[Coupon] UMIDIGI Uwatch SmartWatch: Full-metal, 1.33inch, For Just $15.99

UMIDIGI is recognized for manufacturing highly creative devices at a most affordable price. The company has got a large database of customers from young as well as the old generation. Recently, UMIDIGI has released one of the most awaited products in the form of UMIDIGI Uwatch SmartWatch. This small size product has the potential to make your life very easy and you will definitely end up recommending it to others as well.

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Image result for banggood logoBuy UMIDIGI Uwatch SmartWatch For Just at $15.99


The Uwatch is expected to boast a full metal unibody and a 2.5D curved tempered glass screen with great viewing angles. The newly designed smartwatch from company UMIDIGI. It’s fashionable, beautiful with a classic 1.3-inch circular big screen. One of the key points of the UMIDIGI Uwatch is the full-metal unibody design and 2.5D curved tempered glass. And the DIY wallpaper function which is rare now for smart devices.


When it comes to software, UMIDIGI Uwatch Smart Color Bracelet Smartwatch has got an ideal specification. It offers extremely smooth performance and efficient battery consumption. The smartwatch brags about the Nordic 52832 processor. It comes with 64K RAM and 512K ROM. The Bluetooth 4.0 feature of this device allows you to use it as a remote control.


The smartwatch also packs a heart rate sensor, and will also be able to act as a sleep monitor and real-time activity tracker. And when pair with a compatible Android smartphone, the Uwatch will also display messages or give you the option to reject calls. In addition, packing 180mAh battery is large enough to provide you battery backup for a long time, so you do not have to worry too much. As just after 3 hours of charge, you can hold the device for 7 to 10 days on average usage. As a smartwatch, the UMIDIGI Uwatch is competent to work as a daily assistant and complete the following tasks, like step counter, calorie counter, sleep monitor, display/rejects calls and so on.

The new watch offers various sports modes such as hiking, basketball, football, badminton, and others. Of course, smartwatches keep track of steps, sleep, burned calories, heart rate and more. Built-in GPS allows you to get more accurate data while running or cycling.

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Verdict To Shop

The UMIDIGI Uwatch SmartWatch has become a favorite of any user who wants a high-featured, premium-looking smartwatch at an affordable price range. Its wide variety of features and extensive customization options are smooth to operate. Especially, real-time and accurate health tracking measures have been well-liked by the masses. Its dual support of both iOS and Android devices makes it one of the best smartwatches at this price. UMIDIGI Uwatch SmartWatch is now available on Banggood For Just at $15.99 usign a Coupon Code: BG15Uwatch. Click the following Button for order now:

Coupon Code: BG15Uwatch

Image result for banggood logoBuy UMIDIGI Uwatch SmartWatch For Just at $15.99


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