Turing Phone new Flagship ‘Cadenza’ – Best of 2017 with Snapdragon 830, 12GB RAM

Have you ever imagine what future would be like? Well, the USA smartphone manufacturer ‘Turing Phone’ already perceived it with their upcoming flagship killer in 2017.named as ‘Cadenza.’ We still remember that Turing Phone appeared out of nowhere and hit the market by releasing the first liquid metal phone. After that, they disappeared for an extended period and now made a heart pounding return with Cadenza.

Turing Phone Cadenza – Futuristic Configuration, The World’s Best Phone!

Cadenza will be the only smartphone to feature futuristic configuration, hardware which we always dreamt of and was reckoned to be realistic after 3 to 5 years, but now in 2017.

To be specific, Cadenza will highlight some configuration far from the limit of a high-end phone. Dual Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 (16 cores) seems to be the heart of the flagship accompanied by a stupendous 12GB RAM and a total storage of 1 TB (256GB x 2 + MicroSD 256GB x 2). We never thought that we could double the storage drive and dual MicroSD slots, isn’t it interesting?

Cadenza 1

The connectivity will also enhance in 2017 with the introduction of Quad SIM support, WiGig 60GHz (1 Gbps) Qualcomm’s latest aptX Bluetooth audio partnered with Marshall ®. Moreover, Cadenza will be based on an entirely new Operating System ‘Swordfish OS’ along with VoiceON interference.

Cadenza design

It seems like Graphene will be a standard material for the future smartphone. Graphene taking the advantage of having the highest ratio of edge atoms of any allotrope will mold Turing Phones terminal when combined with Oxygen to from Graphene Oxide. The design will be an upgrade to the current Liquid Metal Fram (Liquid Metal 2.0). To prolong the smartphone battery, Cadenza will be powered with triple energy sources including 2,400 mAh Graphene Superconductor battery, 1,600 mAh standard Li-Ion battery, and a hydrogen fuel cell. Another selling point of the smartphone will be the quad 60MP rear camera (Sony IMAX 6K Triple Lens) and 20MP Dual Lens front shooter.


The only cons will be the 2K, 5.5-inch screen. The resolution is quite common, nowadays and with the entry of 4K phones like Sony Xperia Z5 Premium, 4K is next big thing in 2017.Let’s hope that Cadenza will have a new display source. One thing is sure that the flagship will not be budget friendly, with that level of technology it will be incredibly expensive. And maybe the smartphone will break many records at the release including best performance, best camera, best design, and world’s most expensive phone.

Now all we have to do is anticipate. What do you think about Turing phone Cadenza? Comment!



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  1. 16 processor cores does not make sense, unless it is related to security. Quad camera will be nice.

  2. Dear to whom concern

    Kindly I would like to ask you to inform me about when your great Cadenza smart phone will be available to buy in the market and how much its price .

    I live in France and I would like to buy 2 .

    Thanks and regards

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