UMIDIGI Uwatch Smart Color Smartwatch is now available at just $47.35

This smart bracelet (Umidigi UWatch) features IP67 waterproof design, which can monitor sleep status in real time, display walking steps, distance and calories burned. Built-in Bluetooth 4.0, can synchronize health data with a mobile phone app, with sedentary reminder, mobile phone, SMS silent vibration reminder, remote control mobile phone self-timer, anti-lost recovery function, built-in alarm, compatible with iPhone and Android smartphone.

Umidigi UWatch

This smart bracelet is equipped with OLED screen, IP67 waterproof, real-time monitoring of sleep state, manual or automatic measurement of heart rate, display of health data such as walking steps, distance and calories burned, sedentary reminder to correct unhealthy living habits, remote control mobile phone Self-timer, anti-lost and other functions, as well as time and date. Built-in Bluetooth 4.0, you can use the mobile app to synchronize the health data of the bracelet. It has a silent vibration reminder function such as mobile phone, SMS, WeChat, etc. Built-in multiple alarms, silent vibration will not wake up the family, compatible with iPhone and Android smartphone. The device will vibrate to alert you.

Product Description

Umidigi UWatch

You cannot see them so often in this price category. The smart band – Sports watch – With heart rate sensor and blood pressure monitor – is a full-fledged, advanced sports watch and smartwatch. He has a built-in activity tracker for measuring your daily activity and your sleep pattern. The smart band has many smart functions to optimally guide you in your sport. This way you can make a nice analysis of your results.

  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Blood Pressure Monitor –
  • Pedometer
  • Calculate Distance
  • Calorimeter
  • Fast Charging Time (30 min)
  • Sleep Management
  • Phone Calls Reminders
  • Agenda Reminders
  • Sliding / Touchscreen
  • 15 days Battery Duration
  • SMS Alert
  • Alarm Alert

Umidigi UWatch

Recommendation Features

  • Good quality
  • Good price / quality
  • Economical purchase
  • Easy in use
  • Fits perfectly

Umidigi UWatch

Accessory for a healthier lifestyle!

The Umidigi UWatch heart rate bracelet is now completely is worn by different people, including celebrities. The reason for this is that the accessory is not only fashionable, but also very handy. The activity meter is a wearable in the form of a bracelet that captures all your activities during the day. Even during sleeping, this bracelet measures your movements, allowing the quality of sleep to be determined. The bracelets can also be worn during exercise because it is made of perspiration and water-resistant materials. The activity meter has some similarities with the smartwatch, but where the watch shows time and more extensive things, the bracelet is purely designed to measure activities and set goals. This motivates wearing the meter to move more during the day.

Umidigi UWatch

Your personal fitness coach at your fingertips

The functions of the activity meter are very diverse, with as basic functions often a pedometer, a distance meter, a calorie meter, and a tool for measuring sleep quality. The results of these measurements can be analyzed both on the screen in the bracelet and on a connected smartphone or PC.

Additional functions

Any additional functions may consist of a built-in heart rate monitor, a link to an external heart rate monitor or the possibility to pair the smartphone to receive phone calls or messages.

Umidigi UWatch

Umidigi UWatch heart rate monitor

Heart rate can be measured via an (expensive) heart rate monitor or via a heart rate belt that you connect with your iPhone or other BT 4.0 smartphone. Then take your phone with you in a sports bracelet and measure your heart rate, speed, and distance while exercising. Afterward you can analyze your data as well and you can save all your workouts.

Umidigi UWatch

Umidigi UWatch heart rate bracelet monitor tape

The Umidigi UWatch heart rate monitor band, according to them, helps athletes who want to break through to a higher level of performance.

You measure the heart rate with the band and with your phone, of course, the speed and distance via GPS. If you also want to measure your acceleration, speed next to the heart rate, you can better look at the Umidigi UWatch. With this, you can measure everything in ball sports such as basketball, tennis, and rugby. But also when running, it is interesting to measure this.

Choose Umidigi UWatch heart rate bracelet 

With a heart rate monitor you get better faster and of course, a new running gadget is just fun.

Umidigi UWatch

Heart rate monitor for your phone

The new Bluetooth heart rate monitors for your phone are easy and make your phone a real replacement for the old heart rate monitor. During the training, you can see and hear your heartbeat and afterward you can easily analyze everything.

When buying online, reliability, speed and of course the best price is important.

Android with Umidigi UWatch bracelet

With an Android phone, the connection actually works the same as with an iPhone. You go to the app and connect the Bluetooth Umidigi UWatch bracelet the first time. Then you exercise and the next time you go running, it will automatically connect to your phone when your Bluetooth is on.

Umidigi UWatch

With Umidigi UWatch bracelet you can not only measure your training and analyze it later, but you can also compete against other athletes. You can see if you are faster than other runners who have walked the same route and you also see intermediate sections of parts of the route. That works very motivating and you see in Umidigi UWatch bracelet your heart rate over time. The advantage of this is that you can easily see how much you have improved.


More beautiful

And what turns out: Everything you actually do with Umidigi UWatch bracelet can also be on the phone and it is even more beautiful and clearer too. Only if you use the freak functions of Umidigi UWatch bracelet cannot do that directly in a running app, although these developments go very fast.


Better apps

Back to the Bluetooth heart rate monitor, we should think we will more and more use the nice benefits of a Umidigi UWatch bracelet monitor on your phone for a training run because running apps are getting better. That is not surprising when you consider that:

1 everyone has a phone

2 There are hundreds of thousands of app developers in the world


The mouse and the elephant

And however good and professional the original companies of heart rate watches are, against those developments of Google-like companies that make apps is, in my opinion, nothing to begin with. Let alone when Apple and Google ‘sit down’ even better.

Umidigi UWatch


No hassle with connection, watch and extra weight (yes, 60 grams or so ? but instead you grab the headphones running for the extra beats and motivation and just put that band on and ready.

Once you have such a Bluetooth Umidigi UWatch bracelet monitor, you can also keep track of your movement throughout the day with the band invisible under your shirt. You can also do skating, walking, cycling, skating, rowing, fitness, your own strength exercises and more sports for which you have to exert yourself.


Almost for free

And what’s great is the price, almost every running app is free and sometimes you have to pay a Pro version 2.99 or something. With some of those handy running apps you can use your Bluetooth heart rate monitor for free, and that’s how it.



The advantages of Umidigi UWatch bracelet  monitor compared to a watch are quite large:

  • Do not bring an extra watch
  • Do not incur high costs if you do not yet know if you really continue to train on the heartbeat
  • Use current updates or new running apps (some are really nice, fun and especially good)
  • No watch on your wrist
  • Rather walk, small things can start to irritate if you run for a long time
  • Future: The development capacity of the heart rate app advancements are now incredibly fast, one after the other beautiful heartbeat and running app comes from
  • Heartbeat on your phone
  • Cheaper than a heart rate monitor
  • Connect with 2 devices at the same time
  • Measuring heart rate while swimming

Umidigi UWatch

Easy and Comfortable

The heart rate monitor strap of the Umidigi UWatch heart rate bracelet connects easily and carries comfortably. You see that they have paid attention to the endurance athlete. Even if you are going to run longer, he has to stay nice. Which phones can now be used with the Umidigi UWatch heart rate bracelet?

More than with a heart rate monitor on the wrist you can also listen to music with your phone. And this is also possible at the same time as the heart rate measurement. You may also ask that question if you can simultaneously connect a Bluetooth heart rate monitor and a Bluetooth headset to 1 phone. Yes, you can with Umidigi UWatch bracelet, for athletes who want to use them at the same time.

Above that, you can find Umidigi UWatch bracelet tapes that you can connect to your phone. What matters when running is that so much has to be done in life that you want to travel your training kilometers quickly and easily with a simple device. And then a quiet endurance training, also enjoy and totally soaked home, showering and the legs up on the couch, delicious! Such a heart rate monitor for your phone is just useful for getting better faster.

Umidigi UWatch

Umidigi UWatch Bracelet Monitor Few Disadvantages

  • The features for Umidigi UWatch bracelet  are often not in every app and you look more on your wrist as on your sports bracelet
  • With some apps, heart rate shows of that band are more expensive
  • Pay attention because for Android and iPhone are often different Bluetooth heart rate bands available.
  • The battery can drain (tip: remove the transmitter when not using the tape, especially if it is damp) through the battery can always be replaced (flat CR 2025 battery)



My subjective conclusion is that a Umidigi UWatch bracelet is a good alternative for a heart rate monitor. So, if you just want to see how you can get better by training in heart rate zones, can keep everything online then such a link for your phone is really more than enough.


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