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We all like winters, because it’s the most wonderful time of year. There are pretty much things to do. But when you go to your room or office, most likely, you will be listening to the chatter of your own teeth. So you will need a space heater to beat the cold weather winter woes. Winter has already come, and we guess the central heating systems are not enough to take the edge off of winter’s bite. Of course, the space heaters cannot replace a traditional system, it is still a perfect quick fix for a room that just won’t heat up. There are a lot of factors to consider when picking a space heater. But depending on your needs, you should look into the strength and size of the heater first. However, the space heaters should be powerful but not noisy, compact and portable, safe, etc. Fortunately, there are a few brands specialized in making good but cost-effective space heaters. TRUSTECH is among them. As for this moment, we have found a few coupon codes for its space heaters. So this is a good chance to choose one from its assortment.

The first model has a compact size, which provides effective, consistent warmth and won’t get in the way. It comes with two heat settings, 750W and 1, 500W. There is also a cooling fan function. Just turn the selection knob to fan only, or select low or high heat options to achieve the desired temperature.

This TRUSTECH model is equipped with an overheat protection circuit. It will automatically shut off when a potential overheat temperature is reached. The space heater will resume operation after it cools down. What we like more is the tip-over safety function, which shuts the heater off, if it gets knocked over accidentally.

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Trustech space heater

The second TRUSTECH model is a ceramic space heater as well. It features an adjustable thermostat. So you can set the temperature from 59 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. It comes with a 12-hour timer. This variant has all the safety features mentioned above. Plus, it comes with a widespread oscillation function for reliable heating performance.

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Trustech space heater

The third TRUSTECH model, besides the rapid heating system of 750W and 1500W heating modes, also comes with high (26W) and low (18W) cooling modes. Thus, you can set ideal cooling comfort in Summer. Due to this function, it provides maximum convenience. This ceramic heater can quickly warm up the air around you within 1 second. At the same time, it will make no noise, not disturbing you when reading, sleeping, or working.

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Trustech space heater

However, the most attractive TRUSTECH space heater is this one. It not only differs by its stylish look but also comes with a remote control with sensitive response and ultra-long sensing distance. Plus, this space heater has a timer function of 1-8 hours. It will automatically shut off in the time you have set in advance.

Trustech space heater

Apart from all the safety features seen in the previous models, this one sports a 120° oscillating function, which can warm a large area. This ceramic space heater has three power modes that allow it to blow warm air flow at different speed.

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