Umeox W268 Smartwatch Review: A Gadget for Your Child that Will Make You Secure

A smartwatch industry is big and powerful today. The hundreds of products and variations improve the quality of life to many. Technology advancement brought us to a higher level of understanding, and the children are the best example of this phenomenon. Today small kids have the latest technology available and within reach, making their and our lives easier and more entertaining as well. With the smartphones and smartwatches today, we can communicate and have different levels of comfort and knowledge at our fingertips.

Today, we review Umeox W268 for you, a smartwatch designed primarily for children. This is one of the best products of this sort for kids and their parents too. Have a look at this cute gadget:

Children smartwatch from Umeox, W268

Here are the specs of the Umeox W268 smartwatch, courtesy of

Hardware Bluetooth version: No
SIM Card Slot: Micro SIM card slot
Network: GSM: 900 / 1800MHZ
Screen size: 1.3 inch
Battery Battery Type: Gel polymer lithium ion battery
Battery Capacity: 600mAh
Standby time: About seven days
General People: Children watch
Charging interface: Micro USB
Special Features Functions: SOS Calls, Two-way Conversation, Voice Communication, GPS, Call Answer
Dial and Band Shape of the dial: Rectangle
Case Material: Silicone
Band Material: TPSiV
Features Compatible OS: Android, IOS
Compatibility: Android 4.0 / iOS 7.0 and above system
Language: Simplified / TraditionalChinese,English
Available Color: Blue, Orange, Pink, Black
Weight and Size The dial thickness: 1.3 cm / 0.51 inches
Dial size: 3.8 x 1.3 cm / 1.50 x 0.51 inches
The band width: 2.3 cm / 0.91 inches
Package size (L x W x H): 20.000 x 3.800 x 1.300 cm / 7.874 x 1.496 x 0.512 inches
Product weight: 0.060 kg
Package weight: 0.230 kg

This is an attractively designed watch and comes in a variety of colors: sunlight orange, sky blue, lovely powder and elegant black. On each version, there is a different picture that fits its color.

Different colors of Umeox W268

The device is made from finest, non-toxic, silicone and TPSiV (thermoplastic) materials. These ingredients fulfill safety standards of the EU. Radiation that this watch emits is zero, so you don’t have to worry about your child’s health.

Also, don’t sweat if your child is explorer-type since this watch is water and splash resistant.

On the left side, there are SIM card slot and USB port. Right side hosts three buttons, and there is an SOS button on the bottom side.

Functionality of the Umeox W268

The display is made in OLED technology which means the it has excellent contrast and viewing angles. It’s size, however, is not that usual – it measures 1.3 inches. The display looks quite small compared to the rest of the clock, but it’s acceptable.

It has sufficient processing power and an exceptional amount of memory, 1 GB of RAM and 4 GBs of ROM, respectively.


Umeox W268 smart-watch offers micro-SIM card slot that supports standard GSM 900/1800 MHZ networks. You can communicate with your child at any time. It has a phonebook in which you can store 20 most important numbers. That is sufficient enough to add numbers of your closest relatives and yourselves. Only numbers that are in the phonebook can communicate with the clock and, therefore, prevents the strangers from contacting your kid.

One of the best characteristics of this watch is GPS + LBS, dual-mode smart positioning system. Wherever the child is, you can pinpoint its location to 5 meters. GPS functionality of the W268So, in case your kid is out of your sight you can check its whereabouts with the app on your smartphone. Also, child’s movement patterns are measured in real time and stored in the cloud, and you can access them via the app as well.

If the child gets into a dangerous situation, all it has to do is to press an SOS button, and SMS will be sent to your mobile phone.

Special function of the watch enables child to instantly contact you

Battery life

Umeox W268 is equipped with the 600 mAh battery made with gel polymer Lithium-Ion. The battery is quite safe and long-lasting. You can get 3-5 days of real world usage out of it and up to 7 days on standby. Charging this watch through a standard micro USB port is easy.

Big battery of Umeox W268


This device is compatible with the Android (starting with the version 4.0) and iOS (beginning with the version 7.0 and above) operating systems. You can find the application for it on the Google Play store and Apple app store. Watch supports simplified and traditional Chinese as well as The English language.

Pros & cons

As with every piece of electronic hardware, some things are good and things that are not that great.

There are a lot of things that are good in this product.

  1. Superb battery life
  2. Great building materials and pleasant colors
  3. Fast and accurate GPS system
  4. Very simple to use
  5. Attractive price

From the things that are not good, we would single out the display. It’s pretty small, but since this is not media consumption device and it’s made especially for the little children, it’s size is understandable.

Our Opinion

This watch is a great little piece of hardware. Beautifully designed with the attractive colors and children just love it. It offers a lot and gives you a sense of comfort a security, and you can’t put the price on that.

Speaking of price, you definitely can’t find better smartwatch designed primarily for your offspring. Just let them pick the color matching their character, set the SIM card and phonebook numbers and you are safe and ready. Your children can safely return to their favorite playground, and you will be sure that in every moment, that your child will be supervised at all times. This great gadget

This great device is on the discount at the moment, and you can have it at 52% discount (All colors included) if you get them through the links below:

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