Top 5 IT Solutions For Small Businesses

We are currently living in a technological and innovative age where the market is vigorously competitive such that the conditions of business are usually too harsh or difficult for business in their infancy. The larger businesses invest lots of money into managed IT services (visibility and accessibility) thus they are known, heard and seen globally while the small businesses see IT investment as a luxury that it cannot afford. The idea of every successful business personnel when the business starts is to grow the business to greater heights. If this dream must be fulfilled, logical and calculated risks must be taken.

Top 5 IT Solutions For Small Businesses

Small business should be grateful for technology because it levels the playing field for all types of business. A few years ago, it will take decades to build a “known” name for a business but today, with a simple IT investment, an infant business can acquire global status within a short period. More companies are making the connection between strong IT investment and improved business performance. Recent market studies have shown that 85% of small businesses planning to increase their technology investments are more likely to anticipate higher revenue. For your business to grow, reliable IT and communications systems are a necessity but you will also need specialized business applications and support to maximize your success.

Top 5 IT Solutions For Small Businesses

As a business owner or manager, you will be tasked with finding the right IT service to promote your business growth and the cost of this service is very critical. You will find out that you don’t just need a single service, rather you will need a series of managed IT services. So what if you could find an organization that can provide you with all the IT support and tools you require on one telephone number. No doubt, it will be way cheaper to get all the IT services from one company rather than contracting multiple companies for the different services. 360ict offers a complete range of business support from IT through to HR and Business Development. Let us now take a closer look at the top 5 IT services solution for small business.

Mobile Applications

One major problem of small businesses is that it is usually controlled by a few persons who will not always be available to attend to customers’ needs and when potential customers perceive that the business personnel(s) are not always available, they find another place to do business. This problem can be easily curtailed with managed IT services. A bulk of small and upcoming businesses are more efficient with mobile devices. This is a good thing because we are in an age where virtually everything can be done from our mobile phones. Mobile apps will help small businesses to organize users and since these apps can be updated consistently, the most current trend in the business will be available to potential customers thus making the business never lose touch with the market.

Top 5 IT Solutions For Small Businesses


Most businesses today concentrate mainly on online visibility but we must understand that it is one thing to be seen and another thing for the looking customer to do business. Small businesses do their advertisement mainly on social media where their customers are but how can you tell if this marketing strategy is effective?. With managed IT services, companies can transform visibility data into insights and subsequently make a huge competitive advantage from it. You can have a hosted dashboard that integrates different services so users can see web traffic next to sales figures. It is also possible to create a heat-map website image so that businesses can see exactly where users are clicking.

Top 5 IT Solutions For Small Businesses

Cloud Storage

Most small businesses lack the time and resources for IT tasks and this is a huge problem for overworked small businesses. Managed IT services will definitely provide a cloud service to outsource IT tasks like data storage. There are apps that can be used for sharing documents and photos across multiple devices as well as replicating files on multiple systems. This effectively solves the problem.


Mobile Security

As I stated earlier, most small businesses depend on mobile phones. The ease with which smartphones can be misplaced or stolen is a top mobile security concern. Mobile devices can be secured with encryption or data wiping to prevent thieves from accessing sensitive business data. There are apps that enable users to remotely lock, wipe or locate devices even when the phone battery is exhausted.

Top 5 IT Solutions For Small Businesses


 In the world today, offshore business is the main practice and pays better. Meetings face-to-face between staff, clients and vendors can be a very expensive and time-consuming task for many small businesses. The perfect solution to this is virtual meetings in the form of unified communications. Web-based teleconferencing services let large groups make video and voice connections, usually, without any special equipment Technological apps such as Skype and Telegram can deliver video; voice conference and a messaging platform with the option to share documents of any type which makes communication much easier. This method of communication is cheap, saves time and all the necessary information are passed across. With this, small businesses save a lot of money and even have international staff and clients depending on the nature of the business.

360ict Can Deliver The Required Managed IT Services

360ict have grown organically to provide a complete package for Business IT Support Services specializing in the SME marketplace. At 360ict you can get the entire package which includes:

  • Managed IT Services
  • System Sales
  • Cloud and Data Centre Solutions
  • Printer Fleet Management
  • Telephony
  • Mobile Communications
  • Financial Systems and Compliance
  • HR Systems and Support
  • Office Refurbishments
  • Computer Room Build
  • Broadband/Fibre Provision
  • Risk Management

Top 5 IT Solutions For Small Businesses

The main benefit of using 360ict is that these services and support come from a single source. With its managed IT services and communications, plus business-critical applications and support for relocation and build, you’ll only need to talk to one IT company to get everything done. To provide a seamless business services package, 360ict have adopted three well-tested and approved applications that will help you increase revenue, manage human resources and stay on top of your business finances.

With these additional services —available as “off the shelf” products or as part of a holistic managed ICT service with consulting, training and support — you’ll have a fully supported infrastructure that leaves you free to concentrate on your customers. Even when everything is running smoothly, businesses don’t stay in one place forever. Upsizing, downsizing, lease expiry, new business directives, expanding markets and many other reasons may prompt your business to relocate. To make the transition as low-stress and cost-effective as possible, 360ict offers a professional ICT relocation service as well as a complete design service for your new workplace. Your ICT will move with you and stay.

Top 5 IT Solutions For Small Businesses

Your ICT will move with you and stay online throughout the process so that your business isn’t disrupted. To keep things simple, 360ict service packages are all-inclusive and based on a straightforward pricing model that makes it easy to justify and budget. You can choose the full package or pick out individual service modules to suit your company’s requirements.




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