TWYP by ING: Intelligible, Free and Quick payment App

It happens to everyone that when we have to pay to your friend or for anything i.e Dinner, gifts and even bills, we realize that we have not enough cash in our wallet. We know that it is awkward for most of the people, visiting the nearest ATM to withdraw some money and wasting precious time. It seems to be the only option. Gladly, the problem has been solved because now you have an alternative option which is Twyp by ING.

What is TWYP by ING?

So, you must be thinking that what is Twyp? Well, Twyp is a free mobile app that facilitates payments between friends. Although the name is a little bit weird but through this app both users can transfer money within no time.

In addition, the payment will not depend on the bank that operates the receiver, as it operates independently of the entity. In the words of ING Twyp:

This app is an alternative to cash payments easier for consumers and small amounts helps manage payments between people.

The only restriction for using this service is that there is a limit to operate 1,000 euros per calendar year.

What’s so special about TWYP?

As previously discussed, the app is totally free. It’s a sort of digital wallet but with a good security; user name, password and IBAN no. But the best part is that you can send money to each other during a chat. Other than that, it is simple, easy and quick to use.

Chat and transfer money

How TWYP actually works?

ING says that the use of Twyp is extremely simple, in fact, more simple than sending a text message .

To start working with this app only have to associate a card that will be used to recharge the money and an account number to use is received .

There are three simple steps to transfer money among your friends through Twyp:

  1. Download the app and register.
  2. Add your card to the top of your balance
  3. Add account details like the IBAN no. and withdraw.


Here is an on-screen procedure for you:

Complete Procedure to send money through twyp


Availability of TWYP by ING:


The application is now available for iOS and AndroidSpain is the first country which testing this new option , but the goal is to reach other markets in the globe as well. Hopefully, it will be completed in few months. Let’s see what impact will it bring around the globe?



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