(Top 10) What Are The 10 Best Bezel-Less & Notch Phones of 2018

Everyone has its own taste. Some people like a reduced chin and forehead, while some people prefer the small top-notch. The fact is that since the arrival of Xiaomi Mi MIX 2, the era of full-screen 18:9 bezel-less and notch phones hit the world. Every smartphone manufacturer whether it be Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, or American, is featuring the awe-inspiring design in every high-end to the low-end flagship. After a year of its success, you might question: “what are the 10 best Bezel-Less & Notch Phones of 2018 or till date?”

Well, to answer that we have created the list of the 10 Best Bezel-Less & Notch Phones of 2018 and have ranked according to these aspects:

  • Design & Appearance – DA (10)
  • Screen & Display – SD (10)
  • Hardware & Performance – HP (10)
  • Camera & Samples – CS (10)
  • OS & UI – OS(10)
  • Connectivity – CN (10)
  • Battery – BL (10)
  • Popularity & Availability – PA (10)
  • Price – PR (10)
  • Specs / Price ratio – SP (10)

So we have 100 points in total. Let’s begin the list of 10 Best Bezel-Less & Notch Phones of 2018:

10 Best Bezel-Less & Notch Phones of 2018 – Let The Count Begin!

The High-Ender (Extreme Performance)

1) Xiaomi Mi 8 – The Best Value Phone of 2018

What Are The 10 Best Bezel-Less & Notch Phones of 2018 - Mi 8

DA (8.5) | SD (8.5) | HP (10) | CS (8.5) | OS (8.5) | CN (8.5) | BL (8.5) | PA (9) | PR (10) | SP (10) | Total Points: 90

Before you start thinking that we are a Xiaomi fanboy and ranking Mi 8 at the top in our list of 10 Best Bezel-Less & Notch Phones of 2018, let us let you the reason to do so (and not to hate us). It’s simply because of the price-to-specs ratio. With the jaw-dropping price of 370 euro ($421), it even drops the high-end pricing category which is above $450.

Don’t tell us that you probably don’t need a Snapdragon 845 accompanied by 6/8 gigs of RAM and 64/128/256GB storage. You don’t simply need an HDR-ready AMOLED display with a freaking 600 cd/m2 brightness and 60000:1 contrast. Even more, you don’t want a phone with the latest QC 4.0, wireless charge, Dual GPS, Bluetooth 5.0, and the latest Android 8.0 (MIUI 10).

For the Samsung lovers, you might love the fact that Xiaomi Mi 8’s dual 12MP + 12MP rear camera DxO picture score (105 p) surpasses Samsung Galaxy S9+ dual camera score (104 p) and ties with 99 points in overall camera performance. Furthermore, there’s the front infrared face recognition with a better accuracy than iPhone X.

So what if it has the top-notch and glass design stolen from iPhone X, at least it’s 3X cheaper with everything topped-up in comparison to Apple’s big dog. There’s an explorer edition as well which has a transparent back.

Indeed, Xiaomi’s masterpiece is a perfect all-rounder.

Price: Starting 370-380 euros (421-435 USD)

User Satisfaction: 5.0/5.0

High Point(s):  Best Value, High Performance, Stunning Display | Low Point(s): Not Waterproof, No 3.5mm audio jack, No microSD slot

Specification Sheet
  • 154.9 x 74.8 x 7.6 mm, 175 g
  • 6.21 inches, 1080 x 2248 pixels, Super AMOLED, HDR 10
  • Corning Gorilla Glass 5, Glass Body
  • Top-Notch, Full-Screen Design
  • Snapdragon 845, 6/8GB RAM LPDDR4x , 256GB Max UFS Storage
  • 3400mAh battery, QC 4.0, Fast +Wireless Charge, Type-C (no 3.5mm audio jack)
  • 12 MP (Sony IMX363, f/1.8) + 12 Mp (Samsung S5K3M3, f/2.4) Rear, 20MP (Samsung S5K3T1, f/2.0) Front
  • Android 8 + MIUI 9.5 (upgradable to MIUI 10)
  • Supports 3, 7 & 20 bands, Dual SIM

2) Huawei P20 Pro – The Best Camera Flagship Of All Time

What Are The 10 Best Bezel-Less & Notch Phones of 2018 - P20 Pro

DA (9) | SD (8.5) | HP (8) | CS (10) | OS (9) | CN (8.5) | BL (10) | PA (9.5) | PR (7) | SP (8) | Total Points: 87.5

The Dual Camera configuration sounds interesting to all of us. Doesn’t it? Well, how about the Triple Camera configuration? Sounds impossible? Well, Huawei just did the impossible.

While the rest of the manufacturers are focused on adding the dual rear cameras, Huawei just added three rear cameras in the Huawei P20 Pro and pissed all of them. Now, Huawei P20 Pro stands as the best camera smartphone (DxoMark overall score: 109 p) of all time beating the former best Google Pixel 2, at the time of its release. Flagships such as iPhone X, Mi 8, Galaxy S9 Plus, and OnePlus 6 tried to beat it, but we guess that the 40MP + 20MP + 8MP (5x digital zoom) Leica Triple camera configuration was too hard for them to compete.

Apart from the camera, we have the minimal top-notch design, epic screen-to-body ratio, a high-end Kirin 970 SoC coupled with 6 gigs of RAM and 128GB/256GB storage, and a generous 4000mAh battery.

The price tag is slightly high (dropped from $1100), but nothing compared to groundbreaking triple lens innovation. Hopefully, no one will be able to beat its magnificent camera performance for the whole year.

Price: 655 – 700 euro ($750 – $801) (dropped)

User Satisfaction: 5.0/5.0

High Point(s):  Minimal Notch, Waterproof, Best Camera Configuration, Great Battery Life | Low Point(s): High Price, No 3.5mm audio jack, No microSD slot

Specification Sheet
  • 155 x 73.9 x 7.8 mm, 180 g
  • Android 8.1 (Oreo), EMUI 8
  • Leica Triple Camera with 5 x Hybrid Zoom and AIS
  • 24MP Selfie Camera with portrait lighting effect
  • 6.1-inch Full View Display (2244 x 1080 pixels)
  • Huawei Kirin 970 Octa-core processor
  • IP67 water and dust resistant
  • Fast charge 4000mAh battery

3) Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S – The Original Tri-Bezel-less Design Continues

What Are The 10 Best Bezel-Less & Notch Phones of 2018 - MIX 2S

DA (9.5) | SD (8) | HP (9) | CS (8) | OS (8.5) | CN (8.5) | BL (8) | PA (9) | PR (9) | SP (9) | Total Points: 86.5

As said at the start of this article, Mi MIX series is where this full-screen 18:9 trend started. After Xiaomi Mi MIX and Mi MIX 2 came the younger brother ‘Mi MIX 2S’. Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S simply stayed original continuing the famous tri-bezel-less from the series, while others moved to the top-notch design.

So, is that the only reason why we ranked it third in the list of 10 best Bezel-Less & Notch Phones of 2018? Yes, it is! We are pure Xiaomi fans. Just kidding. Covering the only flaw in the Mi MIX 2 which was the camera, the Mi MIX 2S provides a tough competing to the big dogs such as iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9+, and Huawei P20 Pro in terms of features, performance, and now camera at a much cheaper price.

The new Snapdragon 845 sets it in the Top 10 performance smartphones of 2018, as well as the dual camera upgrade with AI module and Qi Wireless Charging added, Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S is a must buy.

The only disadvantage is Xiaomi still using its Full-HD+ IPS display saying no to the chance of making the phone a perfect VR partner. However, with a much better display and camera performance, Xiaomi Mi 8 is a better phone if you love that top-notch design.

In short, Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S is simply more than a phone, it’s an experience. The design says it all. Oh, and if you are going to buy one, make sure that it’s the international/global version with no Chinese apps, and Google services pre-installed.

Price: Starting 460 euros (527 USD)

User Satisfaction: 5.0/5.0

High Point(s): Tri-Bezel-Less Design, Dual Camera Upgrade, Great Performance, Wireless Charging  | Low Point(s): LCD IPS Display, No 3.5mm audio jack, No microSD slot

Specification Sheet
  • 74.9 mm x 150.8 mm x 8.1 mm, 189 g
  • Android 8.1 (Oreo), MIUI 9.5 (Upgradable to MIUI 10)
  • Metal + Glass + Ceramic Built (with Corning Gorilla Glass)
  • 5.99-inch Full-HD+ LCD Tri-Bezel-Less Display IPS Display
  • Snapdragon 845, 6/8GB RAM LPDDR4x , 256GB Max UFS 2.1 Storage
  • 12 MP (Sony IMX363, f/1.8) + 12 MP (Samsung Unknown, f/2.4) AI Dual Rear Camera, Front 5MP
  • Fast charge 3400 mAh battery with Qi Wireless Charge

4) Meizu 16th – Simply A Flagship With The Best Built

What Are The 10 Best Bezel-Less & Notch Phones of 2018 - Meizu 16th

DA (9.5) | SD (9) | HP (10) | CS (7) | OS (8.5) | CN (8.5) | BL (7) | PA (7.5) | PR (9) | SP (9) | Total Points: 85

Oh boy, Meizu smartphones are always excellent in terms of quality, design, and especially the finishing. This is what makes them special. From the low-end Meizu m6t to the Meizu’s ultimate masterpiece ‘Meizu 16’, each of the phones feels special. We bet if they move to become international they can simply beat the most premium brand which is Apple.

If an extremely narrowed metal frame, as well as polished, combined 7 layers of vacuum coating technology done on the glass rear, and a signature ring-shaped Hexa-LED aren’t enough to impress you, we don’t know what will. Considering the performance, Meizu 16th almost reaches 290,000 points ranking 2nd, close to Black Shark smartphone. Moreover, the 6-inch screen has a wonderful visual impact with the frameless built since they have almost eliminated the plastic side bezels and reduced the chin and forehead to the minimum, the screen ratio is the highest when it comes to infinity display. Similar to the new Gaming phones, this elegant phone has a Water vapor cooler.

Though the camera performance isn’t as good as Xiaomi Mi 8 and Samsung S9+, still it’s camera can easily compete with OnePlus 6 (we love the laser autofocus continuing from MX6 Pro). If you are okay with this as well as the average battery life, and no SD slot, this phone is the perfect choice for those who are looking for the best built and premium Android smartphone, surpassing Apple’s built quality for 2.5x lesser the price. No wonder why it’s the best premium built phone on our 10 Best Bezel-Less & Notch Phones of 2018.

Price: Starting price 410 euros

User Satisfaction: TBA

High Point(s): Simply The Best Built, The Best Performance Phone, Stereo Speakers, Most Compact & Lightweight Infinity Display Design| Low Point(s): Average Camera Performance, 3080mAh Battery, no MicroSD slot

Specification Sheet
  • 73.2 mm x 150.5 mm x 7.3 mm, 152 g
  • Android 8.1 (Oreo),
  • Glass + Metal Built
  • 6.0-inch Full-HD+ Super AMOLED Infinity  Display (Borderless)
  • Snapdragon 845, 6/8GB RAM LPDDR4x , 256GB Max UFS 2.1 Storage
  • 12 MP (Sony IMX380, f/1.8) + 20 MP (Sony IMX350, f/2.6) Dual Rear Camera with Hexa LED flash, Front 20 MP (Sony IMX376, f/2.0)
  • 3070 mAh battery with mCharge 4.0 (12V2A 24W)
  • Extras: Stereo speakers, Hexagon 685 DSP, Water vapor cooler, Laser Autofocus

5) OnePlus 6 – Almost Perfection with the OLED Display

What Are The 10 Best Bezel-Less & Notch Phones of 2018 - OnePlus 6

DA (8.5) | SD (8.5) | HP (9) | CS (7) | OS (9) | CN (9) | BL (8.5) | PA (8) | PR (8) | SP (8) | Total Points: 83.5

Believe us, if it weren’t for the regular fixes and updates on OnePlus 6, we might have placed it at 7 or 8. We know that OnePlus 6, when released, had some major bugs in its latest Android 8.0 OS. Thankfully, most of them have been fixed now. Moreover, the updates and security patches are much faster in this flagship in comparison to other Chinese smartphone manufacturers.

OnePlus did a good job by moving to the top-notch design from OnePlus 5T’s standard infinity display similar to the Samsung Galaxy series. Most of all, integrating with 2018’s best OLED offerings, OnePlus 6 surely offers a heck of a display.

However, some of the friends may complain that the once pocket-friendly brand is now producing some high-price flagships. They are almost right as we see a drastic increase in the starting price of OnePlus 6 surpassing 520 euros. Though expensive compared to Xiaomi high-end flagships, it’s still an excellent value for money.

The reason for the price increase is indeed because of improved camera performance, OLED display, and the new SD 845 performance. However, the camera performance isn’t at the same level as of Samsung Galaxy S9 series but still, there’s a lot of improvement in the low-light shooting and sharpness of the picture. The phone is advertised as waterproof and dustproof but has no official IPx rating. And the best of all, even with the Type-C interface, the traditional 3.5mm audio jack is still there, and the battery life is much improved than OnePlus 5T.

One thing that OnePlus promises us are the frequent updates with some new exciting features and monthly fixes and security patches over other brands.

Price: Starting price 520 euros (595 USD)

User Satisfaction: 4.77/5.0

High Point(s): Top-Notch Glass Body, Regular OS Updates with Extras, Great Performance, OLED Display, Retains audio jack  | Low Point(s): No IPx rating, Increased price value, No microSD slot, Camera Still Need improvement

Specification Sheet
  • 75.4 mm x 155.7 mm x 7.8 mm, 177 g
  • Android 8.1 (Oreo)
  • Glass Built (with Corning Gorilla Glass 5)
  • 6.28-inch Full-HD+ AMOLED Top-Notch Display
  • Snapdragon 845, 6/8GB RAM LPDDR4x , 256GB Max UFS 2.1 Storage
  • 20 MP (Sony IMX519, f/1.7) + 16 MP (Sony IMX 371, f/2.0) AI Dual Rear Camera, Front 16 MP
  • Dash Charge (5V4A) 3300 mAh battery

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