(Flash Deal) ThiEYE T5 Edge Action Camera: 170 Degree Wide Angle, For Just $92.98

If you desire a 4K action camera with a voice command technology, then you must lay your hands on the ThiEYE T5 Edge Native 4K Action Camera. This latest camera technology has all you need for a digital photography experience that turns you from an amateur to a professional. And it has come cheap and affordable for savvy camera lovers.

Buy ThiEYE T5 Edge Action Camera: For Just $92.98

Furthermore, there is a 2-inch ultra HD IPS screen that is inbuilt into the T5 Edge Native action camera. With this, you can see larger photos and preview videos as well as play them back after the camera is all set up. You must understand that a 14MP shooting mode allows the camera operator to utilize the single shooting mode, self-timer, photo-burst, time-lapse, and long exposure features.

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The ThiEYE T5 Edge Native 4K Action Camera responds to a simple voice command when pre-programmed voice orders are issued. There is a remote control which is worn on the wrist. You speak the voice command to the remote control device worn on your wrist and your ThiEYE T5 Edge Native 4K Action Camera responds accordingly.

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If you want to capture action scenes with an ultra HD video technology, then you can rely on the proficiency of the ThiEYE T5 Edge Native 4K Action Camera’s 30fps video. With the 4K 30fps ultra HD video, you can record digital videos in action modes and capture detailed scenes with the best camera lenses in the photography market. ThiEYE T5 Edge Native 4K Action Camera is now available On Gearbest For Just $92.98 On Flash Sale With 37% OFF.

Buy ThiEYE T5 Edge Native 4K Action Camera For Just $92.98

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