert these films and use an audio format it supports (see the instruction manual for formats). It seems to play dts fine which is odd. Make sure you use the power adapter to USB not mini USB to USB. When you add external power the volume will go to 100 not just 50. Any problems let me know.

          2. Hi Alv, yes if you use an external power supply (power bank or plug in) you can get 100% volume. Use a good high powered power bank. Mine lasted 7 hours.

          3. what brand of power bank are you using? there millions of brands out there but i dont know which best for this purpose 🙂

          4. I’m using a TeckNet BT1280. Most will work fine just get the largest capacity you can for long watching. My pack has run for 6 hours plus.

          5. Hi…my projector sound is very quiet even when the volume is at 100%. Tried it with external speakers as well…same problem…do you have any suggestions?

          6. Hello, do you know where can i get a manual in english? Also the sound is very low, even plugged, is that normal?

          7. I have the same problem…the files where sound doesn’t play is because the projector doesn’t play Dolby sound…you will have to re-encode your video files to a different sound format…the volume thing I really am struggling with. Have not been able to find a solution…can anyone help?

          1. I don’t have any Unic watermark on my model. Can you tell me what yours is like?

          2. i’m still waiting on mine to arrive 🙂
            ps sorry for the late reply, i didn’t get a notification.

      1. Because of its mini size, the volume can turn to 100 percent if you charge it directly, but if you charge it with power bank, the volume will be the half. We recommend you to connect it with speaker to have better sound.

        1. I usually use it when it is charging, the sound goes all the way to 100 but it will drop by itself to 50-45 if there is a load bang on the sound. Any ideas

          1. Have you tried to supply it a good powerbank. There were no bang on the sound in case of mine UC50. The only reason for volume low is no power supply (running on battery)

  2. Hi have experienced that when in battery or micro usb connected, the display brightness also decrease to 30 lumens from original 50 including the volume reduced to 50%. But if I connect power sources in adaptor port I can able to use the maximum brightness and sound. I am always use this with my laptop. Power connection to usb 3.0 and HDMI port so for sound I pair laptop Bluetooth with home theatre. In this setup only 2 power sources required, one for laptop and another for home theatre. Its clean and clear setup to enjoy movies. I do not use usb or internal projector media player so no issue for supporting files or low resolution. Its mentioned in package that supports 12v 1amp power supply.. please confirm if anybody used 12v supply ever or how about half brightness in battery??

  3. Those who found no sounds for some movie files its due to the projector does not supports Dolby audio. Its also mentioned in product booklet that due to copyright issue the firmware does not support Dolby. Unic did not paid licence price to Dolby Laboratories. So the product firmware does not have that codec. If you can find the firmware and recode it some how then it might possible.

      1. Seriously, You can’t find it for that much lower price as found in Gearbest (lowest price). Coupons discount case is somewhat exceptional. However, we’ll inform you if it gets cheaper on a flash sale or any event.

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