Two new products for camping announced by Xiaomi

Xiaomi is a Chinese company that very successfully develops products in all segments, and also have in mind in their plans tourists and campers who do not leave aside a new adventure, creating two new products for camping, they can be used freely in nature, a collapsible stretcher and a sleeping bag have arrived.

Both products are made with high-quality materials to make them extremely durable, they are designed to be as comfortable as possible and to make the most of the camping experience wherever you want to do it.

Xiaomi GOCAMP, a retractable stretcher

Two new products for camping - GoCamp

Among the two new products for camping that the great Chinese manufacturer presented, we have the Xiaomi GOCAMP, an ideal stretcher for those camping moments, to be able to sleep in a pleasant way and without big interruptions.

A stretcher with a basic design in the style of a lounger, which means that it is slightly raised at the top to be able to rest the head in an ergonomic way, for its convenience it is retractable so that it occupies the smallest possible space, besides being made with materials that provide a solid support at all times.

Two new products for camping

Another point in favor of this Xiaomi product is that it isn’t heavy, it only weighs 7Kg and can support a total weight of 100Kg. Undoubtedly its resistance is impressive, it has measurements of 103 cm x 25 cm x 15 cm. It is available at a price of $29.39 (€25).

Two new products for camping, a new focus of Xiaomi

Two new products for camping

If you believed that Xiaomi after the launch of the camping tent Xiaomi Zaofeng Camping Tent would lack accessories,  now they present a sleeping bag that responds to the user’s need.

A bag made to last and give us a proper sleep at the time of spending the night camping, made with synthetic fiber and cotton stuffing, makes it ideal to control changes in temperature, as well as being waterproof.

The bag can be stored in the form of a cylinder so only measuring 33 cm x 14 cm, when deployed has the shape similar to an insect cocoon, between the two new products for camping this is the one that has a higher cost, the price it is $55.25 (€47).

It is expected that soon both products will be available in online stores.

Source: xiaomi4mi

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