Tips For Generating Real Video Views By Avoiding The Fake Ones

Tips For Generating Real Video Views By Avoiding The Fake Ones

Video marketing is fast gaining traction and Instagram is the most sought-after social media platform for gaining widespread video views that reflect its popularity.  If you want more people to view your products and services and grow a strong customer following who relate to your brand and finally pays back by engaging in a fruitful transaction, then Instagram is your best bet.  With more than 700 million active users, Instagram is the most preferred social media platform surpassing Twitter, and naturally business of all sizes are trying to interact with the Instagram community and develop customers who not only take an interest in the brand but keeps coming back.

Shoppers take great interest to track brands on Instagram, and it will not be wrong to conclude that Instagrammers are shoppers. It is evident from studies that show that 70% of users have looked up a brand on Instagram and 62% have started following a brand as they like it.  With a sharing rate of 95 million photos and videos per day, there is no doubt that Instagram is the platform of choice for those who want to become famous and promote brands to the masses.

It will be wrong to assume that you post video content on Instagram and become famous instantly. Before you launch the campaign, you must figure out the video metrics of Instagram and learn about its working modalities. Unless you know the video mechanism and viewership problems together with some other issues that you are likely to face when launching the campaign, it will be difficult to reap the benefits that you are expecting.

Instagram video views

Video views are extremely important for marketers because it indicates the kind of response the content is receiving and point to its popularity.  Since marketers use different social media platforms for business promotion, they would like to know the kind of traction generated by the campaign on these platforms and video views indicate how many people have watched the video. Naturally, more the views, higher is the popularity of the content that drives the campaign towards success. Every view matter on Instagram and to generate instant popularity of content you can buy real Instagram views that catapult your marketing campaign to the highest level.

When any user views a video for at least 3 seconds, it generates a view, and since the video count excludes video loops, there is no chance of video loops interfering with the view count.   The stipulated time of 3 seconds ensure that viewers found the content interesting that enhances the prospects of prolonged engagement and not just clicked on it and quit instantly. Instagram does not consider multiple views from one account which means that once your view is counted further views will not increase the number.

If you are wondering how to get more Instagram views, go through the tips mentioned below.

Profile optimization

Creating an Instagram profile does not ensure widespread viewing unless you choose the right option of ‘public viewing.’ You must choose the right option when uploading your profile because if you choose ‘private account’ your profile will be visible to only limited people. Select a profile picture that reflects your brand in the way you display it on other social media platforms.  And do not forget to add an actionable description to it.

Take to content curating

Despite the focus on creating original video content, you can use some other videos or images that you watch, and if you find it fit for your business promotion and consumer engagement, you can selectively repost or regram the video. It gives enormous opportunities to serve fresh content to viewers by curating content that had gone viral earlier and then repurposing it to maintain relevance with the present context. By curating content, you can add your perspective to it and gain mileage in marketing.

Like other content

A better way of connecting with people is to start liking what others are posting in your niche. When you start liking images and videos created by others that have similarity to your area of interest it will generate a reciprocal action and almost 90% would appreciate your gesture and reciprocate. It is like engaging in an exchange scheme that is mutually beneficial for all concerned.

Follow other profiles

When you take an interest in other profiles, it is natural that they too would take an interest in you. Start following some interesting profiles that show the interest you take about them and soon you would see those people start responding back and enhance your following. The technique is similar to the technique of content curating as both aims at gaining attention by taking the first step in engaging with others.

Interact with users

Engagement matters a lot in generating video views, and you must start interacting with people on Instagram who have seen your videos, liked it and even posted comments. When you interact with people, it generates engagement. Creating your own hashtags that highlight your brand by using a name or slogan that connects it closely with the videos is another way of enhancing engagement. Using targeted hashtags like ‘like4like’, ‘followers’ and ‘follow back’ will be very inviting to people who would be willing to connect with you.  But remember, that the tags you use must resonate with the brand.

Beware of fake video count

Instagram offers huge opportunities for becoming famous overnight as many celebrities have experienced, but it does not mean that you can try to do the same. Gaining the trust of viewers is most important for establishing brands or building a personal image which is only possible by understanding the video metrics and generating real views. The lure of instant popularity on Instagram should not drive you off your feet, and you must keep away from clandestine techniques of buying fake video views that can prove detrimental for the campaign and can even bring it down.

Instagram has the best filters among all other social media platforms, and its video feature is much easy to access that leads to the highest engagement rate.



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