Tronxy X5S High Precision 3D Printer Kit for Only $289.99 at Gearbest

Shenzhen Tronxy Technology Co., LTD is a company founded in 2015 specialized in development and production of 3D Printers, as well as material for 3D printers and services. Now, the Chinese company has offered its Tronxy X5S High Precision 3D Printer Kit in the Gearbest virtual store. 3D printers have allowed bringing designs, products, and creations to the next level of quality standards at a very low production cost.

Buy Tronxy X5S High Precision 3D Printer Kit From Gearbest

The Tronxy X5S High Precision 3D Printer Kit is constructed as a metal frame in aluminum materials. It has an industrial structure that allows design and chain production. The printer has measures of 330 x 330 x 400 mm, being a large printer, which facilitates more complex designs and larger volume.

The printer has an LCD screen, which thanks to its rotary button allows easy handling of the product. Its Industrial construction allows a more striking, practical design that makes the product much safer. The Tronxy X5S High Precision 3D Printer Kit features a 360W power source, achieving good performance.

The high-quality materials allow to design toys to cultivate the imagination of the youngest of the house , good quality prosthesis at a much lower production cost than regular , as well as models of very high quality constructions or home decoration products or learning tools, without a doubt the Printer will allow an unimaginable amount of creation alternatives.


  • Read and follow the user manual carefully before assembling or operating the 3D printer.
  • The modification and personalization of the 3D printer are strictly prohibited. Tronxy is not responsible for the problems resulting from the modifications.
  • Always use the correct AC voltage for your region.
  • Do not place the 3D printer near flammable/combustible materials or heat sources.
  • Use the 3D printer only inadequately ventilated areas. Keep a safe distance from the printer.

If this incredible product of the brand Tronxy has managed to capture your attention, we recommend you take advantage of the fabulous offer in Gearbest with the purchase of the Tronxy X5S High Precision 3D Printer Kit for only $289.99  in its flash sale.

Buy Tronxy X5S High Precision 3D Printer Kit From Gearbest

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