The version with AI of the Tinymu toilet seat in Crowdfunding has been launched

Xiaomi has always been able to surprise its fans every time it launches a new product, and one of the things that have impressed most has been its Tinymu smart toilet seat, which, while it may seem funny, is a great Technological device. It turns out that the Chinese company has decided to improve this product, launching a version that includes artificial intelligence and Xiaomi’s favorite voice assistant, Xiao Ai.

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This device was launched on the Crowdfunding platform, and the main objective of Xiaomi is to create as many smart devices for the home, so that, in this way, a truly smart home can be achieved, where all the devices are connected between them.

Tinymu Smart Toilet seat specifications

It turns out that this is not the first toilet seat that Xiaomi releases to the market, in fact, it is the third. To be more precise, there are previous versions of this product, a Smart cover that can be obtained at a price of 1199 yuan, and also, there was a smart toilet cover that could be purchased at 799 yuan. Today product is an improved version of the previous one, adding artificial intelligence options and the voice assistant. Unfortunately, this assistant is only useful for people who speak Chinese, because it can not process other languages ??at the moment.

Tinymu Toilet Seat

The user can tell the device several options with its voice, such as rinsing, turning on the seat heater, among many other things. Another interesting option is that the toilet seat can be connected with the MIJIA application, so you can control the seat from the Smartphone. It also supports synchronization with smart bands for Mi Bands users. With all this, the seat is adjusted to the options assigned by the user and these are maintained without having to change them every time.

On its design, it can be said that it is an ergonomic model with a 3D curved design so that, when sitting, it is more comfortable. Another feature that counts is a notification that will activate after sitting 30 minutes. In addition to this, the seat ring has 3 speeds that can be adjusted to avoid burns at low temperatures. The control panel has a simple design and also comes with options in braille for the visually impaired. Along with all this, it has a reciprocal cleaning system that will clean every part of the toilet without problems.

Tinymu Toilet Seat 3d Design

The Tinymu toilet seat comes with a membrane filter that offers an effective inhibition rate of up to 99.9% against E. coli and contact-transmitted infections. It also has a fan that helps avoid the unpleasant odor. Finally, this smart seat has a total price of 1,299 yuan and is expected to be officially launched on November 26.


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