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XiaomiToday reviews Top 10 Cheap Smartwatches that are pocket-friendly and also lesser than $50. The humans have adapted from bulky desktop computers to handy laptops. Smartphones took over our lives, and now trendy wearables own the market.

Read about few of them in case you are planning to buy one or even if you aren’t!

Our Pick: Top 10 Cheap Chinese Smartwatches (No Specific Order)

1) Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Smartband

Xiaomi always impresses us with its exciting products. Mi Band 2 is no exception. Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Smartband is a smartwatch that is selling rapidly across the globe, and we will explain you why. It is a smartwatch that is geared towards fitness and sports enthusiasts. Once you get your hands on this band, install the Mi-Fit app from Playstore on your device. The app will show the details of the band such as battery remaining, your health stats, etc.

It comes with a very cool display that is way better than its predecessor Mi Band 1. The oval-shaped OLED display switches on as soon as you unbox the device. You will also notice that the package box contains one Original Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Smart Wristband, one Charger Base, one English Manual. The USB charging cable is proprietary. As a fitness tracking band, Mi Band 2 can monitor your sleep patterns, count the number of steps you have taken, monitor your heart rate. The device resists water as it is IB67 Waterproof Grade but isn’t completely waterproof. So, go out in a drizzle but don’t take it for a swim.

The big feature that is jaw-dropping is – battery. It takes about 3 hrs for charging and lasts as long as 20 days without further charging. Yes, you read it right. Almost three weeks with no charging is required. This is a big deal for people who forget to charge their bands or can’t take your fitness band because “the battery drains quickly.” Xiaomi surely doesn’t disappoint us in this. It supports any Android flavor above 4.4 and iOS 7.


  • good for sport activities
  • Amazing three weeks battery life!
  • reasonable rate for lots of features


  • Not completely waterproof
  • Only one color

XiaomiToday rating: 8.5/10

Cost: $32.98 (International Version)

Gearbest sells Mi band two at only $ 28.63, but we have the mentioned the price of the international version. We know! Cheap with so many good features. Go ahead and buy!

XiaomiToday Offer:

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2) Y2 Plus Smart Bluetooth Wristband

Yet another smartband that we talk about is Y2 Plus Smart Bluetooth band. This band is similar to Mi Band 2 concerning Fitness tracker. Selling at Gearbest at only $13.86, it is one of the most budget-friendly smart band there is. The smart band, when unboxed, comes with one Y2 Plus Smart Wristband, one English Manual and USB Cable. Supporting Android 4.3 and iOS 8.0 and above, it syncs with the free FunDoBracelet app.

It has a heart rate sensor, measures blood pressure and comes along with an oxygen measurement sensor. It’s an unusual feature but obviously good for the user, we suppose. We get black, blue, green and orange colors. For such a low price, it comes with oval – shaped OLED display. The display is slightly faded than other smart bands out there. Made out of both plastic and aluminum material, giving out a premium feel for a smartband this low on price bracket.

It shows battery information, counts steps, accelerometer, measures calories and distance traveled. Heart rate measurement is in conjunction with oxygenator measurement. IP54 Waterproof grade ensures it resists water to a large extent. Sync the setting of the band with FunDoBracelet app on Appstore. That should give you access to all the stats regarding your fitness. Enter your height, weight, and goals to easily track your progress.

Regarding accuracy, it is not the very best one. For example, when shaken it counts a step. Maybe we wait to wait for the successor to get these bugs fixed. As long as in touch with skin, it will keep recording your data.


  • New feature oxygen measurement
  • App-Friendly


  • Lack of accuracy

XiaomiToday rating: 8.3/10

Cost: $13.86

For around $15, this smartband has a lot to offer. Buy on Gearbest.

XiaomiToday Offer:

3) Lenovo HW01 Smart Wristband

Yet another smartband that is geared towards fitness is Lenovo HW01 Smart Wristband. For about the same price as MI Band 2, Lenovo HW01 Smart band is another option worth considering. A rectangle shaped OLED screen display is connected with the band. The quality of silicone rubber strap is robust yet comfortable. The module is attached to the strap which was detachable in Mi Band 2. A micro USB port is given at the back. The glitch is it is a proprietary one. One Lenovo HW01 smart band and one USB cable are provided in the package box.

A heart rate sensor is also present on the backside itself. IP65 Waterproof rating when it comes to practicality it can sustain water drops or splashes. Also what has been found is heart rate measurement is way better on Lenovo smart bands.

There is no capacitive touch but just tap the screen to read the data. It automatically checks the heart rate and counts the number of calories burned. A companion app for the band is Lenovo smart band app that gives more information about the number of steps and evaluation of the data on a bar chart. Sleep tracking happens only at night. Remote control functions such as remote camera, remote music are present that give away to the user controlling the functionalities. A battery of 85mAH makes the band live up to 15-17 days for one charge session.


  • Excellent Build Quality
  • Great Design
  • Good accuracy


  • Need to buy cables separately

XiaomiToday rating: 7.9/10

Cost: $27.97

A very good tracker, it is a good option to consider for buying. Buy on Gearbest for a price of $27.97.

XiaomiToday Offer: 19% OFF

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4) U8 Smartwatch

A different smart band from other smart bands out there. It looks like an analog watch but isn’t. For one thing, it got that old Chinese music when booting up and shutting down. The rectangle shaped display of the U8 Smartwatch has a cool metallic look. On the right-hand side, we have the power button. The left-hand side we have a speaker, a mini USB port, and a microphone.

A battery is present on the back side. On normal usage, the band can be used for 3-4 days maximum. The screen is almost smartphone-like meaning that it has three buttons which are Menu, Volume and Back button.The display has battery icon, time icons, and app icons. You can read messages but not write ‘em. There are options such as Barometer, Altimeter, Pedometer, and Stopwatch. The strap of the smart band does not feel very strong.

A companion app is connected with Bluetooth 4.0. The app is available on Appstore. The app is not very much of use if the smart band can be used efficiently. Different modes include a Sleep mode and a Sports mode. It also has a music function so that you can play songs and control the settings like volume. There is a calling feature. One feature that makes it very different. Though the call quality is not a very good one, it’s okay for short and quick calls.


  • Lot of features for cheap price
  • Touch Screen


  • Doesn’t offer a trendy feel

XiaomiToday rating: 7.5/10

Cost: $10.05

Selling at a very cheap rate, U8 Smartwatch is available for $10.05 on Gearbest.

XiaomiToday Offer:

5) Zeblaze VIBE 3 Smart Watch Android iOS Compatibility

Zeblaze is yet another name when we talk about different tech products. Zeblaze is also a manufacturer of smartwatches. It’s VIBE 3 is something to talk about. It not purely designed for sports but for day-to-day life activities too.

With a 1.24-inch FATN full screen, a round dial displays time and other data. A 316L stainless steel rimmed dial is strong for all your outdoor activities. With a waterproof grade IP67, the smartwatch is water resistant. A gravity sensor is something new in this brand. Weighing 78 grams, it has an 8mm narrow edge. The remote control function that controls a remote camera is also a function present on Zeblaze Vibe 3. A message reminder and phone call reminder are present. In health stats, a pedometer is available. With a Battery Capacity of 610mAh, it can standby for 990 days (about 33 months). The type of battery is CR2450 Button Battery.

There are multiple languages supported by Zeblaze: Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish. When unboxed, package contents are one SmartWatch, one English User Manual, and a screwdriver. This also means you need to buy a USB charging cable separately. Colors available on Gearbest are black, blue, wine red.


  • Amazing battery life of 33 months!
  • Super Robust Design
  • Stylish Design


  • No GPS
  • No Charging cable in the box

XiaomiToday rating: 7.3/10

Cost: $29.67


6) NO.1 F3 Sports Smartwatch

Brand name checks out. NO.1. The smartphone is budget friendly with features that you definitely want in a smart band. As its name says, it is a sports watch. With the circular display, it shows the usual data on display. When unboxed, the package contents are one Smartwatch and English-Chinese Manual.

The standard functions of alarm setting and message reminder are present along with pedometer, sedentary reminder, sleep monitor. This band would not make or receive calls but helps in getting the notifications of texts and calls. The round dial makes it look like an ordinary watch, but it isn’t. There is a Start and Reset button the dial. Different modes for different environments make it feasible to use anywhere. The IP68 waterproof rating allows the smartwatch resist water and water splashes. The leather strap is removable. Powered by German’s Dialog DA14580, it has a 128 MB. A replaceable Maxell 2450 runs the device for a long time, and the device can run for a couple of weeks with normal usage.


  • Good for sport activities
  • Straightforward Approach


  • No GPS

XiaomiToday rating: 7.0/10

Cost: $20.44

If you own NO.1 F2, then it’s not much of a use for an upgrade. But if you do n’t, then buy from Gearbest that sells F3 for just $20.44. Order Now.

XiaomiToday Offer:

7) A1 Bluetooth Smartwatch Phone

A1, yet another company, wants to provide the best smartwatch experience. The A1 Bluetooth Smart Watch Phone is one of them.

When unboxed, the A1 is upright with a USB cable. After unboxing, install the SIM card by opening up the dial. Just like the old times. After installation of the SIM card, close the dial, and now you are all set!Switch on the smart band. A menu button, settings button are revealed along with signal strength, battery power, etc. The time and call features are present so that the smartwatch can be used as a phone. You can receive and make calls. Other functions such as Reminder settings, alarm setting options are present. May not be a go-to choice, but it will be useful to make calls and receive them.

Specs include a CPU named MTK6260A. The RAM itself is 128Mbit or 64Mbit. Expandable external memory is supported up to 32GB. 1.54 inch TFT HD LCD touchscreen, 240 x 240 pixels is necessary for suitable screen size with high definition picture displaying gives you a great experience.


  • Good CPU power
  • External memory supported


  • Doesn’t offer a trendy feel

XiaomiToday rating: 7.7/10

Cost: $15.40

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8) HUAWEI Band 3 Smartband

As good as the company is, Honor Band 3 tries to live up to the expectations. It is one the fitness tracker that is functional and colorful but doesn’t quite attract the users. Available in different colors, such as blue, orange and black. But, the surprise is it costs $48.04 on Gearbest. Too much you think? Find out.

One Smartband, one USB Cable, and a Chinese Manual. That’s all you get for $48? Everything else attachable is such as proprietary. Weighing only about 18 grams, the strap is rubber-ish that sticks to your skin. Tapping the rectangular dial, the OLED display turns on with some Chinese letters flashing later changing into English alphabets and digits. The standard phone call reminder, message reminder & alarms setting can be done.

Health tracker stats include a heart rate monitor, a pedometer and sleep monitor.The UI of the smart band is very clean and crisp. It does not have a GPS though it could have also been accommodated. A 100mAH battery requires 1.5 hours to charge but lasts very long. As long as 20 days too with normal usage. Android 4.4 or above and iOS 8.0 or above are supported.


  • Good battery Life
  • Pleasant Color choices


  • Doesn’t offer GPS
  • Overpriced

XiaomiToday rating: 7.5/10

Cost: $48.04

9) S908 GPS Sports Smartband

S908 GPS sports smart band is another fitness-geared smart band that will aid the user in performing outdoor activities. What makes it different from other smart bands is the GPU functionality. It displays larger than other, and it has an OLED screen. A rectangle shaped dial enables the user read messages and navigate the GPS. It shows the latitudes and longitudes. It has the power to record multiple movements and patterns such as running, climbing, swimming, walking and riding.

IP68 waterproof grade helps you in taking the smart band for swimming. It helps in recording data such as swing arm count, lap count, heart rate analysis, calorie burn count etc. A 230mAH battery makes the smartband last longer when you take it out for a ride on your cycle. It gives out data such as trajectory, mileage, pace and much more.A RAM of 64K & ROM of 512K power the smartband when the smartband collects data and analyzes fat-burning percentage, muscle strength percentage and gives out an anaerobic warning.


  • Fitness geared
  • Pleasant Color choices
  • GPS Available


  • Very Less Features Offered

XiaomiToday rating: 7.6/10

Cost: $50.97

10) K18 Smart Watch: IP68 Waterproof

K18 Smart Watch is a brand that you may not have heard. It certainly is classic in terms that it uses the leather band for the strap. It has two UI interfaces. One for fashion and one for commercial uses. It is intelligent as it has six different clock interfaces.

A 12mm slim dial round metallic dial gives a premium look. A replaceable 22mm strap is made of leather. Use it for professional activities and also for the exercise activities. Measure your heart rate, count the steps or calculate the calories burned. Also, monitor your sleep and set up a reminder if you are sitting for long. Use it to send messages with voice control function. This smartwatch supports all brands of smartphones such as Huawei, Samsung, HTC, Vivo…any Android flavor above 4.4 and iOS 7.0 and above.


  • Amazing Design Choice
  • Great Build Quality


  • Bad UI

XiaomiToday rating: 6.8/10

Cost: $37.73

Hoped you like our list of Top 10 Cheap Smartwatches & Smartbands Under $50. Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comment section below!


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