Top 10 Smartphones Performance Rankings in August – The Crown goes to…

At last! The latest performance-based smartphone benchmarking has been released. Many stupendous smartphones hit the market after the previous benchmark was conducted (Q1, 2016). There’s no denying that the first quarter consisted of lighting smartphones which broke records in benchmarks. But records are meant to be broken. The recent terminals released after the first quarter successfully created a space at the top 10 smartphones rankings.These smartphones included Vivo Xplay 5, Nubia Z11, ZUK 2 Pro and more.

We saw an appreciable shift in the August benchmark as compared to the July one. However, regarding scores, the graph didn’t show tremendous variation. The toppers were still below 150,000 points.

It is reported that the average score for each model from the list of (non-highest score); data collection time was from August 1 to August 31; single data model statistics was more than 2000.

By  taking the average score, the rankings for the models were:


In the list of top 10, we can observe Oneplus 3 at the top with a stunning performance of 140288 points. 1582 count behind is Vivo Xplay 5. We can see that there’s not that much difference between Xplay 5 and LeTV Le Max 2, only 680. There’s nearly a tie between Nubia Z11 and ZUK Z2 Pro on No.4 and No.5, respectively, with a variation of only 32 points. The current list of finalists of the new release models in August, are 360 Q5 Plus and HTC 10, successfully securing at No.9 and No.10.

Looks like none of the phones dropped to 130,000 and below unlike the previous benchmark. The surprising part was that 360 Q5 Plus was in the top 10 smartphones with only 4GB RAM, while others had 6GB.

Winner: Oneplus 3

Let’s wait for September benchmark which will include Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Will Note 7 top the rankings? Let’s see!




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