UHANS U200: Price, Specs and Order

People who love rugged phones, for them the wait is over. The new UHANS U200 has arrived……

Nowadays, many mobile phone companies have launched rugged phones, such phones which can overcome the harsh and frequent conditions like shock, scratching, fingerprints, dust and cracks etc. But sadly many of them are costly and have poor specs and features for the users.

But wait! This month, a Chinese company ‘UHANS’ announced their new rugged smartphone model, known as UHANS U200. Basically this phone is the successor of the previous model U100. And believe me, the features and specs this phone provide are much better than the other rugged phones. A classical, rugged and premium looking phone, best among all rugged phones for a price of just $99.99.

Heading forward, we (Xiaomi Today) decided to apprise you about this marvelous phone “UHANS U200”.

First Look At UHANS U200
First Look At UHANS U200


Thus, we have categorized UHANS U200 in the following features:

1: Design & Appearance:

The most important and eminent feature of UHANS U200 is it’s formation and vivid looks. Basically, the whole body is made up of aluminium alloy known for its light, anti-shock and tough property. While the sides of UHANS U200 are protected and covered with non-skid rubber with a vintage design on it. The dimensions of this phone are 14.76 x 7.65 x 1.25 cm and it just weight around 207 g, lighter than the other rugged phones.

UHANS U200 has two best features in it’s design. One is the octagonal rivet-like home key.

Side body appearance of UHANS U200
Side body appearance of UHANS U200


While second is the cowhide leather of the best quality. This makes the phone:

  • Sweat-Proof
  • Anti-fingerprints
  • Wear-resistance
  • A touch and feeling of premium phone
Back of UHANS U200

2: Hardware:

The heart of UHANS U200 consist of a 64-bit Quad-Core MediaTek MTK6735 with a frequency of 1.0 GHz. The processor is supported by GPU called as Mali-T720. The RAM of UHANS U200 is 2 GB. This hardware is enough to fulfill the power required to run the latest software and multi-tasking with more stability.

UHANS U200: Perfect combination of speed and power

The whole chipset is designed to be as much energy efficient as it could be. That is the only reason of keeping frequency of processor low. The ROM of UHANS U200 is 16 GB, which can be increased by inserting a Micro-SD card up to 64 GB.

3: Screen & Display:

Looking forward on the screen. UHANS U200 is composed of a 5 inch, 5 point capacitive LG screen, which is by the way:

  1. Anti-Shock
  2. Anti-Scratch

The LG display gives a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, a pixel density of 294 ppi, 1000:1 Contrast ratio and 80% screen to body ratio.

Screen details of UHANS U200


The resolution seems not up to the mark. Well, it could be Full-HD, but that’s seems to be OK for a fair price.

4: Camera:

UHANS U200 consist of two cameras. One is the Rear (Back) camera, which is of 13 Megapixels consisting of a Sony IMX 164 sensor, but actually the picture quality is much likely to be of a 8 Megapixel camera. The features it supports are:

  • Auto-Focus (Fast)
  • Image Effects
  • Panorama Mode and Others
  • f/2.0 Aperture
  • LED Flash
Camera description of UHANS U200

Meanwhile, the front camera of UHANS U200 is of 5 Megapixels, which gives an actual image quality of a 2 Megapixel camera. It is operated with wide lens technology for perfect group selfies


5: Durability (Toughness):

Now we are on the true feature of a rugged phone ‘UHANS U200’. This phone is Anti-Fingerprint, Anti-Dust, Anti-Shock, Water Proof and Unbreakable. Thus making it a perfect & cheap phone which can bear high temperature, any climate and stress.

6: Connectivity:

Another good thing about UHANS U200 is that it supports 4G-LTE network. Not only this, it is also Dual SIM with Dual Standby. Thus enabling it to surf and download at the rate of 150 Mbps. Plus, it also supports 3 network modes and 18 frequency bands. Hence providing the strongest signal and a compatibility of 86% mobile communication in every corner of the world.

Network of UHANS U200

Other connectivity methods includes: WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, A-GPS, GPS, USB, Micro SD slot etc.

7: OS:

UHANS U200 is purely based on the latest version of android 5.1 (Lollipop) which is a little bit customized by the manufacturers. The customization matches with the whole appearance of the phone. Thus enabling a sturdy and elegant look.

Android 5.1 of UHANS U200

The built-in and supportable apps in this phone are:

Supportable and Built in Apps of UHANS U200
Supportable and Built in Apps of UHANS U200

We hope that soon after the release of Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the update would be available for UHANS U200.

8: Battery:

The UHANS U200 is powered by a Li-ion, non-removable battery having a capacity of 3500 mAh. Thus, enabling this phone to run for a whole day after frequent use.

Battery of UHANS U200
Battery of UHANS U200


9: Features:

There are many unique features in UHANS U200 as compare to the previous model U100. First is the LED notification light which gives a blinking blue color during any notification. This LED light is present on the top right side of the phone.

LED notification Light of UHANS U200
LED notification Light of UHANS U200

Another feature of this phone are the smart gestures. You can go directly into the specific location just by drawing alphabets on the screen. An example is given in the below picture:

Gesture control of UHANS U200
Gesture control of UHANS U200

The last feature is basically a technology, known as OGT efficient transmission technolgy. OGT-ET unlocks the high speed data transfer between the phone and a computer through OGT cable. The transfer rate is much higher as compare to other phones.

OGT technolgy of UHANS U200
OGT technolgy of UHANS U200



Attention: The internal data of table “15” is corrupted!


Final verdict:

  • Affordable Price
  • Mid-tier Performance (Good as compare to other rugged phones for that price)
  • 64-Bit Processor
  • Many exciting features
  • 4G-LTE & Dual SIM

In conclusion, we recommend you UHANS U200 from the list of rugged phones. If you are a rugged phone lover and consider durability and budget as you first and last option. This is a phone having perfect combination of speed, energy efficiency, toughness, elegant design and unique features which are not present in any other rugged phone for the price of just $ 99.99.

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  1. Uhans U200 back cover is pretty cool 🙂
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