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Top 8 Reasons Why Cloud-Based POS Is Beneficial

You have realized the importance of implementing a good POS solution in your store. Now, you are faced with the task of choosing whether to go for an in-house deployment or picking a cloud-based POS Solution. Here we’ll look at why many retailers are choosing the latter.

The Benefits Of Being On The Cloud

A POS system can help speed up your checkout, automate many of your in-store operations, and help eliminate many of the errors associated with manual POS systems like the old-fashioned cash registers.

However, is a cloud-based POS system really a good option? Many store owners have doubts about using software that is deployed off-premise. They think that this might compromise security. They also think they may have to make investments in new devices and technologies, they may have to give up using their existing resources.

Cloud-Based Solution

However, many cloud-based POS systems let you make use of your existing hardware and other resources. Because they work on the Internet, you can use your web browser as an interface to access the software. As for security and data backups, most times, a cloud-based solution can be better than an on-premise implementation. Especially for SMBs who don’t have the resources or cash to implement a proper infrastructure and security in-house. Reason for choosing cloud-based solution.

  1. Less Upfront Investment

One of the major inhibitors for SMBs in implementing new technologies is the cost. They just don’t have the money to spend on infrastructure and major software deployment on-premise. Cloud-based solutions provide a good alternative. Cloud-based POS solutions like Shopify POS offer various subscription plans with different features sets. Retailers can choose a plan that fits their current needs. So, the need for large upfront investment is eliminated.

  1. Be Free Of Maintenance, Upgrade, And Security Worries

On-premise deployments involve investing in backend infrastructure and in hiring the staff to maintain, upgrade, and manage the software. In cloud-based systems, the provider takes care of all these. The software is deployed on the cloud. The maintenance, upgrades, applying security patches, taking backups, are all the worries of the software provider. Data encryption and other security measures ensure that your information stays secure. So you are freed of all maintenance and security tasks. You also do not need to make the required investments.

With data encryption you can rest assured that your data is secured

  1. Real-time Updates And Synchronized Data

Even small retailers now sell across multiple channels. SaaS vendors like Shopify POS provide you the ability to integrate operations across all channels. While selling on multiple channels, you need to take care that you always stay updated on inventory and sales records. With cloud-based systems, updates happen in real time to a central database. Whether you sell online, in-store, or through social media – all sales records are updated instantaneously and your inventory is updated and synced across channels. Good cloud POS systems also allow you to create and share customer profiles across channels and locations. This enables you to create targeted marketing strategies.

  1. Central Management Of All Operations

As a retailer, you not only sell across channels, you may also have multiple store locations. A good cloud-based POS system like Shopify POS allows you to create a huge inventory, add multiple store locations, create staff accounts, create customer profiles, and stores them all in a central database. This enables you to manage all your data like your employee records, customer records, inventory, and sales from one central dashboard.

  1. Remote Access And Mobility

The POS software and database are all deployed on the cloud. This means that you can access the information from any location as long as you have a secure internet connection. This way your store managers can monitor staff activity, monitor sales in their particular store location, and keep on top of inventory levels. They can do so even while they are on the go. You, as the store owner, can also monitor data and performance across all your sales channels and store locations even when you are on vacation.

  1. Easy Upgrades And Scaling

Cloud-based POS systems like Shopify POS provide different subscription plans at different levels. They also generally have a marketplace of apps and add-ons that allows you to add features and extend functionalities as you need grows. With all the resources deployed on the cloud, upgrades and scaling also become easy. You don’t need to make huge investments to extend your infrastructure on-premise. The infrastructure is also provided by the POS vendor. All you have to do is upgrade plans and scale the software capabilities as your business needs grow.

  1. Stay Abreast Of The Latest Technologies

Cloud-based software providers like Shopify keep experimenting and pushing the boundaries of technology. They quickly adopt and implement tested and proven new technologies in their software. This means that your POS solution is always at the cutting edge, without you needing to take care of upgrades and testing.

  1. Neat And Sleeker Looking Checkout Counters

Cloud-based POS systems use tablets and smartphones as the interface. So, your checkout counters look neat, uncluttered, and attractive, with a flat tablet on a stand and a printer beside it. The product catalog is loaded on the tablet and the touchscreen interface makes the checkout process fast and smooth.

Shopify POS

Cloud-based POS systems like Shopify provide many advantages, starting from lower upfront investment to easy upgrades, better security, and scalability. If you want to use your existing POS hardware, you may be able to retain most of them, like your existing card readers, printers, etc. Check with your cloud POS provider for hardware compatibility. Cloud POS systems are extremely user-friendly and require less time to learn and use. So, shop around for the best Cloud POS for your business today.


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