Tribit XSound Go is Now Available Only On Amazon Prime For Just $28.04

The Tribit XSound Go excelled in our battery life testing, lasting a full 18.5 hours on a single charge. is a budget-priced Bluetooth speaker that sounds good for its size and price. It’s attractively designed and is waterproof.

Measuring about 6.75″ wide and both 2.25″ deep and tall, the XSound Go isn’t quite pocketable, but it’s certainly easy to fit in just about any bag. Then again, it might weigh you down a bit; it came in at 13.4 ounces on our scale or nearly a full pound. You can definitely feel its heft when you pick it up. Now, the truth is that most of the weight is probably the battery, and while Tribit hasn’t published its capacity, it’s most certainly pretty large.

The big battery isn’t the XSound Go’s only distinguishing feature. It’s also waterproof, and it’s also coated in a very classy matte rubber finish that looks great, provides a nice amount of grip, doesn’t pick up fingerprints, and probably offers a bit of shock-proofing too. It also has four small molded-in feet, which provide surprisingly good grip thatnks to that matte rubber material.

Another great feature is Bluetooth 4.2, which really is a generational leap versus older protocols. Tribit claims that the XSound Go has a range of 66 feet, and as far as we could tell, this was quite accurate. While previous speakers and headsets we’ve tested wouldn’t work through a single wall or more than 30 feet away even in clear view, you would take the XSound Go across the house and it would still work.

it sounds infinitely better, and louder than a phone’s built-in speakers. This makes it a worthwhile purchase if more than one person is going to be listening to your music while out on the go. The Tribit XSound Go excelled in our battery life testing, lasting a full 18.5 hours on a single charge.

Where To Shop

Right now you can grab the Tribit XSound Go is only on Amazon Prime For Just at $23.39 using a Coupon Code: WMWRL3JT, on Prime Day Sale. Time: 07/20/201911:59 PMPDT.


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