Top 6 Best iOS Apps Available On Android ( 2017) [Video]

IPhone users may enjoy some special apps which Android users are not having access to, but I would like to tell you that Android has enabled its users access to some of the iPhone apps to cut short the benefits of iPhone users. The list of apps is definitely not short, it includes some of very important apps including some of those photo and video editing apps which are very useful.

Now we here at XiaomiToday have always tried to make you know about the best at everything.So guys this time we are here with a list of top 6 iOS apps which are available on Android.

So now without any further ado lets start.


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1- Giphy Cam

It is the fastest way to search, browse as well as share GIFs. These giphy looping GIFs would surely make you giggle. It is a vast storage of a large number of animated craziness. The special thing about this app which makes it differ from other GIF apps is that it provides you your own GIF maker in which you can create your own GIFs. If you like the resulting GIF which you have created then you can save it and it will be saved at your gallery as a camera roll. It starts off with 40 effect which are just not enough but it is really easy to make nice GIFs out of this app. Opening this app gives you a nice vertical interface which is been punctuated with a red record button. On clicking that red button it gives out burst mode whereas on holding, it gives that traditional looping movie.



2- Hyperlapse

It is an excellent app created by Instagram which enables it’s users to produce hyperlapse as well as time lapse video’s. It makes it’s users to create 45 minutes video which could be accelerated to make out hyperlapse cinematography effect which looks really amazing. The best thing about this app is that just download it and start using it no sign up or account required. You can share your time laped videos on Instagram or can save it in your gallery as camera roll. It gives your video smooth quality as well as nice image stabilization for cinematography but without filters as the app offers none. It offers 12 times the hyperlapse of your video. So ultimately the app gives you great time lapse videos which where previously impossible with bulky cameras.


3- Photoshop fix

It is an app which provides quick yet powerful retouching and restoration of your image’s. You can cut parts of different images, add them or blend them together as you want it to be. You can also apply the Photoshop edited images anywhere on your phone. Photoshop as you know has the most powerful editing tools, same it has for this mobile app it has a bunch of good tools including really nice filters and effects. Do you love photography? Then this app should surely be there with you. With this app you can even sync your edited photos across your computer.



4- Hopper

It is an app with which booking flights is very easy, it uses information and analysis of flight prices 24/7 in order to tell travellers when they should fly and buy tickets. The company says that it’s able to save users as much as 40% on flights, and in 95% of cases it will get you a cheaper flight or tickets at rather affordable prices. It helps you to figure out the cheapest times to fly to your desired destinations. The app is free and provides an uncomplicated look which is really easy to use. You don’t have to create an account or sign in with Facebook for this app. You just give it access to your location and start a search by telling it where do you want to fly. The app delivers a monthly, color-coded view of airfares. The calendar is located below, which displays a range of the cheapest and the most expensive prices that are been offered. Hopper’s airfare prices are for coach and you can’t find options for business or first class fares.



5- Lifesum

It works as your personal health as well as lifestyle guide. It takes information about your personal health and lifestyle and creates a plan to help you to live better. It help’s you out whether you have to lose weight or gain weight or maybe just stay healthy. The best thing about the app is it gain information and suits you according to your lifestyle and fitness plans. It is one of the best fitness app present on iOS. You can get to know how to eat wiser as well as get exercise tips to train better. It integrates with health kit so that it can export your nutrition and exercise data from lifesum to health kit and import fitness data like weight and body measurements.



6- 1Password

Remembering a unique password for every app and service you use is a nearly impossible task, and you should be using unique passwords. 1Password’s new mobile version syncs with the desktop app to help keep your accounts safe by creating and storing a different secure password for all the services you use — all you have to remember is one password.


So here was the list of apps which we thought were the best iOS apps available on Android and If you think that we missed something then let us know that in the comment section.


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