Tronsmart Element T6 Plus For Just $69.99 On GeekBuying (Flash Sale)

Tronsmart Company for its 6th anniversary has released the Element T6 Plus – a new, improved model of portable Bluetooth speaker with unique features at an affordable price. The gadget is designed specifically for lovers of high sound quality, who love outdoor activities. Tronsmart Element T6 Plus is a waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker. Its 40W Max Output Deep Bass can be used for up to 15 hours with a single charge, it also has a built-in equalizer.

Buy Tronsmart Element T6 Plus For $69.99 

Fortunately, GeekBuying is offering it with a 17% discount, so the final price is only $69.99.

The speaker protection class is IPX6. The case of the device is reliably protected from the penetration of dust, moisture, and water. By purchasing a Tronsmart Element T6 Plus column, you can listen to your favorite music while swimming in the pool, relaxing in a sauna or on a picnic in the woods, sunbathing on the beach or walking around the city in rainy weather.

Like the previous model T6, the Tronsmart Element T6 Plus speaker has a classic laconic cylindrical design with volume control at the top. The body is made of tenacious rubber. The control buttons are rubberized, the speakers are protected by metal mesh and durable fabric. Its diameter is 82mm, while its height is 203mm, which means it is absolutely portable. Its weight is not too bad, but not lightweight, 670 grams.

This model implements the patented Tronsmart SoundPulse ™ technology. It allows the dynamics to enhance the bass, clearly and loudly play music at a power of 40 watts. Built-in portable speaker equalizer with three modes of operation provides the ability to best adjust the playback of tracks.

The column is equipped with two speakers and a subwoofer pointing down. Due to this, the surround sound is formed. The sound of the portable speaker is bass and very powerful. Bass dominated favorably and organically combined with other bands.

Unlike other models Tronsmart Element T6 Plus favorably 3300mAh battery capacity. The battery life of the device without recharging is up to 15 hours. The power supply unit built into the speaker housing allows you to charge mobile devices: phones, smartphones, tablets.

At the top of the column, there is a multifunctional rotating ring for volume control, by pressing which you can also start playing the track or pause it. On the side are the remaining control buttons and the AUX connector.

By choosing and buying a Tronsmart Element T6 Plus column, you will get a powerful stand-alone speaker. Turning the device to full capacity, you can swing a party in the apartment or cheer yourself and your friends at a picnic.

Buy Tronsmart Element T6 Plus For $69.99 

The Tronsmart Element T6 Plus would in most cases set you again $83.99, however, now you can buy it at Geekbuying for simply $69.99 in a flash sale.


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