Thoughts on Lei Jun Question About Xiaomi Small

It’s said the most appropriate size for a smartphone screen is 4 inches, but almost all current handsets come with a 5-inch display or larger. Thus the 5-inch screen is a mainstream and the manufacturers try not to be left behind. Xiaomi is no exception. I can’t remember a Xiaomi smartphone launched in this year that came with a 4-inch screen. Moreover, we know Xiaomi is called a Chinese Apple, and if the Cupertino-based company doesn’t design a 4-inch smartphone, Xiaomi won’t do it as well. But are you sure the Chinese manufacturer has no similar ideas in its mind? Personally, I don’t think so. My suggestions are also based on the leaked photo of a 4-inch Xiaomi handset that is conditionally called the Xiaomi Small. As you remember, it has leaked in a photo a few weeks back. And though we haven’t heard anything about it since that leak, Lei Jun, Xiaomi CEO talked about it today.


Lei Jun has asked a simple question whether Mi fans would like a 4-inch Xiaomi smartphone. Though the CEO didn’t announce the company is going to launch something like that, we understand there is no better way than asking a direct question. As it’s said ‘Brevity is the soul of wit.’ He also asked to leave comments, and as some users said people don’t like handsets with screens smaller than 5-inch anymore. Of course, this is a matter of taste, but when looking at its technical aspect, it will cause many difficulties for the manufacturers to optimize their UIs for smaller screens. Moreover, as the mainstream is 5-inch screens, everything is made to correspond them – the housing, hardware, batteries, OS and many more. So if Xiaomi will try to make a step back, it can cause real issues even in technical sense.


Well, it’s the business of Xiaomi to decide whether the company will come with a 4-inch screen smartphone or not. Moreover, the Meizu m4 has spotted in photos recently that means the top Chinese manufacturers can continue producing low-end handsets with smaller screens. But how much they will cost and what a target market they will focus on? I mean we have already seen two great smartphones such as the Uhans A101 and Cubot Manito and two phablets such as the BlackView E7 and AMIGOO R700 priced under $70. So the question is whether the Xiaomi Small (that should be renamed to the Xiaomi SE once ready for mass production) will cost as little to make competition to abovementioned devices.



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