Top 5 Smart Weight Scales

Now there is a special word added to any digital device. As you guess, it’s the ‘SMART’. We wonder whether you don’t complex living in a word of smart devices and ordinary people. If no, we have prepared the top list of smart weight scales. Agree it’s not sufficient to display the body weight and record the data on clouds. Now we want more from weight scales. Especially, we want them to show various indicators concerning our body and offer some diets or workout programs to become healthier and slimmer. Below we introduce the best Chinese smart weight scales that can compete with any top brand product such as the Nokia Body Plus, Fitbit Aria 2, Garmin Index, iHealth Core HS6, Philips Body Analysis Scale, etc.

Yunmai SE

This smart scale’s design is very laconic in colors and shapes, while the materials used in it are excellent – shiny tempered glass and silver metal. There are also big rubber feet that make the scale stable, consequently, the weighing is more fast and precise. The LED display is hidden under the front panel. So by this move the company kills two birds with one shot – it consumes less power and boosts minimalism in design. The maximum weight it can hold is 180kg.

Smart weight scale

This smart weight scale measures your body fully and automatically recognizes up to 16 users. It’s an impressive feature because many top brand smart scales support up to 10 users’ data collection. It provides BMI data like many other products available on the market.

At last, the Yunmai SE Smart Digital Body Weight Scale can be synced with Apple Health, Fitbit, and Google Fit. The connection is implemented via Bluetooth 4.0. But you can also use the Yunmai 2.0 app for the same purposes of setting goals, collecting body weight data, and so on.

Xiaomi Smart Weight Scale

Like other top-notch models, this one comes with a hidden LED display and four round sensors placed on the front panel. But the selling point of this product is the BIA technology used to measure up to 10 human data. They include figure, weight, muscle mass, basic metabolism, bone mass, BMI, water, visceral fat level, body score, and fat rate. All the data is recorded in the Mi Fit app account. So you can get reports on how your weight has changed. But as the scale is not acquired for a single person only, Xiaomi has customized the software in the way to record up to 16 persons’ data.

smart weight scale

By the way, there is also the WiFi version of this product.

Excelvan Touch

These scales are made of a tempered glass of 6mm thickness. There are chrome procession sensors, on which you should stand to make the product measure various features accurately. The touchscreen along with three touch buttons are on the upper center part. As you guess, they are placed here for alerting and confirming settings. The screen lights up blue when measuring the weight. Initially, when you start using it, it will require selecting your gender, height, weight, and age. But the app supports only 10 users’ data.

Smart weight Scale

The Excelvan Touch weight scale measures weight, body fat, bone, water, muscle, and calories. Each of them is calculated using BIA. The latter takes the users age, height, gender, and weight into account in order to accurately calculate BIA. The maximum weight the item can hold is 180kg.

Lenovo HS10

This weight scale is crafted from military level tempered glass. There is also an ABS base to ensure that the scale adequately resists dirt and moisture. It uses a hidden LED screen to display the weight. It also carries high-precision E-structure sensors. The Lenovo HS10 uses BIA technology to measure 8 health parameters that include your weight, body fat, BMI, body water, basal metabolism rate (BMR), muscle mass, bone mass, and visceral fat.

Smart weight scale

It compatible with iOS 8.0 / Android 5.0 or higher, and can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.2. Every time you measure your weight, all the body measurements are sent instantly to your smartphone. So it’s easier to track weight loss and health progress. Lenovo HS10 connects your real-time body metrics to a world of data charts, social sharing, and fitness tracking.

AirScale Smart Body Scale

The AirScale comes with a minimalistic design with nice rounded edges and round window in the center. It is crafted from an ITO toughened glass. But what we like more is its dimensions of 22.50 x 16.20 x 2.20 cm. As you see, it’s way smaller than other products. So you can take it everywhere without worrying its portability and the occupied space.

Smart weight scale

But this ‘small-sized’ weight scale is capable of giving you lots of data – BMI, weight, body fat, body water, bone density, body muscle and bone mass. It is recommended for both who are just starting their fitness journey, as it would give you lots of motivation and understanding, and who want to level up their fitness routine, as it would provide with plenty of data. However, due to a smaller size, it supports up to 150kg of weight.


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