(Flash Deal) TIANQU XS809W RC Quadcopter: HD Camera, 3 Extra Batteries, For Just $49.99

Flight performance on the TIANQU XS809W RC Quadcopter is pretty good with nice stable hovering and a great amount of control. There are 3 different speed modes with this quadcopter with the lowest being okay for windless conditions but with any amount of wind, you’ll want to be in one of the 2 higher speed modes.

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Taking a look at the overall design of the TIANQU XS809W RC Quadcopter it comes in black with yellow accents, LEDs in both the arms and front of the quadcopter and features nice folding arms for portability. When the arms are extended they lock into place through pressure rather than a locking mechanism, this makes it crash resistant as the legs will fold in on a crash rather than snapping.

Air Press Altitude Hold enables TIANQU XS809W RC Quadcopter to stay firmly at a certain height, facilitating smooth shots, The G-sensor Mode enables the quadcopter to follow the way in which you move your smartphone.

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Headless Mode allows the drone to fly according to the movement of joysticks in spite of its orientation. One Key Return makes it effortless to recall the quadcopter whenever you want. Taking a look at the transmitter for the TIANQU XS809W RC Quadcopter it fits great in the hands, has very clearly labeled buttons, and includes a built-in adjustable phone mount.

Speed Switch. Low/medium/ high speed for players on different levels. Equipped with 6-axis gyroscope, it is capable of resisting the wind and flying outdoors. The TianquX5809w comes with a 0.3MP Wifi FPV XSW VFO app. The quality of the image is not too bad for a toy drone but don’t expect the type of quality you would get with the DJI MavicPro. The range is approximately 65-100 meters.

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Overall the TIANQU XS809W RC Quadcopter isn’t a bad flyer and while it does have a few flaws is still a perfectly fine flying quadcopter. TIANQU XS809W RC Quadcopter is now available on Gearbest For Just at $49.99 On Flash Sale.

Buy TIANQU XS809W RC Quadcopter For Just at $49.99


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