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Top 5 Must Have Apps for Your Xiaomi Devices

Nobody can deny the fact that the soul of a smartphone lays on the Apps that are installed in it. The most interesting thing to do after purchasing a new smartphone is finding out and installing all the essential and user-friendly Apps. There are thousands of paid as well as free Apps available in Google Play which can leave you confused as to choosing the best and reliable Apps which will not impact the performance of your phone.  Xiaomi phones generally come with very good hardware specs including the CPU, processor and memory which make them versatile to handle any application. Some of the must-have apps for your Xiaomi devices are listed below,

  • Avast Mobile Security

Avast is one of the most reliable and powerful Antivirus software available in the market which is essential to keep your Xiaomi phone secure from malware attacks. It is the most trusted Antivirus software for Android devices which gives you instant alerts when you try to install adware and spyware Apps which can violate your privacy and steal your confidential data. You can secure your smartphone from all kinds of cyber threats including malicious websites, phone calls, phishing attacks, viruses and ransomware. It has been installed by more than 100 million users so far and this software includes loads of features including an integrated Antivirus Engine, Photo-vault, Power save, Privacy Permissions, Junk Cleaner, Call Blocker, App-lock, Wi-Fi scanner and Web Shield etc. It can scan the suspicious programs and protect your device from adware, spyware and will automatically block malware-affected URLs. You can visit this site to go through genuine reviews about Avast and other popular Antivirus programs suitable for your mobile device.

  • SHAREit

It is one of the most essential Apps which help you to transfer files from one phone to another in lightning-fast speeds without any hassle. Using SHAREit, You can transfer even huge video files to any mobile device within few seconds while it may take hours to transfer using Bluetooth. It is the fastest and the most user-friendly App which supports cross-platform file sharing including GIFs, wallpapers, music, videos and movies. They have also recently included a media player feature which allows you not only manage your music and videos but also watch them. Using SHAREit, you can transfer files between any Wi-Fi compatible devices with speeds up to 20 Mbps and it is 200 times faster when compared to Bluetooth. You can transfer all types of files including videos, music, documents etc. without losing the quality. It is one of the most downloaded apps on PlayStore and App Store.

  • Pulsar Music Player

All the Xiaomi phones like Mi A4 or Redmi Note 4 have brilliant audio amplifiers and allow you to play your favourite music using the stock music player.  But the default music player does not support certain file formats like OGG or FLAC files. So, you can install the Pulsar music player which allows you to play FLAC files as well and supports lossless, uncompressed music playback. It also supports Android Auto so that you can play the music in your car. Another important feature of this player is the support for Google Chromecast which helps you to stream music videos to your HDMI TV with excellent quality. The player can also download the missing album arts while you are playing your favourite songs. It has a stunning user-interface and an integrated sleep timer which will automatically stop the music after certain configured time.

  • Amazon Shopping

Anybody who has a smartphone will prefer to do shopping online and Amazon is by far the most widely used and the best shopping Apps for your Xiaomi phone. Though there are several Apps like Ebay or Flipkart, they are not as good and user-friendly as Amazon App. The App can track your location and provide spontaneous suggestions based on your preference and location. You can add your favourite items to the Wishlist and purchase it later and the App allows instant checkout along with different payment options. The App will also notify you about lightning deals and other special promotional offers so that you can make use of them. It supports 1-click ordering, order tracking and has very good customer support. You can also scan the images or the product barcodes to compare online prices and also check the availability. Another great advantage of this App is that it allows searching for products using your Voice which is not available in other shopping Apps.

  • Uber Eats

Whenever you feel hungry and like to order for food, you can make use of the UberEats App which is available in numerous cities across the globe. It’s a very user-friendly App which allows you to browse the nearby restaurants which are offering home delivery services. You can order food from any specific restaurant of your choice and any food items like Sushi, Burgers, Pizzas or Sandwiches etc. When you place the order, you can mention the delivery address (it will detect automatically if you have Google location turned ON) and you will see the estimated delivery time and the booking fee. The App supports various payment options and you can get various discounts and promotional offers when placing orders from certain restaurants.

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