Top Best And Cheap 5 Earphones + Bonus

There is no doubt that the headsets of different types and sizes and shapes turned from a mere accessory to the need for something very important and can not do without, since long periods and with the advent of smart phones and when you buy a new smart phone, was received in the phone box with the earphone with the charger But many of you already did not use this headset with the phone, now many smart phone manufacturers have begun to think about dispensing a headset in the smart phone box so you can provide the price of this headset, and this is at a time when the speakerphone is necessary

So we decided in this subject to search inside the Chinese stores and stores for the best earphones, either ear or headphones to be identified together and on the prices and the many uses that we can use these speakers in it, so follow us well to recognize some of these speakers, Also, in the end, we will place a link for you to buy any of these headphones at cheap prices.

Xiaomi Headset :

The original Xiaomi Heaephones is one of the most popular headphones and earphones in the Chinese market. The Xiaomi brand is one of the most popular smartphone brands in the Chinese market. Many smart phones, tablet PCs and audio players can control the volume of the sound and answer the call with a button on the speaker. The headset is priced at about $ 45 and can be purchased from the Chinese Gearbest store.

Xiaomi Piston 3rd Generation :

The Xiaomi Piston 3 is one of the earphones produced by the Chinese company, which has recently moved to the international company of China Xiaomi which obviously has good raw materials as well as the high technology that Xiaomi puts in all its products compared to its competing products. Universal, I think it’s a good choice for many of is ,as it is priced at about $ 13.

Xiaomi Mi IV earphones :

The Xiaomi Mi IV is another earphone from the Chinese company Xiaomi , but with a different design and technology than the previous speaker. The headset has a tapered head to fit the ear and is secured inside the ear and thus obtain the best sound technology and the best sound quality Chinese its comes with $ 16.

Xiaomi Mini Bluetooth :

Another headset from Xiaomi, the Xiaomi Mini Bluetooth headset, but different from the previous speakers in terms of technology, design and capabilities, which is one of the best Bluetooth earphones that are placed in the ear and wirelessly connected with your smart phone to be able to use while driving cars or work or Run or exercise any other activities, and the price of this headset from China about 11 dollars.

Meizu EP-51 Wireless Hi-Fi :

Another Bluetooth earphone is the Meizu EP-51 Wireless, but it is different from other Bluetooth headsets. You can place it comfortably inside your ear with a cord or cord as you can see to keep the headset around your neck. It can withstand up to 6 hours of wireless talk or audio, and it can hold up to 45 hours on standby until you charge it again. The price of this handset is about $ 29.

Meizu EP-31 :

The Meizu EP-31 is another handset from the Chinese company Mizu. As you can see, this headset is characterized by different design and tapered to suit the ear comfort and thus give you the best performance, quality and sound, the handset shows through the picture that it enjoys the quality of industry and raw materials very impressive, Which also answer calls or conversion between audio files, etc., and the price of this headset is about $ 14.

These are not just all kinds of headphones, but I love to share with you some of these wonderful earphones that you can use either for direct ear or head wear and you can use them in your daily life or during your sports activity or driving, including what is suitable for men and What is suitable for women, including what is suitable for young people.

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