Tronxy X5S High-precision Metal Frame 3D Printer Kit at just $275.99

The Tronxy X5S – 500 is one of the newest 3D printers in the market and it has instantly created a fuss among the customers worldwide with its dual aluminum frame capable of printing on a large scale. The printer designed to work with a wide variety of materials.

Buy the new Tronxy X5S High-precision Metal Frame 3D Printer Kit – BLACK EU PLUG 223305402 at just $275.99 here

A complete 3D printing Kit:

The Tronxy X5S – 500 comes with a full 3D printing kit with a variety of rods, nuts, and pieces of the body. It is not so complex to assemble all the parts together as some parts come pre-assembled. If you are even an amateur or a first timer in purchasing this sort of product, it will take about 5 or 6 hours to assemble all the parts together.

Tronxy X5S 500

Filament Runout Detector of Tronxy X5S

While the printing process is ongoing the filament in the printer may run out. But The X5S – 500 has a filament runout detector which will stop the printing automatically after the filament replace the printing will resume again from that position of printing.

Architecture & Design

The Tronxy X5S-500 has a very beautiful design and a very large printing area which reaches 500 x 500 x 600 mm. It has a very smooth platform and a nice surface for the model to be printed on. No glue or sticker is needed for printing. It also has a dual framing which is very stable. It is highly compatible with large size printing

Tronxy X5S 500

Quality at its best

The X5S – 500 delivers where it matters the most. It produces very high-quality 3D printing results.

It is the combination of pulley bearing and linear bearing working in between the three axes. The X and Y axes use pulley bearings and the Z axis uses linear LM8UU bearings. Their existence is defined by the quality and accuracy the X5S – 500 provides us with. It has established the perfect combination of machinery for the best quality of work.

Tronxy X5S 500

Double fan cooling

Sometimes the filament inside the X5S – 500 may heat up. So, in order to ensure a stable temperature inside the printer two cooling fans are installed.


Working offline

The tronxy X5S – 500 comes with an SD card or a TF card slot as well as a USB for the Computer. With the SD card slot, you can work offline. The files have to be the of the same criteria as the printer needs.

Tronxy X5S 500

Heat Management

The Tronxy X5S – 500 has a slight problem managing the heating system. So, if the printer is not heated up to the temperature the print won’t start. This may lead to some quality degrade of the printings. So, users have to be careful about the temperature of the printer while printing.

Insufficient Cooling

The Tronxy X5S – 500 has to be put in rest for the heat of the machine to cool down.

Otherwise, it will result in overheating the printer.

Tronxy X5S 500


The Tronxy X5S – 500 is hands down one of the best quality 3D printers. The printed products are very fine and up to the mark. It is very useful for industry, medical and educational purposes. Of course, the X5S – 500 comes with some flaws, as of every other product in the market does. But the flaws are very little in this device, after all, it is offering high-quality printing. Experience will play a very important role in using this machine.

Buy the new Tronxy X5S High-precision Metal Frame 3D Printer Kit – BLACK EU PLUG 223305402 at just $275.99 here

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