Ulefone Power Review: The Latest Flagship Killer From China

When it was announced, back in December of 2015, Ulefone Power was set out to be a remarkable smartphone. It has since filled the shelves, and we had it for a couple of days in which time we tried to discover all of its features and to discern rumors from actual facts about this phone.

We will be reviewing the Ulefone Power part by part, and we would like you to join us on this journey of discovering the best and the worst this phone has to offer.

Ulefone power intro

We have put its hardware and software to the test to find out is the battery as strong as advertised, will the Sony camera live up to its name and much more.

For the beginning, as usual, we will start with the list of specifications.

Ulefone power intro 2


Brand Ulefone
GPU Mali-T720
Network types GSM+WCDMA+FDD-LTE
Bluetooth Yes, v4.0
Screen size 5.5 inches
Screen resolution 1920 x 1080
Back camera 13.0 MP
Front camera 5.0 MP
Auto Focus Yes
Flashlight Yes
Battery Capacity 6050 mAh
Battery Type Lithium-ion polymer
Sensors Gravity Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Hall Sensor
FM radio Yes
Product size 15.200 x 7.600 x 0.850 cm / 5.984 x 2.992 x 0.335 inches
Product weight 0.214 kg


When it comes to packaging, the Ulefone spared no expense as this phone comes fully equipped with everything you might need with your smartphone. We have listed everything we found upon unpacking the box.

Cell Phone: 1
Earphones: 1
Power Adapter: 1
USB Cable: 1
Silicone Case: 1
Screen Protector: 1
OTG Cable: 1
English Manual: 1
SIM Needle: 1


After unpacking the phone, we realize that the test variant we got for this review is indeed the one with the false wooden back. It is an interesting new solution for the design even though it is not wood but actually plastic painted to resemble a wooden pattern. The company stated that the wooden type will receive different patterns making it unique for individual models. This phone can also be ordered with the standard black and white color options.


At first glance, the phone seems to be made with high quality as both the plastic and the alloy used for the chassis that encircles the screen are visibly manufactured from high-end materials.  It all fits really well as there are no obvious cracks or protruding parts.

If we disregard the false wooden panel on the back, the design itself is a proven recipe. The phone is very similar to its counterparts on the market having the buttons placed in an order we are all very familiar with.

Space on the front of the smartphone is mainly used up by its large screen, but there was still room for essential features. We must say that the black borders around the display really do add the elegance to an otherwise classic design. On the top, you can see the front camera, the receiver and the proximity sensor. Between the latter two, there is a tiny RGB notification light.


The buttons are, as expected, found below the screen. At its usual place (in the middle) is the home button and close to the sides are the back and menu buttons. Unfortunately, there seem to be no icons or backlighting for any of these two buttons.


As we have mentioned, the metallic alloy fits perfectly with the design, but it does not only have an aesthetic purpose. If we start from the top, we can clearly see a 3.5mm jack for headphones and the IR remote. On the right-hand side, you will find three metal buttons. The largest button is used for decreasing and increasing the volume, the one in the middle is the power button, and the round button is there because of the camera.


At the base of the phone, there is a micro USB port while the left-hand side holds the space for the SIM and SD cards.

Finally, the back of the phone is where the fingerprint scanner, the rear camera with dual LED flash and a large speaker are located.


Ulefone Power bottom back


The most prominent feature of any smartphone is its screen. The Ulefone Power has a 5.5-inch screen which is large even for a smartphone. It is an IPS capacitive screen and in case you have a thing for mobile gaming, the touchscreen is highly responsive and can be used for all of the cool touchscreen games.

With full HD – 1920 x 1080p resolution, the display is capable of reproducing the best out of videos, pictures, and mobile games. The pixel density is 401 PPI, which is really dense – you can’t see pixels even if you look really closely. The brightness is decent, and this display provides a wide array of viewing angles and impressive direct sunlight performance.

The screen itself is made from a 2.5D curved glass with a Corning Gorilla 3 glass panel to achieve smooth edges, better visibility and screen protection. Be aware that the screen can still be scratched, and the usage of protection covers is highly advisable. Luckily, one protection screen cover comes with the package.


Processor and RAM

The central processing unit and the RAM follow the line of outstanding features available on the Ulefone Power. This phone is equipped with an Octa-Core MTK6753 CPU that is clocked at 1.3 GHZ, and the GPU is a Mali, model T720 along with 3GB of RAM.

This kind of setup allows flawless user experience as well as the maximum you can get from the latest 3D mobile video games.


Ulefone Power is equipped with two cameras, one on the front and one on the back of the phone. The rear (primary) camera is a 13MP camera with a built-in Sony IMX214 sensor and f/1.8 aperture. As you can see from the sample picture, the camera offers various options for adjusting the picture in reference to lighting, coloring, and overall balancing. The user interface is plain Android one and performs quickly and efficiently. We only got to test the camera in daylight environment, and it has been capable of producing great pictures even when the light source was a single small window in the room.

Ulefone Power camera interface
Daylight sample photo

The back camera is also capable of taking pretty awesome 1080p videos that are rated as HD and feel free to shoot anything from your birthday party to clips from a trip to the ZOO.

The 5MP front (secondary) camera is equipped with OmniVision OV5648. Although 5MP doesn’t seem like much, this camera is ready to produce clear images and has proven to be quite adequate for a couple of selfies we took in the office.

When it comes to cameras, we would like to point out the perfect placing of the camera activating button. This round button, situated in the middle of the side of the phone, aligns perfectly with your thumb or index finger when you are taking a portrait picture (holding the phone upright).

Internal Storage Capacity

One of the rare flaws we were able to find on this phone is, in fact, the storage capacity of internal memory. It is inexplicable that a smartphone in 2016 could have only 16GB of memory space (ROM), especially when so many people enjoy watching movies and listening to music on their smartphones.

The bright side is that the memory can be expanded by using a Micro SD card with the maximum of 128GB in total. Be advised that the SD card does not come with the phone, so you’ll have to buy one to gain that additional storage space.

Here’s a good choice to supplement your Ulefone Power’s capacity with – LD 128GB Micro SD Memory Card COLORMIX

Operating System

The Ulefone Power is run on Android v5.1 Lollipop that has proven itself to be a reliable operating system capable of running the latest apps. You will have a full access to Google Play Store as well as many pre-installed applications.

The Ulefone Company has stated that Ulefone Power can be upgraded to accept Android v6.0 Marshmallow using the OTA updates, and no flashing (reverting to fabric settings) will be required.

Ulefone Power Operating System, Android 5.1 Lollipop


This phone supports all the network types and ranges currently utilized in the world including the latest high-quality 4G networking.

2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz

3G: WCDMA 900/2100MHz

4G: FDD-LTE 800/900/1800/2100/2600MHz

One interesting and useful feature of Ulefone Power is that it is capable of running a Dual SIM mode, with one slot for a Micro SIM and one for a Standard SIM.

To achieve connection to the internet, you can use the provided Wi-Fi feature. For connection to other devices, you may choose between the micro-USB port (excellent for pairing the device with desktop computers) and the Bluetooth v4.0, which means you can sync with any smart device that has the same or higher version of Bluetooth.


We have reached possibly the best thing that can be found on this phone, and that is its ultra-strong battery (especially if we consider the price of the phone and other hardware characteristics). The Lithium-Ion polymer battery used has an outstanding capacity – 6050mAh.

We haven’t had the time to test its capabilities fully, but we did explore almost every option including taking pictures and gaming (for hours), and the battery is still going strong. It seems that the announced four days of normal usage and 63 hours of standby are actually the reality. Quite impressive.

The Ulefone have introduced a 9V/2~3A quick charger that comes with the phone which can charge the phone to the max in only 90 to 120 minutes. Furthermore, charging with the Quick Charge for merely five minutes can give two hours of talking time, while quick-charging for 30 minutes will give one day of regular use.

The only downside is that the battery is not removable which means you will have to use your guarantee to fix a problem if one occurs.

Additional Characteristics

We will only count a few of the additional characteristics, namely the ones we think stand out from the crowd and represent the best in the Ulefone Power.

The fingerprint scanner is an interesting safety feature that can be found on the back of the phone. Use it to keep your data private and don’t worry about it being a hassle because it is possible to unlock the phone in just 0.1 to 0.3 seconds. That is faster than the iPhone 6.

The IR (infrared sensor) is a nifty trait that actually works as a universal remote controller. It recognizes the signal from various devices (e.g. your garage door) and allows you to control them with your smartphone.

Smart Key, as the Ulefone Company named it, is a feature that can be used to launch the camera or the voice recorder app quickly. It is perfect for those spontaneous moments you don’t want to forget.

Pros and Cons

Ulefone Power, like any other smartphone, has its good and bad sides, and we are going to list them so you could have a clear reference if you are thinking of buying the phone.


  • Reliable, durable battery allows for hours of runtime without the need for recharging
  • Simple user interface along with the hardware that ensures smoothness
  • Excellent camera capabilities for photos and videos alike


  • Rather large and bulky, the phone can be tricky to handle at some points
  • Unsatisfactory amount of internal storage space
  • Non-removable battery

Ulefone Power From the right side

Our Opinion

After weighing all quality traits on one side and the setbacks we found on the other we can say with certainty that the Ulefone Power is one of the best mid-range smartphones money can buy.

The verdict was unanimous – we highly recommend this phone to anyone who is not a slave of the western brand names but wants a quality affordable smartphone that can actually last him a while. We are happy to say that some of us here at XiaomiToday are seriously considering buying this phone for ourselves.

Be kind and tell us if you share our opinion or if you have a different point of view. Feel free to take advantage the comment section below to tell us your experience with the phone as it can prove to be another useful reference for future users.

Get Ulefone Power from gearbest.com for only $179.99 / ~CNY1184

Get Ulefone Power from everbuying.net for only $179.99 / ~CNY1184



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  1. Got it, and can only agree with your conclusion. The only thing I’d like to point out, is the back of the phone is quite slippery and prone to showing fingerprints. I think I’m going to put some grip tape on the backside.

      1. If anything, the GPS is more precise than the one in my Samsung Note 4. I can’t say anything with regards to battery yet, as I’ve only had the phone for one day – it was charged when I got it, and I still haven’t charged it yet (light use, installing apps).

          1. At the moment it’s at 78% (so in one day it lost 22% in power). So around 2-3 days with a normal usage shouldn’t be impossible.

      2. For the period it was with us, the battery performed really great. If you’re a power user, you might have different results, but still ahead of competition for sure.

    1. Hey Kim, in your opinion what are the cons of the phone? Is everything what they offer and said on the description exactly there on the phone? Or are some features missing and it’s problem causing?

      1. Sorry to enter the discussion. Just a feedback. Description is very precise and true. Except one thing, the camera. It is very very complete but the software is not optimized and pictures are noisy. Except that, the phone is excellent.

      2. I would add the major problem for me : it becomes too hot while charging. It is dangerous for the screen, for the pixels, for the battery. What a pity ! The phone is so stable, fluid and fast !

        1. Quite late bro, already received it 🙁 and yeah apart from the heating up i have another issue, it tends to lag man at times! And the hwole launcher has to restart. Also at times when i unlock it the display doesnt work for atleast 30 secs, but can hear it getting unlocked. It’s quite annoying to be HONEST.

          1. What launcher do you use ? The one who looks like stock android contains bug. It’s better you use the other one, bingo. By the way I use none of them. I use xperia home apk for the moment. From xperia z5. It works fine. From apk mirror website. At least try bingo, switch fingerprint off everywhere, reboot and tell me if better.

          2. I used to have some unlock issues too. I desactivated all my lock/unlock options, rebooted the phone and reactivated it. No problem now. Maybe you can try it.

  2. Received the phone just over a week ago with 95% charge and it lasted from the Saturday till the Tuesday of the next week. This was after loading up all my apps and using it far more than I normally would. I did a full charge off just a standard charger and it reached 100% very quickly. It’s now Monday of the next week and I still have 35% left! I have also found aspects of the operating system that seem to flow smoother than on my Galaxy S6 Edge+. The camera is pretty decent too. The finger print scanner is as good as Samsung’s and I do like the rear positioning. The phone is certainly quite heavy for a smart phone, but it’s chunky sides are far easier to grip than the diminished, curved edges of the Samsung…having said that the Samsung is a real looker! For me the Ulefone is a better, more practical design and I’m not terrified of dropping it all the time. Plus, at little over £100 I could afford to replace this quite a few times to equal one Samsung S6 Edge+. I think the Ulefone Power is an amazing phone, especially for the price.

    1. Hey Richard, in your opinion what are the cons of the phone? Is everything what they offer and said on the description exactly there on the phone? Or are some features missing and it’s problem causing?

  3. Ulefone says they use real wood (“high quality oak from Quebec”), but it’s fake? Can anyone clarify this matter? Thanks in advance!

    1. They didn’t say the material is “built” from high quality oak. It may be the design that comes from this wood. And it would be true even if it is plastic. From my experience it doesn’t smell like plastic, it doesn’t feel like plastic but it really LOOKS like plastic.

  4. nice review but i think oukitel k6000 pro is best. k6000 pro come with android 6.01, metal body, 32GB memory and A Grad FHD display

  5. Hy
    I have Ulefone power for less then 2 monts now and i had 2 major problems with it: the first was with the speaker, I could not hear any caller unless I was using headsets and now, I can not use the buttons on lower screen: the back, the home and the other one.Until now, no response from the online shop I bought the phone(Deal Home on Aliexpress) but no response from ulefone.com also.

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