TOMSHOO Y5182 Hand Grip: Grab an ultra-resistant and practical item [+coupon]

If you like to exercise and want to strengthen the grip of your hands or simply measure how many you can do, we have the perfect item for you. The TOMSHOO Y5182 Hand Grip is an exercise tool that performs the function of strengthening the muscles of the fingers, hands, and wrist by resisting closure. While it’s pretty basic, it has a feature that makes it a little smart. It has a counter, so you can register the exercise performed. Great, don’t you think?

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Today we have to offer you an excellent deal for this hand grip available on Amazon online store. So you can get it at a great price! But before, know it with a little more detail.

TOMSHOO Y5182 Hand Grip - Amazon deal

TOMSHOO Y5182 Hand Grip: Resistant and comfortable

This hand grip has a dial that allows you to adjust the resistance from 22lb to 88lb (10-40kg). You can increase or decrease the level freely. Therefore, it is suitable for different levels of training. In addition, the built-in counter can help record the completed grips. It is perfect for activities such as bodybuilding, weight lifting, wall climbing and more.

TOMSHOO Y5182 Hand Grip - Amazon deal

Its presentation is in two colors, blue with black or orange with black; the color choice is totally up to the user. It is built with steel internally and covered with rubber. More specifically, the solid plastic construction with heavy-duty stainless steel tension springs is built to endure long-term, frequent use and offers users comfy exercise experience. Also, its total dimensions are 16 x 12 x 2.5cm and weighs 175g.

TOMSHOO Y5182 Hand Grip - Amazon deal

The counter is reset easily, so it is convenient to calculate your daily routine and quickly increase your strength to a higher level. And believe it or not, it’s incredibly comfortable. It has soft grooves in the grip for maximum comfort and prevents slipping from your hand. It fits most hand sizes, for men, women, seniors, teenagers. Finally, it is practical because it fits without problems in a bag or backpack, whether you go to the gym or not. So you can train your strength while traveling, in the office, home, gym, theater or anywhere you prefer.

TOMSHOO Y5182 Hand Grip - Amazon deal

TOMSHOO Y5182 Hand Grip: Amazon Discount

The TOMSHOO Y5182 Hand Grip is available at the well-known online store at a price of €9.99. However, this time, if you include an additional discount coupon, you can take it home with an incredible 20% discount, leaving it in only €7.99.

Coupon Discount: Z8VZ3SSJ

TOMSHOO Y5182 Hand Grip on Amazon

You must hurry to not miss this great opportunity that will be valid until December 27 with a limited stock of only 50 units. In case you are interested and to make your shopping experience easier and faster, below we leave you the direct link to the product next to the discount coupon.

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