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Top Apps That Can Help You Stay Productive At Work 

People in the world of today are obsessed with productivity – always on the lookout for ways to get things done quickly and without making too much effort. Also, if they are in a managerial position, they seek ways to improve their managerial skills so they can lead with a higher level of productivity; they streamline their work flow and keep track of their time to make things more manageable. To reach optimal levels of productivity and efficiency, employees and managers today take help from technology – they use different apps which assist them and others, who are part of the workforce, play an effective role in their respective capacity leading to achievement of preset goals.


Here are a few apps you too can use in 2019 to assist with enhancement of your overall output and effectiveness. The good part is you will have to invest just a little time and money to get to know these apps thoroughly if you have a reliable internet connection such as Mediacom internet. Once you are well versed in how these apps can be leveraged to yield the optimum results, you will experience a major change in the way you conduct tasks at work and how you come to achieve your objectives. So without further delay, let’s get to know these apps and see how these marvels of technology can make you and others in your team more productive: 



This app is one of the ultimate tools helping more than 10 million users gain more control over their lives especially at work. To get started with the tool, you must jot down everything you expect to get done with. The application is intelligent, it will interpret and divide tasks into different categories based on your entries. For instance, if you have an appointment to meet, all you need to do is to enter the necessary information and add a Hashtag to it. Thus if you input “Take Jim to the doctor for the 12 p.m. #appointment”, ToDoist will file the task in the “appointments” section and also schedule a reminder for you. At work, you can use this tool to keep your team and various assigned tasks on track. You can also plan your projects using the app and assign responsibilities to designated personnel, not to forget carry out discussions on projects and monitor progress. 



If you are looking for a tool to help you save more time, increase your focus, and be more productive, Calendar is one smart app you can add to your set of tools at work. The app employs AI, learns on your behalf, and helps you save time and effort required to complete a task. 

Calendar offers you plenty of choices – for instance, it assists you with planning meetings according to your schedule while keeping track of your calendar in order to avoid any conflict of schedule that may get in your way or affect progress towards your goals. 


If you manage to conduct an in-depth analysis of the Calendar you will find many ways to maximize your productivity and save your time – in fact the best part is the more you use it, the more valuable it becomes for you. 


CloudApp is a communication tool which saves time for you. If you are someone who spends a lot of time at communicating with employees and other personnel related to your business, CloudApp can help you save more than 56 hours per week. 


The app has been created keeping in mind people process visual information at a speed 60,000x faster than information provided in plain text. If you are communicating with a colleague, client, or somebody in a key executive position, you can make use of Cloudapp’s screenshot, video recording, image annotation and other such intelligent features. This will enable you to communicate faster with greater effectiveness. You will soon see how visual communication makes it easier for you to convey ideas and messages in less time with minimal exertion on your part in comparison to writing complex and lengthy emails to communicate the same. Perhaps the best thing about the app is that it keeps you productive while your communication budget remains intact. 



This app is one used widely by many renowned names in the tech industry – namely startups and tech giants – who aspire for incredibly enhanced productivity levels. For beginners, the app helps users to conveniently collaborate and communicate regarding varied tasks and projects. People who are tired of going through terribly long lists of messages via email and then losing important emails, will discover how Slack keeps their communication organized and searchable. You can create different channels for various departments in your organization, or clients you work with, as well as for the many projects and respective teams. 


Furthermore, Slack will allow you to share documents, conduct video chat, and communicate using GIFs and other options. You can make things more compact and efficient too simply by adding other applications like Dropbox, SalesForce etc. thereby rendering your communication more streamlined and easy to track when needed. 

Using these apps is not only helpful for you as far as keeping things organized at work, but for your employees too as their tasks would be more streamlined. Overall these apps will have a direct effect on the productivity of your workforce and the size of your profits. Just remember to ensure whichever app you go for it is aligned with your business needs – the reason why you must research beforehand to avoid buying an app that might not be too helpful in the long-run. 



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