Tronxy X3SA 3D Printer Review with Auto Level and Touch Screen

The Tronxy X series 3d printers performing better and they are releasing one by one and kept consistent development. Quick installation, auto leveling, upgraded mainboard chip, the touch screen made this 3D printer quite unique. Now, we are going to make an honest review of this product and we will try to make a comparison with other close Tronxy models or other contemporary items. Hope it helps.

Tronxy X3SA 3D Printer Review

Tronxy X3SA is the biggest release in 2018 by Tronxy and it came with a lot of features and benefits as well, first of go through them at a glance.

Design and appearance

The appearance of the product is beautiful. The body built with Aluminum plus metal frame and it’s a bit bluish. This combination ensures the best performance but at a high cost. Its divided into three separate units, two printer body, and one control unit. The display attached to the control body at an inclined angle.

The overall metal body structure is sturdy and strong enough to run heavy operation and large-scale production.

The 3D printer is lightweight and its portable too, though it has a separate control box.

Tronxy X3SA 3d printer Review

Large Print Size

The printer came with a large print size which is 400*400*420mm. You know for a DIY 3D printer this print size is really impressive and this feature is praised by its users.

Easy to Install

The device is easy to install. The whole printer is separated into three modules. Two for the printer body parts and one for the central processor control. So what you just have to do is, screw up two body modules and connect with the connector wire and run your oppression. So, this easily assembles feature will save your time too.

Touch Screen

Tronxy X3SA has 3.5 Inch touchscreen display. There is a menu, progress bar. In the menu you will have the settings button, stop and start button. The progress bar will show you your model print progress. Also, you will see there are impressive indicators like filament length indicator, temperature indicator and so on. Me and a lot of user review out there that they are happy with an awesome touchscreen.Tronxy X3SA 3d printer Review

Auto leveling feature

The most exciting feature of this 3D printer is its auto-leveling feature. Though, it’s a trend now in 3D printer manufacturing world. But till it’s an attractive feature to the 3D printer users.

Before starting printing it’s important to level the print bed. Unless you will have uneven print, poor adhesion in printed part and it may end up at clogging the extruder or scratching the printed surfaces. Generally, in normal printers, there is screws and users need to adjust it manually but in Tronxy X3SA has a transducer which helps to level the print bed very precisely with high accuracy.

Resume Printing

If there any power failure happens, the resume printing feature will save the exact position of printing and it will resume printing once the power is back. Pretty cool right?

Tronxy X3SA 3d printer Review
Resume Printing feaature

Dual z-axis lead screw

Z axis is a crucial part of a 3D printer. The standard printers use a threaded rod for the Z axis usually. But the problem is the threaded screws are not accurate always. Few alternatives of the threaded rod are using backlash, wobble and so on, but unfortunately issues also there, they are not straight at all. The best solution is using a lead screw for Z axis due to its high accuracy and it’s widely used in all industrial CNC machines. So, what you are getting in Tronxy X3SA? The best! Lead screw Z axis.

Filament Run Out Detention

Another impressive feature is the filament run out detector. Once your filament will reach at its end, this sensor will give you a prompt tone and avoid invalid print will save your project until you can return and reload. The filament run out detector is also found as a 3D printer add-on in the market. However, this printer has built in filament run out detector ensures better control and better efficiency.Tronxy X3SA 3d printer Review

Bowden Extruder

You know there are different types of extruder like direct extruder or Bowden extruder. The Bowden extruder offers faster, accurate and precise printing then the same extruder with the direct extruder. Also, the other benefit of Bowden extruder does not allow to add mass to the extruder body. Though, both the Bowden and direct extruder has pros and cons but Bowden is relatively newest invention and the users are giving satisfactory feedback on it.  So hope you will love this cool Bowden extruder feature of Tronxy X3SA.Tronxy X3SA 3d printer Review

Double cooling fan

You know the mold extruded from the nozzle a single layer does not get enough to cool if it does not cool the next layer will be unstable and it may end up the blob, irregular printed model surface and so on. To get rid of it the modern printers are using multi-step cooling, double cooling fan. One to cool the hot extruder nozzle, extruder and the heater itself and other to cool the layer ejected from the extruder nozzle.

So, the double cooling fan ensures better print quality, and high-speed printing as well.

Tronxy X3SA 3d printer Review
Double cooling fan

Fast Print Speed

X3SA has fast print speed due to its equipped with high speed running powerful electric motors. The motors able to turn ten thousand per minute with is huge. You know the if you more turning frequency and flexible movement at an X Y Z direction better complex model print is possible and also it ensures more precise printing too. Though its turn per minute is high, the motor is stable and run the machine smoothly.

The printer has high accuracy printing at 20 to 150mm/s. The max range is pretty high than the average printer in the market.

Variable Filament Support

The more filament types a 3D printer support, that is the better printer. Tronxy X3SA supports various types of filaments like the PLA, ABS, HIPS, Wood, Flexible filaments, Carbon and so on. So this printer supports maximum filament types. I am happy with that.

Tronxy X3SA 3d printer Review

Other Features

The device has an SD card support feature for offline printing support.

The higher position accuracy in XY and Z axis is an indicator of precise and capability of complex object printing. This awesome printer has 0.012mm position accuracy in XY axis and in Z axis it’s only 0.004mm, which is pretty accurate ensures better print quality.

The nozzle diameter is only 0.4mm by default which is possible to extend at 0.3mm or 0.2mm too.

The layer thickness the printer offers is 0.1mm to .04mm. Impressive.

What’s Inside

The printer you will receive will be beautifully packaged. The size is of the package is 608*552*215mm. Inside the box, no extra equipment are there, the two module printer body and one module control box, the necessary wire connectors and user manual. That’s it.

Tronxy X3SA 3d printer Review

The Bad

The control box is a separate where the touch screen lies, it made the product bulky and it also acquires more space what it deserves. So it will be better than to bring whole control under the print bed inside an enclosure or they will do something better.

Why This is worth to Buy

Simply it’s worth to buy though it has few cons. Why?

  • Large print area
  • Easy to assemble
  • It can resume print from where it stopped due to power failure.
  • Double cooling fan to cool the system cool for better printing.
  • Maximum filament type support
  • Lead screw z axis
  • Super accurate position accuracy at XY and Z axis direction


After a long discussion, we understood that it’s worth to get one through the price tag is high. This little bit high price tag is high due to the advanced features and super accurate print quality. However, it’s one of the best 3D printer available on the market now.


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