TRANSCEND DrivePro Body 10 – Truly Transcending?

TRANSCEND DrivePro Body 10

Are you a cop? A detective, perhaps? Need a body camera that records everything? Where are you going? The places that you have been? The faces that you have seen throughout the day? Or a person who likes to keep a recording of the people you have met during your day & capture moments anywhere & anytime? You don’t wanna stop recording in low-light settings like at night or dark buildings? Transcend DrivePro Body 10 Camera is for you.


Transcend DrivePro 10 is a body camera that gives a user a complete recording with a 160° viewing angle & a full HD 1080p resolution. This camera can record up to 3.5 hours of continuous video at 1080p.This camera also records audio with the help of a built-in microphone. The LED lights on the body of the camera are eye-catchy & will help in capturing details around you. It is a water-resistant & shock resistant which makes it an ideal device to carry out in the open & into the water whenever you want to. On top of that, low-light settings like at night or in dark corners or dark buildings, the camera mode switches to Infrared LED automatically.

Transcend DrivePro Body 10 all photos
Transcend DrivePro Body 10 all photos

The Infrared LED lights, thus, help in recording even at night. One feature that makes it different from its competitors is the Snapshot button which will take a snapshot or a photo not stopping the ongoing video recording. This takes snapshots to capture the minor details that you want. Wondering where all this video footage & photos will be stored? Transcend covers you perfectly. DrivePro 10 comes with a microSD card slot that stores up to 32GB of media. Priced at Rs. 16,700, it is a good option, given the excellent quality of the video & ease of use of the device. Other perks are the size of the device that makes it so easy to carry around & fisheye lens can capture minor details.


The small frame consists of 88.4mm × 52.2mm × 19.6mm which makes it ideal to put on the jeans or the belt. Another feature that helps is that it weighs around 111g. Now wear it anywhere & everywhere without any hustle.

An aperture of f/2.8 allowing more light to fall on the image sensor. A 160° angle of view will give a wide range picture. A built-in microphone is useful when recording the voice around you. A 30fps 1080p HD resolution video will give the tiny details that may be missed by the naked eye & the crystal clear snapshots taken by the snapshot button. The video format that it supports is H.264. Wondering how to transfer the content to a laptop or a PC? Transcend’s DrivePro Body Toolbox is designed for the DrivePro Body series. A user-friendly interface that allows users to manage recorded videos and snapshots on Windows PCs. You can format internal storage and also upgrade the body camera’s firmware. It supports Windows 7,8,8.1,10 OS.

The MLC-based microSD card comes bundled up with the storage capacity up to 8GB,16GB & 32GB.The connection interface is USB 2.0. The device can operate in extreme conditions -20°C to 65°C. Transcend offers up to a two-year warranty on this device. A 360° rotatable clip is provided in the package to help in holding up the camera. The device has been awarded the following certifications: