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The new Umidigi one Max is now available for purchase.

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Umidigi, a brand of, is a brand of smartphones, it produces one of the best quality phones any other company can ever make. It has got a new phone launched lately in November 2018, the UMIDIGI One Max and the phone already has been approved by its fans. When it comes to the list of fans, I will also like to introduce myself to the list. The product comes in a reasonable price and the best quality the company can provide.

Umidigi One Max

Features of Umidigi One Max

The phone has been updated with the latest Android version — the Android 8.1. It provides you with an easy user interface. It is designed to look beautiful and work seamlessly, so, even simple tasks become a matter of fun, and your phone always remains up to date. The phone has a PE+ technology which increases the charging efficiency of the device by making it reach up to 9v/2A. It requires a maximum of 80 minutes to charge your device from 0 % to 80 %. To see the average rate, it counts up to be a single percentage within a minute. It also has a charging pad technology. It releases you from the tangled wires or to plug in when it is time to switch on the power and the task of removing your case before charging it. Just keep it up on the charging pad on your phone starts to suck up the juice. Keep the charging process with the QI inductive charging technology, hassle-free.

Umidigi One Max


The UMIDIGI One Max has been given a very sturdy material look. The main body panel is made up of metal and aluminum alloy. It increases the luster of the device. It also makes the body of the device scratch and shock resistant. The dimensions of the phone are 156.8 x 75.6 x 8.35 mm. The colors available for the phone are in black and pink shades. This device has a high screen to body ratio as a mid-range smartphone can ever afford you.

The screen size is unreasonably big. The 6.3 inches of screen, it has a display ratio of 19:9. It is the waterdrop full screen which promises to give you a high-end graphical experience. With this phone’s display, you will get quality that you will not get anywhere else. Regarding percentage, the screen to body ratio is 91.5 %. The device comes with a  Pixel density of 267 PPI, and the pixel resolution is 1520 x 720. You can get a full theatre experience while you are viewing videos on this device and an excellent gaming time with the graphics embedded within the system. The camera on the center shining magnificently looks excellent.

Umidigi One Max

It stands like a perfect mirror when placed upon the hands, the glossiness and shiny texture are long-lasting. You will feel too good while you take this elegant piece of art out of your pocket. The looks and design have already made me a big fan now it is time to look into the further specifications the device.


The UMIDIGI One Max will give you the experience a professional photographer has when it comes to the matter of camera and its quality. It has been provided with the dual rear camera. The first one helps in capturing the main details of the image while the second one helps for the focus and other relevant information. The camera is of 12 MP and 5 MP. It does have not only a dual camera but also supports dual led flash. It helps to click the picture in daylight and night light too. You don’t have to shift your body here and there while clicking photographs due to the light issues, and the UMIDIGI has taken a significant step to make us more photogenic without caring about the lights. The video is [email protected] of FHD recording.

Umidigi One Max

The selfie era now really requires a phone with high camera quality at the front piece, and the phone has a 16 MP camera. Well, that’s amazing for a phone to carry a specification such as an SLR camera. It has been provided with AI technology to give a better portrait mode experience. The focus provided makes you feel more impressive and elegant. You need not to worry about the camera you leave at your home when you are carrying this device with yourself. It will help you capture your memories with the best perfection, and when you look at the images or videos in future, you will seem to be living the very moment at the time.

Quality factors:

Smartphones nowadays usually require more and more battery backup with the future technology and the processors. The UMIDIGI One Max has a very powerful battery backup. The LIPO technology used to build the battery gives you promising long battery life. It has a full capacity of 4150 MAH. Well, that’s quite a significant amount of charge to be utilized within a day. You need not to overload yourself with the travel adaptors when you go to your office or work for a day, and the battery will not run out of its juice.

The device supports seven network modes and 36 network bands. It means that it covers all the available networks modes and groups to provide you with better connectivity in any zone. It supports dual 4G VOLTE. This gives the opportunity to enjoy the dual 4G network at the same time on the same device. Now you can be assured of faster data transmission, lower data consumption, and a higher battery backup.

Umidigi One Max

The device also makes your hand’s purse free. I know you might be thinking about where to keep your cash or card. The company reduces the threat of your valuables and cards lost. The company has a better and secure service provided for this task. The UMIDIGI One Max has an NFC payment capability. It allows you to carry out your transaction as if you are carrying your card for real and it is more secure. Now, let us go through the security provided by the phone, because of which it has even given an NFC payment capability to the device.


When it comes to the security matters, the device has been provided with a fingerprint sensor and a face recognition technology. The fingerprint sensor, unlike other phones, is located on the side of the invention. It just means that you pick up your phone or take it out from your pocket and when you view it, you will find it unlocked, you will not be required to move your fingers back and forth to open your device.

Well if you don’t trust the fingerprint sensor, it is not a matter to worry about the device has a face recognition technology. You need to set up your faces recognition at first, and then your method is secure for the rest. Pick up the phone and bring it in front of your phone to have it unlocked. It may require a second or two. Comparing the timing of the fingerprint and face recognition, the face recognition requires a more amount of time, but if we look on to the other side of the coin, it is much much more secure than the other.

Umidigi One Max

There are other standard security features like the pin, and the password stuff in case you have a change in your look or your fingers have scratches, so for this, the phone allows you to reset your security settings as you wish. The company assures you the security of its data, through both of its main features.

Umidigi One Max

Overall verdict:

The UMIDIGI One Max has the latest and the most leading processor technology within itself. An octa-core 64-bit helio 23 processor powers it. The device has the power to carry out any of your tasks, be it light or heavy, in a smooth way. The ARM MALI G71 MP2 GPU helps the device in performing smoother. It works upon a clock of 770 MHZ. It also gives you an excellent gaming experience and at the same time reduces the power consumption more than 1/4th of it processor. The internal memory can is 128 GB and can be Upgraded up to 258 GB. The dual built-in speakers give you 3D sound experience which goes on well with the HD screen giving you a theatre experience.


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