[Promotion Deal] TINTON LIFE Vacuum Cleaner: Wireless Handheld For Easy Use in Just $99.99

The TINTON LIFE Vacuum Cleaner free you from the traditional way of cleaning, make the whole cleaning stuff more relax and faster. You need not to sweep the floor by taking a broom and a dustpan and waste a lot of time empty the dust from dustpan again and again. Save your time to create more leisure time to do other things. Also, the whole cleaning thing becomes less tired and more pleasant, cost less energy to make your home clean and bright.

Buy TINTON LIFE Vacuum Cleaner For Just $99.99


Balance mechanical handle design which is exquisite, the handle grip perfectly mold to human hands, the angle and curves are easier to pull, push, move up and down. It is also lightweight to make it convenient to use for elders and kids. The device is wireless design to make the whole clean process more convenient and free to clean any places you want. Moreover, our product is including a special rack for the device to make sure it will be better conserved and keep your home clean and neat.

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The wireless design opens a creative new lifestyle. Compared with a wired one, you need not busy finding sockets in every room and need not always worry about the power line is not long enough for you to clean some small corners. Besides, the wired one would have potential risks that family members will be tripped over by a power line on the floor, especially for elders and children. Our product could free you from these concerns and use it more relieved.

The vacuum degree is about 17kPa while traditional device only has about 10kPa, the vacuum degree is directly relevant to suction. Besides, one key to empty dusty bin design is humanized and make life more convenient. Different vacuum brush allows the device to be used multi-functional and become more practical. You can not only change to the long telescopic tube mode to clean the floor, ceiling, walls and so on, but also you can change to a short tube mode to clean the table, drawer, and cabinets.

The noise index of this device is about 65dB, which is less about 20% noise index compared with a normal device. The device is designed to have a good sealing character with fine details that will not leak or resonate the inner sound, the fluency ways of outlet system also help lessen the noise.

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