[Ultimate Buying Guide] Best Gaming Mouse to buy now From Gearbest! [Best Deals]

If you are looking for the best gaming mouse to buy now, here is your chance to get yours. Here we will showcase you the best gaming mouse which is both affordable and a good value for your money purchase.

When choosing a gaming mouse people consider a lot of things in the aspect such as the extra functions aside from normal right and left click buttons. But having extra functions such as DPI controls, Backward/Forward, and Extra customizable buttons really helps in the daily ease use of the product.

X3 USB Wired Optical Gaming Mouse

Best Gaming Mouse

Main Features

  • LED backlit design is perfect for any working and gaming places especially at night time.
  • Ergonomic design fits your palm to the maximum extent, give the best comfort.
  • Intelligent connectivity, no need code, plug, and play.
  • Can be used for both desktop computer and laptop.

This is a very cheap and affordable mouse to buy. Though after seeing many reviews we a conclusion that this is the best Mouse in this range price segment. So if have a budget for around less than $5 mouse, Then go for it.

Spotlight Leopard T7 Wired USB LOL Gaming Mouse

Best Gaming Mouse

Main Features:

  • LED backlit design is perfect for any working and gaming place especially at night time.
  • Two side-buttons: frontward and back buttons, you can free to move forward or back when you browse the pages and folders.
  • Ergonomic design fits your palm to the maximum extent, give the best comfort.
  • Intelligent connectivity, no need code, plug, and play.

This mouse comes with a DPI adjuster button that can go up to 1600 levels, It also has a very good design to it for making it more comfortable to use. Though, we seriously don’t know why its name contains LOL.

CONSON CM635 Wired Gaming Mouse

Best Gaming Mouse

Main Features:

  • Feature with ergonomic design for more comfortable and easy operation
  • Adopting inner high-quality sensor to provide you with more accurate using and operation
  • Over-body completely illuminates with respiring color optional 6D LED light
  • Four DPI ( 800 / 1200 / 1600 / 2400 ), good for your timely reflection
  • Easy to use and you just need to plug and play
  • Perfect mouse is suitable for all kinds of games

CONSON CM635 is featured by 3D roller, optical engine, and weighting design. The mouse has a nice 4 phases of DPI change, and also has an Optical 6D LED flood light to change its overall looks. This is a mid-range mouse with many features included.

Motospeed V20 Wired Optical USB Gaming Mouse

Best Gaming Mouse

Motospeed V20 is superior to DPI adjusting and colorful LED breathing light. The mouse has a stylish design powerful performance. Its can switch quickly so that you could make a great performance in games or office. The sensitive touch scroll provides you with a good tactile feedback. It is perfect for shifting between speedy movements and controlled aiming. Such a fantastic gaming mouse is suitable for officer even the harshest gamer.

Main Features:

  • Pmw3325 high precision optical engine, the maximum acceleration is 100 inches/s
  • OMRON 20 million micromotions, professional game switch, ultra long service life
  • RGB game backlight, 7 keys macro programming, one key to trigger a variety of functions
  • Game anti-skid wheel provides you with a good tactile feedback
  • Intelligent connectivity, no need code, plug, and play
  • Ergonomic design fits your palm to the maximum extent

Combaterwing CW-80 USB Wired Optical Gaming Mouse

Best Gaming Mouse

Equipped with Avago 3050 chip, 10 programmable buttons, and customized DPI settings, this gaming mouse affords you outstanding performance while you are playing the game. Besides, 3 modes LED light effect and the ergonomic shape of it give you better gaming experience for both visual and physical.

Main Features:

  • 10 programmable buttons: You can use the software to assign programmable features to the buttons which will become deadly weapons to hit your enemy.
  • Customized DPI settings: Four user-definable DPI settings up to 4800 and the DPI button lets you easily cycle via your customized settings.
  • Equipped with Avago 3050 chip: Stable and fast, which has greatly extended game’s practicability and ductility. With OMRON micro switch, its life can be up to 10 million times.
  • Glaring LED light effect: Programmable LED light effect includes 3 modes light effect: Standard, respiration, and neon. The LED light can be turned off if you want.
  • Ergonomic design: The ergonomic shape of the mouse which snugly fits under your palm gives gamers the most comfortable gaming experience ever, especially during battles.
  • Lightweight aluminum chassis: Stout and nimble, the solid metal frame enhances the rigidity of the gaming mouse.

E – 3LUE EMS601 Wireless LED Flashing Optical Gaming Mouse

Best Gaming Mouse

E-BLUE EMS601 7 Button Wireless LED Flashing Optical Gaming Mouse comes with Adjustable 2500DPI for Desktop / Laptop, As the name suggests the mouse is Wireless and also comes with many intuitive features such as:-

  • Ergonomic design fits your palm to the maximum extent, give best comfort and support of longtime use for each day
  • Powered by 2 x AA battery ( included )
  • Buttons: 7 buttons with scroll wheel ( two side-buttons, one DPI button and one on-off key )
  • On-off key: Conveniently open and close wireless mouse, effectively save power
  • Two side-buttons: Frontward and back buttons, you can free to move forward or back when you browse the pages and folders
  • Adjustable DPI button: You can optionally adjust the sensitivity and resolution of the mouse according to your need
  • Cool colorful LED light gives you a great visual effect

LUOM G50 Programmable 10 Button Professional Mechanical Gaming Mouse

Best Gaming Mouse

From the recent times, I have never seen a mouse design like this. This thing looks smart and also has nice hardware configurations on it like the 10 million times Lifetime clickable buttons, Braided wire cable, DPI works between 250 – 4000DPI, and A3050 Mouse Chip. This is no doubt overall the best gaming mouse in this range, And if you are interested to buy one then use our link below.


  • Ergonomics design, relieve fatigue, comfortable and good for health
  • Programmable 9 Buttons, you can set every button you like
  • 4 levels DPI, ensure your move accurately
  • Beautiful and cool appearance, best gift for your friends or children
  • Colorful light, you can choose your favorite light mode through the drive
  • Plug and play, easy to use

Razer RZ01 – 0085 DeathAdder 1800DPI USB Wired Gaming Mouse for PC / Laptop / Computer

Best Gaming Mouse

Well, i think after the name introduction people don’t need to know more, but still. Razer RZ01 is a Wired Optical gaming mouse by the most honorable RAZER company, And yes this mouse lies in the budget range, It has an 1800 DPI configuration, A very precious bottom pad, and a nice tactile click button. If you are RAZER fan and want to buy this product, then use our link below to get one.


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