Top 10 Games to Play on Xiaomi Mi 5

Th Xiaomi Mi 5 has been launched a few months ago, and I don’t think you have paid $264 or a bit lower to make calls or text only. Most of you like to do everything with your handsets, and gaming is no exception. So we decided to find out the top 10 games that should be great when playing your big-screen Xiaomi Mi 5.

BONUS TIP: In case you think that any level in the Game you playing is hard then you can pass it or the whole game using Xmod app. Try it. 🙂


Pokemon Go (free with in-app purchases)


It’s said there are about 9.5 million daily active users, which means this is one of the best games ever launched. As for the game, you have to walk to real-life locations called PokeStops. They are marked on a map that you see on your phone. Collecting the Pokemon that pops up along the way you gain experience. After, you have to use those Pokemon to take over real-world objectives, Gyms from other players. Unfortunately, there are some issues related to the server, but if you can pass them, this is a unique game. Xiaomi Mi 5 can run Pokemon Go for half a day easily, so don’t worry about your Xiaomi Mi 5’s battery.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas ($6.99)


If you have ever played GTA, you will go back to it again and again. As for the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the player will join a former gang member, who has decided to return to the hood to retake his neighborhood and avenge his deceased mother. Like other versions and the desktop version as well, this edition comes with an open world to explore, many hours to play, decent graphics, an interesting story, and plenty of missions to do. You will also get a controller support, graphics settings, and cloud saves support.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition ($6.99)


I guess Minecraft is played by people of all ages. It puts you in a giant world where you mine stuff, builds stuff, beat up bad guys, and much more. You can also play in a survival mode where you have to get your resources and food. As a result, you get unlimited everything. Fortunately, you pay only for purchase, and there are no in-app purchases.

Unkilled (Free with in-app purchases)


If you have played games such as the Dead Trigger 2 and Shadowrun, you will love the Unkilled as well. The latter comes from the same developer, MADFINGER Games and it is the latest zombie shooter. Moreover, it’s through the Unkilled replaces Dead Trigger 2 as the best zombie shooter on Android right now. The Unkilled features great graphics; there are more than 300 missions to complete, you can use various weapons and things to unlock and upgrade, you can find an online PvP mode and much more. With Xiaomi Mi 5 Full HD display, the graphics reached to a brand new level.

Final Fantasy IX ($17.69)


If you like jRPG games, I am sure you have played even Dragon Quest games, Chrono Trigger, the Chaos Rings, and the Final Fantasy 1-7. All these games have been developed by Square Enix, one of the “big name” developers. As for the game story, Princess Garnet is the heir of Alexandria. Zidane and the Tantalus Theater Troupe have kidnapped her, but the princess has escaped the castle. You will become a participant of an unusual journey she and her personal guard, Steiner, fall in with Zidane. During the incredible journey, they meet some characters like Vivi and Quina that explore many things about themselves, the secrets of the Crystal, and an evil-wishing force that is trying to destroy their world.

Star Wars: Uprising (free)


This game has had a beta rollout back in the summer of 2015. Later it was launched in September 2015. Though it has been in the Play Store for almost a year, the Star Wars: Uprising is one of the most required Android games. As for the story, the Anoat sector has been locked down by the Empire once the Battle of Endor and the fall of the Emperor. The player will fall to the Iron Blockade’s smugglers, freedom fighters, bounty hunters and gangsters that want to join forces and form an uprising. As the Galaxy needs a new hero, you have to become a part of Star Wars history.

FIFA 16 Soccer Ultimate Team (free)


Here is not that much to be told as all soccer game fans know FIFA allows players to implement attacks in the way you want, celebrate goals and show smarter game than before. Now it’s easier to play FIFA 16 thanks to Enhanced Hybrid Controls letting users control the ball using Gestures or Buttons. Of course, you can earn, trade, and transfer superstars building your super team. You can choose from 10,000 players from over 500 licensed teams and fight against other teams.

Clash of Clans (free)


You are given a chance to raise your army and lead your clan to victory fighting against millions of players worldwide. You can even forge a powerful clan with others to be able to stand against other clans. Though the Clash of Clans is free to download, there will be some items that should be purchased for real money. But if you don’t want to use this feature, you should set up password protection for purchases in the settings of your Google Play Store app. With Xiaomi Mi 5 5 point touch you can easily perform multitasks like coin collecting etc.

Walking Dead: Road to Survival (free)

walking-dead-road-to-survival Xiaomi Mi 5

As you guess you have to make as you fight for survival, but this time you will deal with a quite new story coming our way from award-winning Walking Dead writer Jay Bonansinga. You will be asked to create your group of Survivors and lead them into battle against the dark. I guess you understand zombies are not killed easily, so you have to attack them according to a plan and shot at their weak points.

Modern Combat 5 Blackout (free)

Modern Combat 5 Blackout android Xiaomi Mi 5

This is one of the most anticipated first-person shooter games not only for Xiaomi Mi 5 but for all smartphones, where you can add your friends and test your skills in dynamic multiplayer warfare. The rest of player come from any corner of the globe. Thus this game creates unique relations between players. But if you prefer to act alone, there is a thrilling solo campaign you can step into to save the world on the brink of anarchy. Players can also choose any of 7 classes to level up across single- and multiplayer. Find your play style picking any from Assault, Heavy, Recon, Sniper, Support, Bounty Hunter or Sapper, and finally, activate class-specific skills by earning and spending Skill Points.

Hope you loved our top picks for Xiaomi Mi 5. What’s your pick? Comment!


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