Tronxy XY – 2 Review

Quick Assembly Aluminum Alloy 3D Printer

Tronxy XY – 2 is a 3D printer by Tronxy, a manufacturing company based in China, are famous for 3D printers. Literally Tronxy XY – 2 is an improved version of Tronxy XY100, with few extra features and corresponding benefits. In this article, we are going to make a review of Tronxy XY – 2 in depth.

Tronxy XY – 2 Review

Tronxy XY – 2 Review

Typically, 3D printing means transforming an image into a three dimensional object. The modern 3D printing machines based on CNC (computer numerical control) make it came true, to make a random image into a 3D real-time object. However, let’s get started with Tronxy XY – 2.

Printing Technology

Tronxy XY – 2 follows FDM 3D printing technology, it’s not new to the 3D printer academics because the idea was coming more 20 years ago from now. It allows more mechanically stable output object.

Tronxy XY – 2 Review

Higher Print Speed

The Tronxy XY printer is a high speed compared to the avg. printer found in the market. The print speed is 2-100 mm/s as the manufacturer’s claims.

There is a different range of 3D printer speed is found. It could be 40mm/s or 100mm/s or even more. Some printer prints at 150mm/s and some printer print also more than this. It is said more printing speed worse print quality. Here, Tronxy XY – 2 maintain 2-100mm/s print speed which is very reasonable and fast. The variable speed also allows you to at different speed based on your target object design toughness, a lot of flexibility out there.

Also, the printer has high transverse print speed, means the nozzle can move first and quick in the transverse direction.

Tronxy XY – 2 Review

Language flexibility

The machine made in China but available in both Chinese and English language. So it is possible to use in the worldwide market.

The Print Size

The print size of the device model is 220*220*260. It supports most popular 3D printer filament types like polylactic acid (PLA), Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), Polycarbonate (PC), wood, PVC and so on.

Tronxy XY – 2 Review

Very stable structure and design

The machine designed with very stable structure, aluminum frame, strong enough to hold and absorb the 3d printer nozzle all around movement force and vibration. The plastic frame is known as fragile always so an aluminum built much sturdy and long lasting. Though few advanced models are using an acrylic frame, which is said much sturdy than Tronxy XY – 2. However, the performance of a 3D printer with an aluminum frame is quite satisfactory too.

It is called the all metal built printer. The acrylic metal is sturdy but aluminum frame is much more heat resistant. You know, while molting the raw plastic, there is a heater, creates heat to make the raw plastic liquid. Also, there is a sink to cool the system but the overall all metal printer structure is more heat resistant and durable.

The printer saves the printing cost. How? It is built combined with new adhesive printing platform sticker, which allows replacing paper and glue. You know in 3D printing there is always page wrapping issue, but Tronxy XY – 2 platforms solve the problem and reduce the printing cost.

Tronxy XY – 2 Review

Design and Appearance

We already told that the printer is made with aluminum, whose hardness is high but lightweight and portable. The high-end structure strength allows very stable and quality printing and reduce the vibration while printing too. So we would say, A perfectly engineered printing tool.

Single Nozzle 3D Printer

The nozzle is the part which extrudes molten plastic in a controlled rate and built the 3D object. This printer model consists of a single nozzle. The nozzle is used here named MK8 high precision nozzle. The single nozzle and Bowden extruder is a wonderful combination here.

Bowden Extruder

Tronxy XY – 2 used Bowden extruder. You know, there are two types of the extruder are available one is direct which is the oldest method and another is Bowden extruder, here the hot end and the extruder are typically separated which ensures better precision printing, smooth extrusion, stable and better printing products.

Tronxy XY – 2 Review

4 simple step to install

The installation of Tronxy XY – 2 is super easy. There is only four pieces’ suit to assemble with. The conventional printers have tons of parts and a long user manual to install. But there are only four parts to assemble, super easy way to install.

Color Touch Screen

The printer has a 3.5 inches’ full-color touchscreen; you will have HD display too. The touchscreen will help in smooth and faster operation.

Tronxy XY – 2 Review

Double Cooling Fan

There is a lot of heat produces in the 3D printer to melt the plastics, so it requires cooling. Tronxy kept two cooling fans in this model. One to cool the heater itself and another is the filament cooling fan. The heater cooler maintains a sustainable temperature for the heater and the surrounding. On the other hand, the filament cooler cools the filaments once it ejected from the nozzle. The double cooling fan ensures better cooling, better print quality and also ensures stable printing.

Tronxy XY – 2 Review

Wear Resistant Pulley

The 3D moves in the different direction, a lot of mechanical pulleys used here. The pulley Tronxy used is a really high resistant pulley, ensures the least amount of noise while moving it, smooth operation. The wear resistant pulley is durable, has the stable motion and overall it ensures high-quality printing and high-speed printing as well.

Tronxy XY – 2 Review

Fast Heating

One of the coolest features of this printer is fast heating. Every printer takes an initial time to reach a certain temperature, at which the plastic raw material melts and become ready to eject through the extruder. Tronxy XY – 2 offers less time heating and faster initial time frame. So this machine will not only give you a high-end product but also save your time.

Safety Measures

The whole frame designed keeping safety in priority. There is an extra block at every sharp edge to protect you from scratch and unwanted injuries. It is designed in such a way that it enhances safety measures but does not affect in overall appearance. It something looks like the image below.

Tronxy XY – 2 Review safety measures

Our verdict

So the printing machine is optimized for various 3D printing filament types, those who are environment-friendly. There are no major objections regarding the design, structure, frame, print quality, print speed, printer heating and cooling, every system engineered very perfectly.

In our very first experiment, the printer found awesome, for more advance reviews we have to wait for a few days. Due to the product is just a new release. But from our experience, we would say that morning shows the day and this printing machine at its very first month draws the attention of 3D printer users.

Tronxy XY – 2 Review
  • Design and Appearance
  • Print Quality
  • Safety Measures
  • Print Speed

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