Top 5 “good, nice and cheap” Chinese Smartwatches

If you’re looking for Chinese Smartwatches attractive and want the 3 “features” (Good, excellent and cheap) you’re in luck, because in this article we have selected six top smartwatches that will surely meet your demand for its countless features and its stupendous price.

Without wasting our readers precious time, let’s began the count:

Top 6 Cheapest Chinese Smartwatches

1) Aplus GV18 – A Perfect 3G Smartwatch


Starting with the first entry in our list of top 5 good, nice and cheap Chinese smartwatches is the Aplus GV18. This smartwatch is charming for several reasons, including the inclusion of a camera and the 3G Smartphone connectivity. It’s truly a stunning metallic watch which molds from stainless steel.

The Aplus GV18 has a handful of features. It integrates a 1.54-inch touchscreen which can answer calls, controls the camera, replies to messages and a small number of more shares. Also, it includes an activity monitor, so that like sports bracelets, it can be used to measure physical activity and monitor sleep. Moreover, NFC connectivity feature is something rare that we find in smartwatches. Thankfully, it supports microSD card along with SIM (Micro). The watch is only compatible with Android OS.

2) ZGPAX S79 – Another 3G Smartwatch but Cheapest


ZGPAX S79 is an even cheaper terminal which also stands out for its independent 3G connectivity through a micro SIM card. With its 1.54-inch screen, we can, as with the previous model, answer calls, select music, the agenda and many other functions.


Like the above mentioned Chinese smartwatch, S79 highlights activity monitor, which can be used to track physical activity (steps, uploaded floors, etc.) and watch our hours and sleep quality.It’s also manufactured from stainless steel, but the strap is soft rubber (silicon) ideal for sports and anti-allergic. Unlike the former one, this very watch is compatible with Android operating system as well as with iOS.


You won’t be able to find a smartwatch that holds a special place for MicroSD card as well as SIM for that alluring price. Do you want to bet?

3) Fifine W9 – A Complete Independent Smartwatch


You know that the previous two Chinese smartwatches supported 3G network. But the third one is entirely different from them as it supports all independent networks (not 4G) but also highlights a separate built-in Android OS to download apps and tons of games.

Meet Fifine W9, a smartwatch killer which itself incorporates Android 4.4 operating system, SoC MediaTek MTK6572 dual-core processor pounding at 1 GHz as the heart. It has one gig of RAM and 8 GB of internal storage provided by a microSD card that comes installed as standard but can be replaced with another of up to 32 GB capacity. Obviously, we can’t aspect a 2K screen, Snapdragon processor and four gigs of RAM as it’s a smartwatch. More importantly, smartwatches are meant to be energy efficient, not a powerhouse.

However, it has a touch screen of 1.54 inches and 240 x 240 resolution, Bluetooth 4.0, connectivity 2G / 3G through micro SIM, speaker, microphone, and even a 5 Megapixel camera (Hmm…That’s rare). The device comes with a genuine leather strap and stainless steel which is also submersible (although beware of the belt will be damaged because of water)

4) Zeblaze Crystal – The Most Elegant Watch on the Planet


Ever dreamt of the most beautiful watch on earth? Well, our fourth entry in the Top 6 Chinese Smartwatches allows your dream to come to life with Zeblaze Crystal. A device incorporating an MTK2502 under the hood. The selling point of the terminal is the universal heart rate sensor, which provides real-time pulse rate, sleep monitoring, and pedometer. Just look at the design, isn’t is marvelous. The 2.5D glass and curved edges further exaggerating its beauty.

The watch supports push notification when connected via Bluetooth V4.0. Messaging on social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Gmail has also been enabled. Other additional features include calendar, alarm function, stopwatch too, etc. Notifications can perform vibrating or ringing and have an anti-loss function.


Finishing features, Zeblaze Crystal has a tempered glass screen of 1.54 inches and resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. When powered by a 280mAh battery, it yields usage range of up to 72 hours on standby (obviously this is not going to be real autonomy). This one also sports Android and iOS.

5) No.1 D5 – Everything you need in a Smartwatch

Chinese Smartwatches

At last the final entry in the top 6 Chinese Smartwatches, No.1 D5 is one of the perfect all rounders on the planet. This product is the perfect blend of smartphone and sports watch. It has everything that you ever dreamt in a smartwatch.

Starting from the circular stainless steel design along with splashproof (IP 65) body to the 1.3 inches anti-fingerprint screen with a stunning resolution of 320 x320 pixels (better than other Chinese smartwatches), the watch is breathtaking. The watch has a separate Android 4.4 OS along with 3G connectivity. There’s a lot of customization with D5 as the developers have created more than one hundred clock faces. As a sports watch, it allows real-time heart rate monitoring, sedentary reminder, pedometer, and sleep tracker.

To learn more about D5 clock faces click here.

The heart of the D5 smart watch is the stable 64 bit, Octa-core MediaTek MTK6572  processor with 512 MB of RAM which is enough to handle a little energy consuming watch. The internal storage is 4GB with no option of inserting a TF card, which is the only drawback of this watch. Moreover, the smart watch is powered by a Li-ion battery having a capacity of 450 mAh, enough to run it for days.

You can also pick some great smartwatches from a Chinese Store named Lightinthebox



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