Top 10 Xiaomi Smartphone 2018: Detailed Description And Coupons

Xiaomi is expanding every blessed day with loads of amazing devices released everyday. The brand is popularly known for its amazing smartphones, and today we would be helping you pick the best Xiaomi smartphone for your needs. The smartphones would be detailedly described, so you can compare and contrast and pick the device you need. Let’s start without wasting much of your time

1) Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro

Right before Xiaomi released the Xiaomi Mi 8 series, these smartphones were highly anticipated and it was no secret that it was going to sell well. The Xiaomi Mi 8, Mi 8 SE and Mi 8 EE were released on May 31st in Shenzhen. However, nobody expected that the company will add two more smartphones to the flagship Xiaomi Mi 8 series. Some months ago, Xiaomi added Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite to the Mi 8 series and these smartphones are simply amazing.  Just like the name suggests, the Pro model comes with all the latest tech as at the time of its release. It has an on-screen fingerprint recognition, 3D structured face unlock, and a few other amazing features. Let us look at the details of this smartphone. It is currently available for purchase on Gearbest.

Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro

The Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro is equipped with a 6.21-inch Samsung AMOLED Full HD+ resolution display. It is powered by the Snapdragon 845 chip coupled with 6GB LPDDR4X RAM and a 128GB UFS flash storage. On the back, it sports a dual-camera, using 12MP wide-angle and 12MP telephoto sensors. The former one is the Sony IMX363, which comes with a unit pixel area of 1.4?m and supports dual PD dual-core focus, four-axis optical image stabilization and more. A 20MP camera is placed on the front. Finally, it is equipped with a 3400mAh battery. For the first time, Xiaomi has a cooperation with Unreal Engine to boost the performance and power consumption while improving the display quality. With this cooperation, the heaviest games can be played at continuous 39fps+ rate.

Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro

The GPS of this smartphone is another very interesting aspect of this device. The Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro supports dual-frequency GPS positioning. Through the L1+L5 dual-frequency combination co-location, the problem of inaccurate positioning of single-frequency smartphones can be effectively solved. Finally, this device comes with a highly sensitive on-screen pressure sensor on the screen that gives the finger a vibration feedback while increasing the unlock rate. The unlocking speed is increased by 29% and the unlocking success rate is increased by 8.8%. It is also equipped with infrared face unlock function as an alternative. With all these features packed in this smartphone, this is one of the most innovative smartphones in the market presently.

2) Xiaomi Mi 8

The annual flagship of Xiaomi is already out. Moreover, you can purchase the regular variant of the Xiaomi Mi 8 at a starting price of $379.99. The latter is set for the 6+64GB variant, while the 6+128GB model costs $399.99 these prices are coupon prices, the coupon can be found belowThis is a great offer if taking into account the fact that almost all Mi flagships got the out of stock status quickly. Plus, this is the best Android smartphone you have ever seen.

Xiaomi Mi 8

The Xiaomi Mi 8 uses a quad-curved glass body + a 7-series aluminum middle frame design. On the front, it is packed with the Samsung’s 6.21-inch AMOLED wide color gamut full-screen. Actually, the bangs screen of the Mi 8 is one of the highlighted features. It also comes with a resolution of 2248×1080, an aspect ratio of 18.7:9, a screen share of 86.68%, a contrast ratio of 60000:1, a high brightness of 600nit, a sunscreen, an eye protection mode, a step-less color temperature adjustment, etc.

As expected, the Xiaomi Mi 8 is equipped with a Snapdragon 845 AIE chip. Thanks to it, the phone scores 301,472 points at AnTuTu. Thus, it’s the most powerful phone around the globe, even outrunning the OnePlus 6 that scores over 280.000. It’s mainly done due to the system-level optimization of MIUI 10. There is a 3400mAh battery supporting Quick Charge 4.0+.

Xiaomi Mi 8

Our protagonist also sports a 12MP+12MP dual-camera with an aperture of f/1.8, 1.4-micron large pixels, dual-core focus, four-axis image stabilization, AI scene recognition supporting up to 206 kinds of unique AI studio lighting effects, AI short video clips support, and many more. All these features come our way from the Sony IMX363 sensor. That’s why it is capable of scoring up to 105 points at DxOMark. The front-facing camera uses a 20MP sensor, which is the world’s first camera supporting AI micro plastic beauty. It also supports infrared unlocking. Thus the phone can identify your face in a completely dark environment.

At last, the Xiaomi Mi 8 is the world’s first dual-frequency dual GPS phone. To solve all the problems related to the GPS positioning and navigation errors, the Mi 8 supports L1+L5 dual-frequency dual-precision positioning. Generally, there are two factors affecting the accurate positioning – the ionosphere delay (1) and the reflection of buildings (2). Our protagonist uses the L1+L5 dual-frequency dual-channel positioning, which can effectively correct the ionosphere delay. At the same time, the error of the L1 band is 300 meters, while it is 30 meters for the L5. The latter is 10 times more accurate than L1, which effectively solves the reflection interference of urban buildings.

Coupon code: GBMPMI86 would enable you purchase the Xiaomi Mi 8(6GB + 64GB) for just $379.99 while coupon code: GBMPMI8 would enable you purchase the Xiaomi Mi 8(6GB + 128GB) for just $399.99

3) Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S

Previously, the original Xiaomi Mi line handsets have an advantage over the Mi MIX series. Say, the former one was announced at the beginning of the year, while the Mi MIX smartphones came in the Q3. The main reason why this happened is related to the Mi flagships’ popularity and mission. On the contrary, the Mi MIX smartphones were something like experiments. But everything changed now. This year, the Chinese tech giant unveiled the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S first, while the Xiaomi Mi 7 has set to launch sometimes in summer. Thus the Mi MIX 2S has become the first Chinese smartphone with the much-talked and most-popular Snapdragon 845 onboard. This is one of the main reasons why its first bunch has been sold out in minutes. At this moment, you can get your hands on the 6+64GBvariant for $369.99.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S

The only thing not changed in this handset in comparison to the previous model is the design. It still continues using a tri-bezel-less screen design, but as the single-camera has been replaced with a dual-camera, the back panel looks different. Moreover, the camera module has been moved from the center to the left. As the front camera is placed on the chin, there is no problem related to the vertical arrangement of the back camera. The Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S is packed with a Snapdragon 845. This SoC is also paired with a 6/8GB of RAM, 64/128/256GB of native storage, and Adreno 630 GPU. The graphics processor capacity is increased by 30% and power consumption is reduced by 30%. Thanks to this hardware the phone scores over 277K at AnTuTu. It’s one of the fastest smartphones around the globe.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S

Moreover, the selling point of this handset is not the SND845 chip only. The Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S sports an AI camera with a 12MP wide-angle lens + 12MP telephoto lens using a Sony IMX 363 CMOS with 1.4um oversized pixels, Dual SLR Dual PD full-pixel focusing technology, hardware multi-frame Noise reduction, dark light, and backlighting enhance the picture support, and many more. The phone supports way more fantastic background blur option. It can recognize facial and hair details to provide better bokeh effect. Thanks to enhanced camera capabilities the phone supports AI scene recognition. So it can automatically set parameters for different scenes and get better photographic effects. Not accidentally, the authoritative camera evaluation agency DXOMark score is 97 points like the iPhone X. It also comes with a 3400mAh battery supporting wireless charging (Qi standard) at 7.5W fast charge option. By the way, the manufacturer also introduced a charging pad at a price tag of 99 yuan. In comparison to the Apple wireless charger at 498 yuan and Samsung wireless charger at 528 yuan, the Xiaomi wireless charger looks quite affordable.

Coupon Code: GBMPMIX2S5 would enable you to purchase the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S for just $369.99

4) Xiaomi Pocophone F1

There have been a series of rumors and speculations regarding the Xiaomi Pocophone F1. However, the company released this smartphone a last month and its first official sale took place on Flipkart two days after the release. Flipkart confirmed that it sold 150 units every second consistently for 5 minutes and all its units were sold out. Of course, this is a high demand smartphone and the reason is not far fetched. It remains the cheapest and good value for money high-end Xiaomi smartphone and it is also the cheapest Snapdragon 845 device, even cheaper than the Meizu 16 series which was launched for about $397. Today, we have two versions of the Xiaomi Pocophone F1 – 6GB+64GB and 4GB+64GB which costs $297.99 (Coupon Code: GBMPPF164) and $329.99 (Coupon Code: GBMPPOCOF1) respectively. There is no better time to purchase this smartphone which is loaded with flagship features than now because the demand is high and you can expect that the current price will certainly increase soon.

The Xiaomi Pocophone F1 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset clocking 2.8GHz coupled with 6GB of RAM and 64GB/128GB of internal storage which is expandable up to 256GB. The CPU of Poco F1 is kept cool by Xiaomi’s LiquidCool technology which is usually reserved for hardcore gaming smartphones.  It is equipped with a 6.18-inch screen which has a display resolution of 2246 x 1080 and an aspect ratio of 18.7:9. The Xiaomi Pocophone F1 display is protected with a Corning Gorilla Glass which is renowned for its high resistance to wear and tear thus the Poco F1 display is built to last. This smartphone display is very similar to the Redmi 6 Pro and Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite, as it comes with a notch which is not popular amongst Android followers but it appears that nobody really cares about the notch these days since most Android OEMs are now using it. In the camera department, the Pocophone F1 comes with a 12.0MP + 5.0MP dual rear camera setup with a massive 20.0MP front camera for perfect selfies.

It runs on pure Android 8.1 Oreo and with a decent 4000mAh battery, users are sure of at least one day usage time. This battery has the endurance to keep your phone as you game, watch videos, snap pictures or perform any intense task. It provides enough power for 30 hours calling and 146 hours of music time. It also supports Quick Charge 3.0 which means that you get charged up quickly and no need to worry. Xiaomi tailored a special MIUI specifically for POCO products to make it lighter, faster and smoother. This smartphone is equipped with a turbocharged engine which gives you a faster app startup experience, more sensitive swipe movements and more. The Xiaomi Pocophone F1 comes with the popular USB Type-C for charging. In addition to the Type-C, the Poco F1 comes with a 3.5mm audio port that is sorely missed in most 2018 flagships. Furthermore, this smartphone is equipped with an infrared light sensor and an infrared camera which permits face unlocking and instant secure of the phone even in the dark.

Coupon code: GBMPPF164 would enable purchase the Xiaomi Pocophone F1 64GB variant for just $299.99 while coupon code: GBMPPOCOF1 would enable you to purchase the 128GB model for $329.99

5) Xiaomi Black Shark

The Xiaomi Black Shark is a monster-like device with all senses of this word. It comes with a bossy backside that is made of metal, plastic, and glass. The back looks quite attractive due to its sports design elements. Actually, it can be considered one of the most recognizable smartphones around the globe. With the black metal and green plastic/glass elements, it shows how a true gaming smartphone should look. There is also the S logo in the center that is flashing to the beat of the ringtone.

On the front, the Xiaomi Black Shark looks like a regular full-screen smartphone with a 5.99-inch Full HD+ resolution and a home button below it that also carries a fingerprint scanner. Black Shark has come up with an independent image processing chip. It allows the phone to support the DCI-P3 color gamut, making the screen clearer in dark game scenarios. Of course, it is packed with a Snapdragon 845 chip, which is known as the world’s most powerful mobile SoC.

Xiaomi Black Shark

To come in with a true gaming smartphone, Xiaomi and Black Shark Technology have made a few enhancements in a few areas. Say, it is packed with a 4000mAh battery that can provide up to 4-5 hours of continues playing. But if you spend more time on playing mobile games, you will need to recharge it 2-3 times in a day. Fortunately, it supports Quick Charge 3.0 that will make the charging process shorter.

Next, when playing games the phone heats. It’s common problem. So the manufacturer has decided to use a multi-stage direct-touch one-piece liquid cooling system with an integrated metal dissolution solution, which hasn’t appeared on the mobile phones ever. Black Shark claims their heat dissipation system can reach 6000mm2, the CPU core temperature can be reduced by 8°C, and the CPU’s maximum frequency running time can be increased by 70%. It is implemented in two phases. First, the heat source generated is conducted to the heat pipe through the high thermal conductivity material. Second, the heat pipe conducts heat to the heat-dissipating substrate with coolant and high thermal conductivity copper. At last, the multi-graphite with excellent heat dissipation performance transfers heat from the heat-dissipating substrate to the entire mobile phone for uniform heat dissipation. As a result, the heat is uniformly transmitted from the single heat-generating component to the outer layer of the mobile phone for effective heat dissipation and cooling.
Xiaomi Black Shark

At last, the Xiaomi Black Shark comes with two new features. First, there is a special Shark key on the right side of the phone. Its function is to enter the special game mode after dialing the top part. In this mode, all covered games will be included in the mobile phone and will be displayed in a horizontal view. This is similar to the display style of the Nintendo handheld. Moreover, it will be based on the users’ preferences. Thus, users can set which games they like to play and include them in this mode. The latter will also show the remaining power. Second, it comes with an interesting accessory, a left-hand-side gamepad. When attached to the phone it will serve as a handheld gaming console’s left side, while you have to use the screen touch keys for the right-side operations.

6) Xiaomi Mi Max 3

The most attractive selling point of the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 is its 6.9-inch full-screen, which comes with a 2160 x 1080 resolution and an 85.19% screen ratio. Seems, it is too large to make single-hand operations, but actually, it has the same dimensions as the Xiaomi Mi Max 2. Therefore, if your palm is not too small, one-hand operations is not a problem at all. Moreover, it uses the thin waist design that makes it quite comfortable to hold the phone with one hand. On the back, it uses a metal body with rounded edges and a hidden nano-injection antenna design. Well, the large screen requires a large battery. The Xiaomi Mi Max 3 is also known for its 5500mAh battery, which not only has a large capacity but also supports 9V2A QC 3.0 and a built-in dual parallel charging technology

Xiaomi Mi Max 3

Under the hood, it carries a Snapdragon 636 chip octa-core chip running on a 14nm process node. The chip is paired with a 4+64GB and 6+128GB memory options. At last, the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 sports a 12MP + 5MP AI camera on the back. The single pixel size of the latter is up to 1.4-micron, while it also provides a larger unit of light sensitivity, brighter night shots, less noise and more details. In addition, the phone is equipped with a flagship closed-loop motor and Dual PD full-pixel dual-core focusing technology, which can achieve extreme speed focusing in a dark environment

7) Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite

The Xiaomi Mi 8 series is the hottest smartphone in the market today. The good thing about this series is that it has both super cheap version like the Mi 8 Lite and expensive models like the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro. The Xiaomi Mi 8 series was introduced on May 31st in Shenzhen. However, the company added Xaomi Mi 8 Lite and Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro on September 19th.  The Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite has three highlights – a more trendy appearance, a close-to-flagship configuration, and a higher price-/performance ratio. If you desire to own a phone in a flagship series and you are willing to pay a mid-range price, the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite is your guy.

The Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite is packed with a 6.26-inch full-screen, a Snapdragon 660 AIE processor, 3350mAh battery supporting QC3.0 fast charging, and a 12MP rear camera (1.4?m pixel size, dual-core focus, f/1.9 aperture), which is accompanied by a 5MP secondary sensor. The latter is identical to the original Mi 8. It has a 12-to-0 advantage for the Huawei P20 in the AI scene recognition. Of course, this handset supports Xiao AI voice assistant but this is only relevant for Chinese speakers.

This smartphone features a high face value and self-timer. This is also the first smartphone of Xiaomi coming with a gradient back panel. In comparison to the newly announced Apple iPhone XR, which has a 35.2mm bangs area, the Xiaomi Mi 8 Youth Edition’s notch part is 19.4mm, while the frame is narrower, only 1.95mm, and the body is slimmer, 7.5mm.

Finally, you can purchase the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite for just $239.99 using the coupon code: GBMP8LITE

8) Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro / Mi A2 Lite

The Xiaomi Redmi 6 pro and Mi A2 Lite comes with same specs and features. The The Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite/redmi 6 pro is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 octa-core chipset clocking 2GHz coupled with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage which is expandable up to 256GB. Although, we also have a 3GB/32GB variant. It is equipped with a 5.84-inch screen which has a display resolution of 2280 x 1080p resolution and an aspect ratio of 19:9. This smartphone is very similar to the Redmi 6 Pro, it comes with a notch which is much disliked by many Android followers but it appears that nobody really cares about the notch these days since most Android OEMs are now using it. In the camera department, the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite comes with a modest photography setup which has a 5MP selfie shooter coupled with a 12MP+5MP dual rear snappers.

It runs on pure Android Oreo and with a decent  4000mAh battery, users are sure of at least one day usage time. Other features which are added to spice up this smartphone includes a rear fingerprint sensor, software-based facial recognition, and a 2 in 1 card slot (2 for cards and 1 for SD card).

Coupon code:GBMPA2LI would enable purchase the  Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite 32GB variant for just $149.19

9) Xiaomi Mi Note 3

The Xiaomi Mi Note 3 comes with a four-sided curved glass body. But in comparison to the original Mi 6, this model uses a 7 series aviation aluminum for the frame. As a result, the device has become larger, but lighter. It is lighter from the smaller Mi 6 by 5 grams and from the Apple iPhone 7 Plus by 25 grams. This simply means the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 is great in terms of ergonomics.

Xiaomi Mi Note 3

Apart from this, the phone features a 5.5-inch screen with eye protection technology (550nit bright screen + sunscreen) that also supports 1nit super mask at night. The Mi Note 3 is powered by a Snapdragon 660 processor that means it should be more humble in terms of performance. On the other hand, we have already taken a glance at this chip, and know what improvements have been made. There is also a 6GB memory128GB of storage, full-featured NFC support, the same dual-camera as on the Mi 6 but with upgraded camera algorithm, a 16MP front shooter with beautifying AI technology, and many more.

Xiaomi Mi Note 3

10) Xiaomi Mi6

The Xiaomi Mi 6 is an iteration of the design first seen in the Mi 5 phone. This device is fabricated from stainless steel a premium metal finishing making it resistant to wear and tear. It has heavily curved sides on the rear and the slightly curved screen giving it a classic look and provides a better grip on the smartphone. The home button on this device also doubles as a fingerprint sensor and has proven to be fast and accurate. It has a dimension of 14.50 x 7.10 x 0.70 cm and weighs 150grams which make it quite portable, light and easy to handle

The Xiaomi Mi 6 2 sports a 5.15 inch 1920 x 1080 pixels screen with 428 PPI and 94.4 percent color gamut. This device sports a front 8.0MP + rear 12.0MP 4-axis OIS stabilization + 12.0MP telephoto camera with AF and flashlight which enables you to take clear shots, even at a distance. The camera has a dual lens system that provides a 2x optical zoom aside the original wider angle. Zoom can be quite important to shutterbugs and Xiaomi has done well to provide one for picture taking in particular. The camera software in the Mi 6 provides a few extra modes that shutterbugs will be particularly fond of, including a Pro mode. And even as an automatic shooter, the Mi 6’s camera is quick enough to take a good shot, even when shooting in HDR mode

The Xiaomi Mi 6 sports the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 with an octa-core processor clocked in at 2.45GHz making the device powerful and more efficient. This chipset is backed by an Adreno Adreno 540 as its GPU which helps to handle each and every Android game with ease. This device is bundled with a 6GB RAM and 64GB storage. This smartphone is powered by a 3350mAhmAh non-removable battery which affords you the opportunity to continuously take and chat with your phone for hours

Bouns) Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 4G Phablet

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 was unveiled in China in March 2018. The Redmi Note 5 turned out to be the same as the Redmi Note 5 Pro launched in India except that the Note 5 comes with a touched up camera and a few software tweaks. And yes, the China Redmi Note 5 is the global version as it comes with global bands

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5

At the rear, the Redmi Note 5 features an aluminium unibody with an AI-driven dual rear camera arrangement at the top left corner. The camera is stacked vertically with the LED flash sitting between both rear shooters. The Redmi Note 5’s AI Dual Camera comprises a 12MP primary sensor that has a pixel size of 1.4micron and f/1.9 aperture along with a 5MP secondary depth of field sensor. It is equipped with features like dual autofocus, EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization), HDR, Burst Mode and Panorama. The dual rear cameras can also capture amazing AI driven portrait shots by naturally blurring the background. Apart from shooting full HD videos, it can also record 720p slow-motion videos.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5

In addition, the Redmi Note 5 comes with a thin build and as a result of the high screen-to-body ratio, the device packs a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor and lacks a physical home button under the display. There is also the Face ID technology which brings face unlock to the device. It is powered by a Snapdragon 636 processor paired with a memory combo of 3GB + 32GB and 4GB + 64GB.



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