TOP 10 new Xiaomi gadgets that you can already buy – June 2019

Being an ardent Xiaomi fan, we continue to follow Xiaomi devices, and in this article, I will share about the top 10 gadgets unveiled by the Xiaomi this June 2019. All the products are available for purchase, and I will leave the link below the products.

I want to start this article with none other than the flagship Xiaomi MI 9T; then we have long-awaited Mi Band 4 and the smartwatch Amazfit Verge 2. Also, Xiaomi has released a wireless Bluetooth speaker, wireless IP camera, gaming keyboard, and mouse, as well as many other interesting devices.

Xiaomi MI 9T

TOP 10 new Xiaomi gadgets

The latest smartphone features everything that Mi-fans can imagine. Starting from Bright SuperAMOLED display, frameless design, NFC module, massive battery, great cameras – what more could you need!

Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 processor powers the latest smartphone with a time clock speed of 2. 2 GHz and an Adreno 618 images chip. According to the manufacturers, they have increased the overall performance in single-core setting was increased by 35%, and power consumption was reduced by 10%. Read in detail about the latest smartphone from here.

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TOP 10 new Xiaomi gadgets

The next new device from Xiaomi, released in June 2019, is a new wireless Bluetooth speaker. You can use it as a Bluetooth speaker, as well as a remote control for Xiaomi devices, such as set-top boxes, air conditioners, vacuum cleaning robots, smart lamps, and others.

The speaker provides high-quality 360-degree sound. It is also equipped with a voice assistant, thanks to which you can set an alarm clock, check the weather, etc.

The cost of wireless Xiaomi AI Bluetooth speakers is only 55 dollars.


TOP 10 new Xiaomi gadgets

Xiaomi fan already knows, Xiaomi produces any kind of goods.  However, this is definitely going to surprise you. The latest XIAOMI GEOMETRY ECOLOGICAL AQUARIUM FISH is a humidifier tank. It is available in three different sizes to choose from. You can also detach the humidifier and use it without an aquarium. In any case, this is an exciting gadget!


TOP 10 new Xiaomi gadgets

Of course, I can’t ignore the next generation, most popular fitness tracker – Mi Band 4. The latest smart band features a color display, 6-axis gyroscope, music management function, and NFC.  The battery life and price have remained the same as the previous generation of Mi bands. You can read more about the XIAOMI MI BAND 4 from here.

Right Now, is a great opportunity to buy this smartwatch at the lowest price.

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Together with the fitness tracker XIAOMI MI BAND 4, the Chinese manufacturer has also released the next generation smartwatches – Amazfit Verge Lite. The latest smartwatch features a larger display, a higher screen resolution, and a better processor. The first generation of Amazfit had a sporty design, however, the new watches offer a more stylish look with a ceramic case. Read more about the latest XIAOMI AMAZFIT VERGE Lite from here.

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top 10 new xiaomi gadgets top 10 xiaomi gadgets

Xiaomi regularly releases some of the best gaming computing devices. In June 2019, It unveiled a new gaming keyboard and mouse combo the XIAOMI MIIIW GAMING KEYBOARD. The gaming mouse seems to be the same as the mouse released earlier; however, the keyboard is definitely new.

In any case, you can buy a set of mouse and keyboard for only 75 dollars. Keyboard without a mouse costs $57.


top 10 new xiaomi gadgets top 10 xiaomi gadgets

As I have already mentioned, Xioami produces any good, and it also includes electric kettles. The new XIAOMI TOPCREATING DK450 ELECTRIC KETTLE features a backlight that changes as the water temperature changes.  If the water temperature is from 0 to 39 degrees, then the backlight is blue. Then it is light purple, dark purple and finally red at 100 degrees.

The XIAOMI TOPCREATING DK450 ELECTRIC KETTLE is available on Banggood for $87.99.


top 10 new xiaomi gadgets top 10 xiaomi gadgets

Xiaomi has a long list of home security products. You can buy anything from a surveillance camera, a smart doorbell to even a door lock. The SMART DOOR LOCK XIAOMI CHUANGMI features a panel for pin-code and a fingerprint scanner which makes your home extra safe from any outside threat. Do you think, its very convenient to use a fingerprint scanner to open the door? Comment and let us know your opinion.

The price of the SMART DOOR LOCK XIAOMI CHUANGMI is quite high- $422.39.but this is a really important device for home security.


top 10 new xiaomi gadgets top 10 xiaomi gadgets

When it comes to home security, then you should pay attention to the first wireless IP camera from Xiaomi the XIAOMI MIJIA WIRELESS IP CAMERA. It features a built-in battery that provides 100 days of battery life on a single charge.  Moreover, it also provides a wide viewing angle of 120 degrees, Full HD resolution, night vision function, a motion sensor, and two-way communication.

This is a very interesting home security camera for only 108 dollars.

UV Sterilization Pen from Xiaomi

TOP 10 new Xiaomi gadgets

The latest UV Sterilization Pen from Xiaomi is a portable device that you can carry along with you can use it to disinfect water, bedding, toys, or any other items. The UV sterilization has proven not to cleanse only but also disinfects and kills germs.

The UV Sterilization Pen from Xiaomi is available for $34.99.


These were the top 10 new Xiaomi gadgets, released in June 2019. Special shout out for the 2019 Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro.

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