Top-5 Xiaomi products that don’t exist but we want 

AV receiver: I know with the prices and variety these gadgets are super hard to pick. The best stereo receiver is pretty hard to find but a proper expert blog will make it possible. I believe that real professionals always make things clear and easy to understand for an average user.  The top luxury stereo AV receivers usually cost a small fortune. Xiaomi could fight with bigger brands like Yamaha or Denon giving us more options and luxury prices. What we would love to see is:  

  • Total compatibility with all streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, Tidal, iTunesand others 
  • Wi-Fi plus Bluetooth in every model 
  • Triple-zone capability 
  • Auto set-up feature, click the button and you get a perfect sound 
  • Low power consumption  
  • No overheating 
  • Amazing quality pure sound without any electric feel to it.  
  • Price of up to $200  

AV receiver

I might be a huge dreamer but so far this big Chinese brand has managed to amaze us. So perhaps they could do it again and go the extra mile for a stereo receiver?  


The smart doorbell systems with cameras are amazing. You will definitely love the idea and once you try it you won’t be able to live without it. Just think about the following:  

  • The doorbell camera picture on your smartphone screen 
  • Open your entry door from anywhere in the house 
Xiaomi once crowfunded a Smart Doorbell produced by another company 
Xiaomi once crowdfunded a Smart Doorbell produced by another company

There should be some more cool features for Xiaomi to consider. I want my doorbell camera to also record and store everything for up to a few months. And plus there should be no fisheye effect whatsoever. I want to have a perfectly clear picture and high resolution so you can zoom in and clearly see what is going on outside.  


Xiaomi definitely needs to add this one to their product range. With the electricity bills going up people will pay more and more attention to energy consumption and efficiency. Smart programmable thermostats are amazing because you can: 

  • Check the temperature indoors and outdoors.  
  • Control air purity and humility.  
  • Control the heating and cooling systems operation.  


Since there are relatively new the prices can sometimes go up to $200. We need to have some more affordable options in life.  

Energy Consumption Control  

There are special smart monitors out there. You can install them into your electrical panel. A good consumption control monitor can give you some amazing benefits. For example, you will have live online data on energy consumption in your house. 

Receive advice on how to lower the electricity bills. Find out where you have the weak spots in your house and how to fix losing unnecessary energy.  

The closest thing we have to this is the Xiaomi Mi Home Smart WiFi Socket
The closest thing we have to this is the Xiaomi Mi Home Smart WiFi Socket

Circuit Breaker  

The gadget might be somewhat similar to the previously mentioned one. The circuit breaker is used to monitor power consumption. Receive alerts and tips on how to lower consumption.  

But the breaker is also designed and manufactured for the safety reasons. You can turn off a branch circuit from an app on your phone. This smart device will be irreplaceable for builders, homeowners, commercial property owners etc.  

Fabrizio Bulleri

Site Manger and Editor-in-Chief at Xiaomitoday.

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  1. Hi,

    For me :

    1- The doorbell : the eye or the telescope should be replace the one already in place integrate into the door. with all the mechanism stuck to the door Inside the house and not ouside. thats a good doorbell.

    2- All the zigbee Appliance compatible with Google home or alexa.

    3- All the product compatible with UE plug.

    4- A deshumidifier for less then 70€, compatible zigbee and mi home application

    5- The last but not the least : Mi box with RJ45 and zigbee… we dont need wifi wave in the bedroom.


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