Top Digital Camera 2018: Buy Today!

Top Digital Camera 2018: Buy Today!

Let’s see what are the top digital camera 2018 available in the market. As digital camera is the first choice to the freelance or professional photographers.

top digital camera

1.Sony A9

Sony A9: Sony A9 is the first DSLR mirror and the most innovative camera of many years in sports and wildlife photography. Experts and lover looking for the latest technology and best performance. So, you can choose Sony A9 or take the listed top digital camera 2018

How much does it cost? $ 4,499 (body only)

Why did you choose Sony A9?

In the field trial of Sony A9, it was called “a wonderful example of camera technology”. From the first camera without a mirror, Sony was always in the forefront of imaging technology. Therefore, A9 was chosen as the best digital camera.

  1. Sony A7 III

Sony A7 III is the best camera among the list of top digital camera 2018. Why should you buy this?

As it is listed top digital camera 2018. The best camera without a mirror. The Sony A 7 III has many features and has been added to more affordable packages. Best Buy at Amazon for $ 2,398.00 $ 2,399.99. This is for whom Passionate photographer seeking flexible and powerful cameras on a variety of themes. It is $ 2000 (case only), $ 2,400 (Sony lens kit 28 – 70 mm f / 3.5 – 5.6). Sony calls the A7 III “basic” camera. But it is in danger. Basically, the A7 III is the best among the A9 distilled with a mirrorless camera, and it is less than half the price of the main product.

Overall, the A7 III was what I expected in the third generation of A7. It brought the best of A9 at an amazing price compared to DSLR, which is twice as expensive as DSLR.


  1. Nikon D850 (top digital camera)

How much does it cost? $ 3,300 (body only)

The Nikon D800 series DSLR is always high performance, providing high resolution full screen sensor. However, the D 850 incorporates this recipe and contains exciting new ingredients. And unlike its predecessor, the D 850 is not a trick mouse. It has become a complete multimedia engine.

First, I will improve the resolution of the D810 to about 10 megapixels (maximum 45.7). The sensor is completely new, with backlight (BSI), only the second sensor of the Sony 42MP device. The BSI A7R Mark II sensor is sensitive to light because the circuit is located on the back of the sensor name rather than on the front. It is much more common. Based on ISO 64, this promises deep capability for impressive dynamics. If you were a fan of D810 or D800, you should feel comfortable with D850.

However, this is not all – the D 850 can store up to 7 fps consecutively if you save a 12 – bit or 170 – bit RAW file in 170 – bit high – order 14 – bit mode. Although it is already excellent with such a high resolution sensor, users can further speed up by selecting the vertical type MB – D18 battery bay and EN – EL 18b battery used in D5.

Why did you choose Nikon D 850?

Nikon also strengthened the video game using the D850 and provided the first full width 4K sensor measurement with a full frame digital single lens reflex camera.

The Nikon D850 also has SDXC and XQD card slots, as it requires enough memory for a total of 4K resolution, speed and video. Although SDXC is widely used, XQD provides the best performance with a theoretical transfer rate of up to 1000 megabytes per second (current card is about 440 MB / s).

  1. Panasonic Lumix GH 5

GH 5 S brings the cinema camera function to a compact, body-free mirror.

Who: Photo journalists, film makers, and those who need a single web camera that can play multiple roles

How much is $ 2,000?

Why did you choose Panasonic Lumix GH 5?

Panasonic began releasing the Lumix DMC-GH 2 several years ago, digging a well and hitting gold by chance. The camera without the viewfinder provided full HD video in front of the equivalent camera, the video cinematographer and the director jumped onto it. GH 2 became a legend in film production with low budget, and Panasonic was wise to gather attention. Every iteration of GH camera doubles with video function, the latest GH 5 is the best in all time.

GH 5 captures 4 K video to a new level and provides 60 p recordings that do not provide other cameras to this class. You can also run 4: 2: 2 10-bit video internally and externally via HDMI, but not 60p. This improves the color resolution and means a smooth gradation from highlight to shade. This is especially important for post-production color correction. These functions will help GH 5 penetrate the movie area with just a fraction of the cost of these cameras. With the Micro Four Thirds lens, the video recorder can adapt any kind of old lenses to the system for classical movies.

  1. Sony Cyber-shot RX 10 IV

With excellent image quality, 24 to 600 mm lens and excellent AF output, the RX 10 IV is suitable for a variety of tasks. This is for whom travelers and adventure photographers, football parents, professionals need stable camera. It’s cost: $ 1,700. So, buy it or choose anyone among top digital camera 2018.

DSLRs and mirrors without mirrors provide great flexibility if you have the money and time to get many interchangeable lenses. However, for those who need universal solutions to many photographic challenges, the Sony RX 10 IV may be a solution. At $ 1,700 it is not really cheap to be essentially very advanced point and shoot. But on the RX 10 IV you can do a lot of things for money.

The above mentioned top digital camera 2018 are capable of fulfilling your demand. So, purchase one and star photography right now.


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