Tronsmart Encore Spunky Buds TWS Headphones For Just $29.99 From Poland Stock

The Tronsmart Encore Spunky Buds feature True Wireless Stereo mode which basically allows two earbuds to pair as one and work in stereo mode, we’re going to take a look at it today and give you guys everything you need to know about these earbuds. Tronsmart Encore Spunky Buds are truly wireless headphones that are designed with the intuitive gesture controls, latest Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, IPX5 water-resistant and Hi-Fi stereo audio experience for you to enjoy the favorite music on-the-go as never before.

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The Tronsmart Spunky Buds come with an enclosed capsule, which is actually its charging case that can be pushed to open. The charging case feels solid but the materials are definitely made from hard plastic. The case also has a 470mAh battery and from my experience, can charge the pair thrice. The capsule has four blue battery light indicators which can be found at the bottom and the microUSB charging port is at the right side.

When pushed open, you’ll find the pair of Spunky Buds. The earbuds look techy and modern thanks to its cool shiny tile-shaped design. You’ll also find the ear support that perfectly secures the Spunky Buds and true enough, they stay in place, even when running. The Spunky Buds are also IPX5 certified which means they can be used in the rain and are also protected from your sweat during a workout.

The Spunky Buds also feature Gesture Control. When someone is calling you, just tap the left earbud once, then your call will be answered. (Note: You’ll only hear the caller from the left earbud, in which the microphone is also located) When listening to your favorite music, tap twice to pause and tap thrice for the next track.

The Spunky Buds have an auto-connect feature which helps you reduce the hustle of connecting and disconnecting the earbuds. Once you activate Bluetooth from your device, just remove the Spunky Buds from its capsule then you’ll hear from its earpiece whether it is the left channel or right and it will also tell you when it is already connected to your device. It uses Bluetooth 5.0, that’s why it has more supported devices.

In terms of battery life, both the earbuds have a 50mAh battery while the casing has a decent 470mAh capacity. It’s able to fully charge the casing for just around 1.5 hours using a fast charger while the earbuds itself was able to recharge inside the case for around 1.5 hours as well. A full charge lasted for 3 hours at 75% volume on continuous music playback and was able to recharge the earbuds inside the case for approximately 3 times.

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